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Elvine's TCG Emporium


Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger x2
Reins of the Spectral Tiger (3 Traded, 1 Left)
Magic Rooster Egg x2 (1 Learned, 2 Traded, 1 Left)
White Riding Camel
Corrupted Hippogryph (Traded)
Wooly White Rhino
Blazing Hippogryph
Amani Dragonhawk x2
X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME
X-51 Nether-Rocket
Swift Shorestrider
Mottled Drake (1 Traded, 1 Left)
Savage Raptor x2 (1Traded, 2 Left)
Big Battle Bear x3
Spectral Tiger Cub x3 (Level 1, 4 or 16)
Dragon Kite x2 (Level 1 or 5)
Soul-Trader Beacon x2 (Level 18 or 22)
Rocket Chicken x2 (Both Level 1)
Hippogryph Hatchling (Level 1)

WTB or WTT for:

Dragon Kite (Obtained)
Big Blizzard Bear (Obtained)
Tuskarr Kite (Obtained)
Spectral Tiger Cub (Obtained) Still willing to take trades even though I've got one though.
Soul-Trader Beacon (Obtained)
Corrupted Hippogryph
Murloc Costume
Smoldering Murloc Egg
Blue Murloc Egg
Heavy Murloc Egg
Tyrael's Hilt
Murky's Little Soulstone

And traded! Thanks so much elvine!! Would for sure reccommend this person a 100% great to work with, quick and flawless trades.


Excellent transaction with Elvine@Stormreaver.

Highly recommend.

Picked up 2 Spectral Tiger Cub and Rocket Chicken. Thank you Saon for a pleasant transaction! Highly recommended!
Many Mounts for Sale Still!
How much for the spectral tigers, Elvine?
300k Normal
600k Epic

Just back in town from holiday vacation, open for business again! :3
Many Mounts For Sale Still!
Dragon Kite now a Battle Pet!
11/03/2012 09:03 PMPosted by Elvine
Soul-Trader Beacon

Do you still have this and if so how much?
Which one are you interested in? (Which level)
Give me the price on both, my friend wants one too
12/10/2012 01:24 PMPosted by Fizzgig
Give me the price on both, my friend wants one too

220k for level 14 and 250k for level 22
how much for a normal spectral tiger?
He on vaycay.
Back from Vacation!
1 Rooster Left!
how much for the murloc costume ?

Murloc Costume

I don't have one.

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