Night Haven Recruiting [H]

Night Haven has been around on Dalaran since vanilla and is one of the oldest guilds on the server. We tend to play a bit later at night than other guilds, and we raid 10man. Our core raid time is 11-1 server Tues. thru Thurs., and may be extended to Mon. sometimes. As you can see based on maths, this is a 6 hour raid schedule, possibly 8.

At this time we are actively recruiting for the following for our raid:
- 1 DPS, with a preference leaning toward Feral Druid, WW Monk, or Plate DPS, though we will look at any good applicant.
- 1 Healer, with a preference toward a Priest (Stam buff), though we will look at any good applicant.

Regarding non-raid-core applicants (casuals), we will review those applicants, and, if accepted, those applicants can enjoy our community and certainly move into a raid slot over time, based on aptitude, availability, and our needs. Our veteran raiders tend to get priority, of course.

You must be level 90 to apply. Our application can be found on our new forum location at

Loot is officer-decided, though in 10-man raiding it's much less of an issue. Vent is required for raiding. So is proper preparation: gemmed, enchanted, flasks, food, pots, read up on fights, know how to not stand in bad stuff and how to stand in good stuff, properly assist, etc. If you can't bother to do these things properly or research fights, you may want to look elsewhere.

We have nights where we have a skeleton crew online, and we make due. We also have nights where we have more online and have to sit people. We don't whine when we have to sit, and we try to trade out fairly, though raid composition is key. We also don't whine about loot. If any of this bothers you or you think you may want to see a change in this for any reason whatsoever, you may want to look elsewhere.

Apply if you want to be considered. Also , you can message me or Evildicn in-game if you have interest, but please respect our schedule and don't bother us during our raid hours.

Until next time, have fun storming the castle.
Bump, could use some DPS of any type, one with a Tank OS would be ideal. We have beer and pizza!

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