Rate the Paladins name above you

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2/10 ... I have a problem with names that start with "E".
nice name lol 10/10
@Scar 8/10

I really was the Lasthope in my guilds MC-AQ40 runs in Vanilla ;D
7/10 A great dwarf name.

3/10 sounds arrogant, cant stand those type of people.
Meh typical 15 year old kid name 3/10
I say 5/10, average. Still gearing up, a little raid progression, but also only 4805 HK's, so assuming limited PvP as well.
3/10 - The usual name with the typical ''cool'' word in it. Rather lame imo.

Sounds cool , but kinda overused name for paladin's.

@ Lasthope

Sounds quite mysterious , but girly even tough you are a male toon.

Female toon actually.

Hah, neat. 7/10
It's sounds good. Not sure if it is paladin name.

I like it lol sounds like paladin :D.


Not bad and not seen very much...8/10.


Good name with twist...9/10.
Semi-funny. 7/10

Oh god I'm late

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