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He shook his head and sipped some more mead. "That's the problem between the Alliance and Horde. We lack trust upon the other side. We are too paranoid of the others will do if we turn our backs. But if we all calmed down and trusted them, maybe they won't be so rash to kill one of us." His hood covered his face, so no one could really see his face.

"I don't really believe in the war anyways, so I don't really care about if someone wants to stab me in the back. Plus I have good senses so..I'm not too worried." He quietly sat there and drank the rest of his mead and requesting another, placing some coin down to pay for it.
"You speak words of wisdom, night elf," Neltiz spoke to the elf "There is absolutely no difference between us and them apart from size and skin color. Lets hope our friend here understands that when he awakes," he finished as he poured a red healing liquid down the unconscious paladin's throat
Drakthas overheard the disscusion in the inn and walked in and said "Well, I never thought I would meet anyone like me. I've wanted to be able to go to stormwind without turning invisible. And I feel Garrosh is just plain paranoid."
The elven huntress, having been watching the inn quietly as she cleaned her weapon, finally set the gun down on the table. She said aloud, having overheard the conversation of the alliance members, "There is more different between us than just size and coloration, worgen. If your words were true then why do so many think so differently? Why do the humans not act as the elves, or tauren do? Why is it that when we were fighting, and dying, against the Scourge your 'kingdom' hid behind a wall?" She stared at the worgen as her beasts lay on the floor. The tiger seemed to be asleep while the spectral crab just sat still, almost like a statue.
"Watch your tongue bloof elf! I swear if we weren't in the inn I would skin you for that comment!" Clend growled getting off his seat and stalking towards her, towering over her "Tell me why I shoulden't kill you right now!" he growled summoning two undead to his side
"Stop...if there is one fight here, the Sha will form and kill you all! Not to meantion most of the patrons here. Very few would be able to escape them." He sighed, patting his bow which was on his side.

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"What I mean is that we are sentient beings, Blood Elf. We grow up taught that the people over some invisible line somehow more savage than the people on your side. Tell me, do you charge into battle thinking 'I'm going to do a really bad thing to my enemies' or 'I'm doing this to protect my people'?" Neltriz finished, as he spoke to the blood elf. "And Warlock," he continued. "You cannot fight that which feeds off of your fighting."
Alabron sighed and shook his head, standing up and heading over to the warlock who called him foolish. "Foolishness is not someone being reasonable, its when someone is trying to pick a fight they are not sure they can win." He shook his head at her. "That's another reason other than paranoia, its monsters like you and other beings who love the thrill of killing other beings. Its not just Horde, Alliance are also to blame for this. If we would all just relax and calm down, along with hunting animals or killing criminals or life-threating monsters, we wouldn't even focus on the war between us two factions. But you are blinded by foolishness, and I am sorry for you." He didn't draw his bow, but he kept his hand by it incase someone did something they were going to regret. He gave no hint of being cautious.
The huntress slid a new shot into the rifle's chamber and grinned at the aggressive worgen who stood before her now. She looked him in the eye and smirked as she slowly moved the gun to a position where she could quickly fire in case he charged. She spoke as she moved, to draw attention away from her hands, "If we were not in an inn, pup, I would have already skinned your worthless hide. Now put away your corpses before my friends and I have to put them down for you."

She then glanced over at the second worgen, who had been speaking of peace, and spoke in a louder voice, "You are correct about the Sha coming where violence is, and feeding off of it, but they can be killed. When all our anger is focused on them they can only gain so much power. As for what I feel when I go into battle, I became a ranger to protect my people. It was only later, after the betrayal of the humans, that we chose to seek others. It is because of your Alliance that the Horde exists at all. The hatred and bigotry of the humans drives us further towards destruction." With her last words she stole a glance at the paladin who called for the destruction of the Horde inside the inn.
Clend narrowed his eyes at the blood elf and said under his breath "Obliterate." and his undead attacked the animals and he broke the rifle and slashed the blood elf in the chest
After that Clend jumped into the rafters and dissapeared
"Seriously?" Neltriz muttered to himself at this new display of violence. "I suppose prejudices die hard, no matter the preachings of your enemy." He then backed into a shadowy corner as he finally decided there was nothing he could say, and just watch how the battle played out.
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Willace begins to slowy regain consciousness as he gets on his feet. Willace looks around at those who are not willing to fight. " Why are you here at Pandaria? Only those given orders by the king himself on a secret mission should be here. Everyone who sides on peace with these barbarians are seen as treason in the Kings eyes."

Willace looks to the night elf. " If you're to scared to fight night elf, go home, for you disobeyed your orders and have no place here."

"I will report my findings to Rell Nightwing, and he will see to the destruction of the Inn, and those that stand against the alliance."

Willace calmly walks into the shadow of the night not to be seen again.
"I hate people," Neltriz muttered as the chaos in the inn concluded.
Clend's head chuckled and reattached itself to its body and he got up and walked away but before that he said "I'm already dead."

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