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Tolerate is kinda cool.

Doesn't flow super well, and makes me think of a relic, which reminds me of awful leveling on Azuremyst Isle collecting Ancient Relic

Its ok. I think I might remember the name.

I use to be a BE, it fit better then.
5/10 almost verges on cliche, blood elves paladin it could of been more original
Sounds like a bacteria. I dunno. 6/10. Add a point if it's a reference to Basilius Besler.
seems good i like it!
7/10 i like your hair
8/10 if I am pronouncing it correctly it flows off the tongue well.
5/10 only because you're a Blood Elf and a Hordie . . . sorry, me hates Hordies! LMAO!

Sounds like an ancient Greek name.

I can't decide whether it's fitting for a Paladin, but it's cool.
5/10 Not a fan on names that are a real word.
4/10, mostly because you railed against something you yourself employed, and then spelled wrong.
1/10 god doesnt exist neither does st. michael
4/10 sounds like that house elf from Harry Potter.

PS. (this is my real name with a word in front of it =P)
9/10.. I'd totally Cyber with a Dragon
10/10, I used to be on Moonrunner and everyone from both factions knows your name there. It's catchy and you have the swag to back it up. Not much else to be said.
If your name is supposed to be after Owen Hart, then i'm going to give you an 8/10.

If not, then.. 6/10.
6/10 cuz hydroplaning always pisses me off
7/10. Paladins are pretty Mighty.
02/27/2013 04:52 PMPosted by Hydroplaning
If your name is supposed to be after Owen Hart, then i'm going to give you an 8/10.

No, it means lion-hearted.

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