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The hunter watched as the undead lunged at her pets, only to have both leap into action and begin tearing apart the fragile zombies. As the worgen 'broke' her weapon apart she raised an eyebrow. Had he really thought she wouldn't have compartmentalized her weapon in case of such an attempt? She watched as it broke into four pieces, as it was intended to. The claw strike after was more expected, and she leaned back in her chair to avoid the strike. As it fell backwards she rolled to get back onto her feet in a crouched stance.

After the failed assault she watched the worgen attempt to leap away, only to be caught and beheaded. She couldn't help but chuckle as she returned to her seat and quickly put the pieces of the rifle back together. She spoke to the worgen who was still calling for peace, "Since I have arrived at this establishment, it has been your kind that has started both fights that have broken out. Is it so hard to see that it may not be the Horde that is causing the wars raging across the lands of Azeroth now?"
Alabron sighed and walked over to the female sin'dorei. "It is both sides, maybe some races of each side are not willing to start fights. But, some of the others, like orcs who crave violence. Along with humans who are blinded by glory." He sat down at the table she was sitting at. He took a swig at his mead once more and looked at her. "Both elves however, seem to want no part in the war between the two factions." He shook his head.

"But, I have a feeling orcs and humans will begin to like each other soon. Hopefully it will be within the next three to four years from now. But perhaps...one day." He closed his eyes for a short time before sipping some more mead.
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Clend's head chuckled and reattached itself to its body and he got up and walked away but before that he said "I'm already dead."

((Correct you are already dead but you were brought back to life so you can die again and you did so shhh. Also death knights can't self Rez so your clearly just trying to god mode))

(( One, one-hitting isn't g-modding. Two, I wasn't one shotting her, I didn't say I was killing her, and three, she one-shotted me too so why can't I self rez?!))
Drakthas sat down next to the other blood elf and said "I agree with her, horde isn't the only one starting fights."
"Neither Horde nor Alliance should be trusted. Both too caught up in their self righteous war. Anyone smart enough would stay out of it. " Neltriz muttered again.

(( One, one-hitting isn't g-modding. Two, I wasn't one shotting her, I didn't say I was killing her, and three, she one-shotted me too so why can't I self rez?!))
Drakthas sat down next to the other blood elf and said "I agree with her, horde isn't the only one starting fights."

"Are you a warlock with a soul stone or a rham that can self rez? I don't think so and that is why you can't"

(Listen bro, you are sorta trolling by saying everybodys g-moddding, so just stop. And yes btw, I do have a druid so he rez me. So u can't say I was g-modding.)
Fizviz crawled up the steps toward the inn. He covered his face hoping no one would come and attack him. He was near the Alliance part of the Forest and he would rather not die. He walked toward the door way and he walked inside hopping in the door way and suddenly duck as people began to fight inside. "Tough crowd. Why the hell I even come to these damn places." He mumbled to himself running up the stairs trying to avoid the fight.
(( I would just like to note, before I post, is that I'm awful at keeping up with forum RPs here :[ Also, to avoid confusion, my Troll hunter's 'in character' name is Ra'zul. ))

There was some ruckus in the inn. Ra'zul, bow slung over a shoulder, and wrapping a bandage over an injury on his forearm, shrugged, leaning on the wall outside of the establishment. He'd been making nice with the Order of the Cloud Serpents, and just finished an errand gathering up honeycombs for his golden hatchling, and the honeybees of the Arbortoreum could get very, very angry.


His pet nudged him. A Gurubashi battle raptor from the northeastern shore of the Kun-Lai summit. He'd tamed two of them, a red one and a yellow one, and each time, the rider had experienced his own mount turning against him and ripping him to shreds.

"Leave off, Red. Dis ain't the time ta get all agitated."

He wished he could follow his own advice. An Alliance rogue had thrown some knives at him, in view of the Order of the Cloud Serpent, earlier. He'd escaped and hunkered down here, putting a bandage on, and this inn he'd seen erupted into some kind of fight. More fighting was not what he needed right now. He sighed, tapping a tusk.

