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Wyrmrest Accord
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Do you ladies love my new outfit?
02/27/2013 03:06 AMPosted by Gussy
Do you ladies love my new outfit?

It's wonderful.
Brush your teeth everyday.
Kimerian gets my OOC love. The same can't necessarily be said IC.
-hugs- I have a bunch of tests today. I don't know if I'll make the trek! Depends on how tired I am!
02/27/2013 02:50 PMPosted by Lyeli


Tastes like kebab.
03/01/2013 05:44 AMPosted by Kimerian


Tastes like kebab.

Excuse me, kebab is a type of dish; an assortment of meats on a skewer or a spit. Thus, she could not have tasted like a kebab, but whatever meat you associate with them.

*sage nod*
Our epic trek to Feralas draws to its conclusion. Finale next Saturday!
*stealths her way into the thread* A lovely bump for you from Mavaeyl's rogue!
Oh no, no, no page two will not do for my wonderful Sentinel sisters! Back to the first page for us. *Loves to all*
I saw Sentinels in and around the Temple tonight.

That's...pretty much all I came here to say.

A bump for my sisters!
Why is this on the fifth page?!

Sentinel, you're breaking my heart.
If an Ancient falls in a forest, and no one is around, does it make a sound?
Still looking for more long-eared ladies!
Still looking for more long-eared ladies!

I am no lady, but my ears are larger and pointier than average. Does that count?
Sorry, Vyrael, but no. :(
Hey. <The Kaldorei Resistance> has sent <Sentinel> some alliance requests on Shivtr. Was wondering if someone with admin privileges in <Sentinel> could accept it?

Looks like Argas had sent one a while ago, but I sent one as well today.

Thought it would be pretty cool since our members bump into one another and RP.
I will look into this, Thalëan. Our former GM is site admin, probably why we never saw the first invite from Argas.

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