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Got full skyshatter in one run of BT/Hyjal yesterday ^.^ any suggestions for a good shield to match this set?
oh hai, i'm your alter ego 10/10
The orange on the chest throws me a bit, but the rest is nice!
If anyone can suggest an adequate axe/shield combo that isn't dreadfully hard to get I'd appreciate it.
8/10 - very original!

I don't have any idea about axes as I have yet the need to xmog one but I reckon this shield will look nice with your set:

This is my ele transmog. (If it changes, its the fire set)
7/10, interesting mix of pieces, but still tier gear at the end of the day.
7/10, got nothing on Frog Princess Cameltotems.
interesting. 7/10 on the froggy one
pretty good. 8/10 the hat is throwing off imo.
8.5/10 I'm digging it
Extremely stylish, Caramel. I've always been partial to low-key martial/plate-y sets.
Very nice and original mog Etiira, 10/10
9/10 Circuit. Very close to what I have. It's a great set. 10/10 if you had a different shield. It's hard to find one that matches well though.
Nice job. 8/10.
Kinda random 5/10

Change the pants to march better and it would be a easy 7/10

8/10 -- really digging the theme, it's a damn shame that the 'wolf' shaman helmets look ridiculous on male pandas
ohhh so good Herculator !10/10 !!

i want it now u.u
CeePee... an interesting choice! I give it a 8/10. You make it work somehow.

I give Herculator as 8/10. Tier 10 was a great set. =D
Classic Earthfury set with the 10 storms Helmet( not a fan of earthfury)

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