"Kinda wish Vakota was here right now."
Bursting out of what was supposed to be rest and relaxation and which turned into befriending an assailant and being chased by Orgrimmar grunts, a brown and tan lion seeps into the shadows- as the unknowing Orcs kept pursuing by in the wrong direction.
Grasping his amulet in his paw he begins to fade, everything goes black and slowly senses are returned to normal as the Druid finds himself outside the entrance to Nighthaven in Moonglade, his home. Out came a memorable face, Rabine Saturna- one who was in charge of Nighthaven.
“Dear Argent of the Cenarion Circle,” he said in Darnassian, approaching seemingly anxious, “I’m looking for one with Tauren descent by the name of Teutatis Mistrunner, would you be that one such person?” Shape-shifting from his cat form, the Tauren grew about seven and a half feet tall and gaining the dexterity of a four hundred fifty pound creature. Teutatis understood the Night Elf after trading and working with Night Elves in the Centarion Circle for so long.
“That would be me,” The Tauren said bowing to the Night Elf. Rabine dug in his chest compartment and pulled out a letter with an official Cenarion Circle stamp on it. This meant business. Teutatis opened the letter immediately and this is what it read;
“Teutatis Mistrunner,
I am contacting you from Cenarion Hold in Silithus and the contents of the letter are strictly for the Druid order in to preserve and restore. My name is Mar’alith, we have never met but I am the Commander of our cause. As you may have heard, there have been new lands discovered. I’m not going to reveal too much in this letter, but I need you to report to me here in Silithus.
Commander Mar’alith of the Cenarion Circle”
The Tauren looked at Rabine, who had watched him read the letter and naively asked, “Where’s Silithus?” Rabine Saturna scratched his chin and tapped his foot. “Hm, you need to go Marshal’s Refuge and head south through Un’goro Crater- let me fondle your map..” Teutatis handed him to his map and the Night Elf quickly marked the directions and handed it back.
Teutatis eyed the map and calculated his coordinates in his head. Bowing to Rabine, he suddenly began to shrink and feathers sprout from his pours as the fur seeped in, and revealing a beak. The hawk squealed as he lifted into the skies heading south from Moonglade more towards Ashenvale.
Wanting to avoid Orgrimmar and Durotar due the earlier disturbances, the Druid kept his flight straight south to the Crossroads, the dry grass lands of Kalimidor. As the sun began to lower, the Tauren found himself over Mulgore to the South-West.
Bringing himself down to Thunderbluff, he shape-shifted back into a Tauren and found an open tent to sleep in. Morning awoke him by the smell of fire and the cooking of the Tauren, he enjoyed himself a home cooked meal and abid his people a due before shape-shifting into a hawk and heading South once again.
The Druid flew past Feralas and kept flying until reaching Thousand Needles. Landing on the southern edge of the cliff, looking down on Un’Goro Crater- where the land goes from sands to lush tropical growth. Seeing not too far from a cave a seemingly refugee camp of Goblins, Gnomes, Humans, Dwarves and Orcs. This had to be it.
Swooping down to the camp, shape-shifting into a Tauren- and a Goblin approached Teutatis. “Welcome to Marshal’s Refuge, how may I help ya friend? The names Quixxil.” The Tauren bowed and replied in his very low voice. “I need to speak to the camp leader, please.” The Goblin snickered. “What manners, heh heh, I’ll let him know you’re looking for him.” The Goblin then skipped away.
Teutatis rested for awhile, ate some left over Plain strider from breakfast earlier that day. Then a Human with parted partial long brown hair dressed commonly wielding a torch approached the Druid. Speaking Common, the Human asked, “Hello, my names Williden Marshal- how may I help you?”
The Tauren bowed, “Teutatus Mistrunner of the Cenarion Circle.” Responded in Common, raising his head, “I’m looking for Cenarion Hold will you give me directions?” Teutatis thought to himself, thank goodness I haven’t ran into a Dwarf yet, wouldn’t know how to talk to them.
“Ah, just pay a little gold coin to our Flight Master, Gryfe- his wind rider will get you there likity-split.” As Williden pointed towards the Goblin’s direction. Tuetatis thank Williden in Common and bowed approaching the Flight master glad to speak in Orcish.
“Can I get a ride to Cenarion Hold?” Gryfe looked at the Druid and smirked, “Ten gold coins, friend” rubbing his hands together greedily before holding them out. The Tauren snorted, rolled his eyes- and lured the ten gold coins out of his bags.
He then walked over the wind rider Gryfe released and hoped on him, lightly. The wind rider then took off with tremendous speeds towards Cenarion Hold. With all this travelling, it made Teutatis weary and he fell asleep as he looked down at the lusciousness of Un’goro Crater. A few hours later they arrived to the Hold, as Tuetatis bounces off of the wind rider.
