we should be credited for time realm down

I'm sure this will be considered a constructive, and thought provoking thread....

There's been Tuesday maintenance for like... 8 years now? most people have gotten over it. Hell... try going outside! (wear sunscreen (: ) Read 50 shades of Grey! Learn and instrument!

Here's a kitten video to pass the time :

Today's downtime is expected to be 6 hours.

$15/month ~= $0.50/day = 2.08cents/hour

2.08cents * 6 hours = 12.48 cents, round up to 13 since they can't give you half a penny.

Go ask your mother for 13 cents, then watch the kitten video.
Keep in mind, when you buy the 3, 6, and 12 month subs, you get even more of a discounted price... making that credit even LOWER.
You do realize that 52 weeks .. so 52 times the 13 cents .. .if invested wisely could turn into Warren Buffet type money right?

Every dollar saved is 1 lottery ticket ... hit the big one ... rinse and repeat ...

One can dream can't they? It is a fantasy game :/

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