PvP occured

Burning Legion
and I missed it in the worst way.
it was me im sorry :(
11/05/2012 02:10 PMPosted by Sub
Oddly, we only had about 6 people actually there at the time when we wiped the Alliance raid. That's all it took, then another 15 ~ 16 people showed up to kill the boss. Was fun. 6 v 40 and Horde wins *shrug*.

If it was ironfist then that is understandable. Alliance actually has exceptional pvper's but the ones that are good have no reason at all to go kill Galleon, 6 vs. 40 must have been fun though.
no was only 3 of us i can only heal threw so many idiots i tried to tell them to kill you guys but hey what do i know.

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