Another Tauren helped him up, covered in dark fur and vibrant Druid armory. “You ok, friend?” Teutatis shook his head regaining consciousness. “Must’ve dozed off,” he said picking himself up. “Name’s Runk Windtamer, what brings you to Cenarion Hold?”
“Tuetatis Windrunner of the Cenarion Circle. Commander Mar’alith has requested I report to him.” Runk then directed towards his attention to a Cenarion Hold Infantrymen and called him over. “This one needs to see the Commander, pronto” The Cenarion Hold Infantrymen nodded and motion for Teutatis to follow him.
Never been to Cenarion Hold Teutatis followed the Night Elf from afar through the hall and into the chamber of Commander Mar’alith. His weeping could be heard, but as he heard the footsteps of the Infantrymen and the clop of his hooves he seized. “Who is this?” The Commander asked his Infantrymen as he bowed. “Teutatis Windrunner, I received a letter requesting my appearance,” the Druid said as he bowed too.
“Ah, very well-“ Mar’alith said saluting his Infantrymen. “I’m sorry if you heard all that.. It’s just my wife Natalia.. it’s so grievesome.” The Druid listened sympathetically. “But young Druid, I have brought you here to ask you to go on a mission.” The Commander said as he lays a map on the table besides them.
“I’ve sent an agent to Jade Forest, the new discovered lands of Panderia to study the environment. He never returned.” The Commander takes a moment of silence, seemingly honoring his death. “There’s a zeppelin east of Orgrimmar awaiting your arrival to take you there. It’ll be a long and dangerous trip.”
Commander Mal’alith hands Teutatis his new written orders as he salutes the young Druid. “Write me when you get there- but for now, before you go- return to Moonglade and prepare.” Teutatis salutes the Commander back and nods in understanding. Bowing, the Tauren grabs his amulet yet again and is liquefied right where he stood and everything goes black.
Waking up outside of the Nighthaven, Teutatis finds a nice place by the stream of the water and begins to meditate, eventually falling asleep after a lot of news to bear and a long trip. Awaking with the sun over head, Teutatis heats up some more left over Plainstrider and enjoys a meal before going on the move again.
With his last gulp of delicious morsel, Teutatis grabbed his Raptor and began to ride towards his old friend Faustron to get a ride to Orgrimmar, about a day’s trip. “Tuetatis! How are you?!” The Orc smothered the Tauren on his Raptor. “I’m good old friend,” he said giving the Orc a hug. “Mind a ride to Orgrimmar?” breaking the hug, handing the Orc the money. “No problem for a good friend!”
And back off he was to Orgrimmar to head East to the sitting Zeppelin to board it and go. As the traveling commenced, Teutatis stayed up through the night and into the following morning when he landed. Wanting to avoid any attention from the prior days fuss, he immediately shape shifted into a Cheetah and went for the entrance.
As he passed through he could hear the Grunts whispering of the disturbance but they didn’t have a clue, and he made it out and headed east towards the shores. When he arrived, the boat was filled the Cenarion Infantrymen and Goblin investors alike aboard. Climbing on in, the Captain of the Zeppelin did a role call and with everyone there, they were off.
So much time had passed, dueling the patrons and eating stale bread and drinking sea water had begun to blend time. As the Zeppelin scraped against the coast of the Jade Forest, north of the Arboretum, the occupants anxious exited. Immediately upon exit, Teutatis was taken by the beautiful , undiscovered growth the Jade Forest possessed, as he carefully moved branches out his way with the intent to preserve the environment.
While exploring, the Druid headed West through Dawn’s Blossom and into the thickness. Not noticing, Teutatis had gotten himself lost and away from the rest of the pack due to his level of interest. Becoming scared after not finding his way, he broke down and began to remove growth from his path with his gigantic pole-arm. Once finding a clearing, Teutatis spots a sign dangling from the trees; “Fernstep Inn”
Teutatis could go for a drink. This new humidity and climate was getting to him, plus maybe ask for directions. Finding an oddly crafted small inn, he could hear people inside- he was kind of shy so he approached eagerly.
Making his way up the steps of the finely crafted inn his hooves clanked against the material, he entered the main room. Feeling nice and warm, he found a seat and sat down. Taking out his bags, he begins to examine the discoveries he made and composing his letter for the Commander.Looking up while writing, he spots another sign, “No Fighting.” Teutatis sighed in relief, atleast this inn wouldn’t stir up no trouble.

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