Best pet team for pvp battles?

Pet Battles
Any suggestions on what would be a good team for pet battles? I have ZERO Collector's Edition pets except the Quilen and I have all pet store pets except the ones you get with stuffed toys and Heart of the Aspects. Any suggestions without these would be nice.

So far, I'm using Celestial Dragon, Twilight Fiendling, and Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling (all rare). These are doing okay, but I think I could do a lot better. I really love the Celestial Dragon and would prefer not to replace it unless you guys have a really awesome suggestion to make an excellent team.
11/04/2012 11:13 PMPosted by Cyprux
Infected Squirrel would also be a good choice.

I love this pet, I've been meaning to make a team with it.

Creeping Fungus + Stampede in moonlight does a hilarious amount of damage.
Currently, I have 2 Flayer hatchlings and a crimson geode. These pets are amazing, as the crimson geode can increse dmg by 100 percent and cast elementium bolt/stone rush. Als, the flayer hatchlings can reflect spells and heal as they are humanoids. They have a powerful ravage spell also.
I'm running x3 Fluxfire Felines and the only teams I have lost too were teams with 3 elementals and that is VERY rare. Other than that i haven't lost, even teams with 2 elementals can win but if they make a play mistake i can usually win. I actually won 23 straight battles before a loss the other day and i received the achievement "No Time To Heal" from players forfeiting against me when they see my team xD. However fluxfires im sure will get a nerf soon, might as well use them while they are hot!
I'm running a Celestial, Infinate, Flayer threesome. Having great success with them.
is it smarter to try to cover the range of all "elements" such as all pets having multiple attack types? I keep on leveling pets and have several at 15 but i just want to make sure i have a good team before i commit to leveling to 25.
So far I encounter a ton of beast types so I have a mechanical attacking pet (mechanical squirrel) and critter types so I have the Corehound pup who get a beast attack at 15 and has elemental. but I've been wondering if i should switch out my corehound for something else because the mechanical squirrel has a beast type attack and i feel i am just wasting space.. Any suggestions?
Idol, Feline familiar, Ghostly skull/Mr. bigglesworth

how i got my 5 pvp battles achievement without losing a pet. prowl + call darkness with the beast damage under 50% is funny as hell
Im new to the whole pet battle thing..
And with the toon Im lvling Im doing pet battles...
So if your low lvl, I have a Clockwork Robot, Sinister Squashling, and a Black Tabby cat. XD
Those are my starting, I havent lost yet...
So Mechanical, Elemental, and a Beast.
3 fluxfire is just pure cheese and no skill whatsoever

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