Rate the Paladins name above you

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Hi yes i am Canadian

Souly 9/10 because of the link i found providing the information below

1) In the state of being the sexiest man on Earth.
2) Pro-gamer
11/02/2012 06:39 AMPosted by Gottfried
3/10 because why would you tempt them. And also I think I yelled at you in game for something recently?

wouldn't of been me different server
Nerfmelol 9/10 for irony
11/02/2012 10:53 AMPosted by Glencoco
Nerfmelol 9/10 for irony

Shammy :(
I think its fancy it has that special A thing.. so 1/10 cause not a paladin :P
Briodhna: 8/10, because it sounds good for a stout female Dwarf!
uh 5/10 google imaged it and nothing paladin like realy came up. Btw iff you dont know what my name means then google image it.
ehh ill give it a 7/10, paladin esque, but uncreative
Sounds pleasant and appropriate for a Blood Elf.
5/10 not diggin it.
I'd like it better if you would have been able to actually spell "Complex" instead of "Komplexx."
Meant to spell it wrong.

10/10 pretty cool name - it really works with a paly xD
9/10 fits the race/class i like it
@Komplexx: Ah I see. My rating still stands since I hate stuff being misspelled. xD

@Sublimus: Thanks. :) I was surprised the name wasn't taken on my server so I nabbed it as soon as I could lol.
@Atlantis 10/10 because I am one of those that believes.

Edit: Also your guild name made me laugh.

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