[A] <Focus> 10/13 HM-10M - LF DPS for Core

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Currently need heals. Pst me in game or apply at the website.
Post updated with current needs. Looking for Rogue / Feral Druid / Monk DPS.

All other exceptional players are encouraged to apply.
Still looking for exceptional players to continue our push!
We want you!
7/16 and moving along... still looking for exceptional DPS. Considering any class if the player can perform
Still looking for that exceptional DPS
Really in need of strong meelee dps. If you want a great home with awesome people and great progression, inquire further.
Come join us for a great group with dedicated players to finish off the last of the Heroics before 5.2 hits.
Still interested in strong DPS
Current recruitment needs have been updated. Another strong Warlock or Mage to join our team would be ideal. Still interested in other classes though as well so contact us!
Still looking for that sparkling gem! Join us!
10/16 Heroic and moving on. Join us in the final push to clear this tier before 5.2.
Join us now!
Still searching for somebody to come join a great group of people.
Free Bump for good players
Thanks Farnz... Great pleayer and appreciate the bump.

Post updated to reflect current needs
Updated mai post with our current needs.

Still looking for a solid DPS to join our roster.

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