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Once a notorious assassin, the Blood Elf known to many as Cassy, or some variation thereof, sat in a poorly lit corner of the Wyvern's Tail. She often had to be escorted out, as she often fought with other patrons. She rarely drank, and often only ordered a slab of boar's meat, which she picked at throughout the time she was there.

She had abandoned her leathers, and was wearing loose cloth, though she was still barefoot. She'd never be seen without some kind of weapon, be it a bow and arrows, a knife, or a thin sword; something was always in easy reach for her, and she wasn't afraid to use it in a fight. Also within easy reach was a large, graying wolf. His eyes still their bright blue, though his once midnight black fur was now spotted with white fur. The beast could often be found asleep next to her.

Both seemed to wait for something, and, judging by the impatient glares she gave to everyone walking in the door, whatever they were waiting for, was late...

((Social, for now... May develop into something =p

She's just waiting for someone she knows; she (and I) don't know who! Know Cassy? Come on in! Don't know her? Come in anyway! Though be prepared for an angry glare, and possibly a fight, hehe))
Quietly opening the door of Wyvern's Tail, opening it just enough to slip in, she slides in, closing the door and ever so quietly walks up to the bar. Ordering just a glass of wine, she sat down and glanced around with one eye. She was blind in the other one, but would never say why.

Noting the wolf and Blood Elf, and how the Blood Elf sat with a weapon; she guessed that they were often fighting. Wonder why they are here...? Eh, must not matter... she thought. Loosening her daggers in their sheath, she sat back and every so often sip her wine.

((I still consider myself a bit new to RP, so sorry if I end up screwing a lore thing up, and if anything bothers you, please point it out so I can correct it))
As, once again, the door opened to reveal another stranger, the Blood Elf glared at the woman before going back to picking at her meal. She was rather surprised when she didn't hear much of a footstep coming from the other, and glanced back again. "Another rogue, perhaps?" she whispered to the Wolf at her feet, who merely picked his head up, looked at both in turn, and flopped his head back on his paws, dozing off.

The lonely Blood Elf rolled her eyes and, for a moment longer, studied the other's face. With a small shrug, she went back to eating. Or rather, back to picking at her food, as she rarely actually ate the food.
Glancing back at the Blood Elf and her wolf, she muttered to herself under her breath. "Must be another hunter," and moved to a different seat, closer to the two, and often studied both of them while they weren't looking. The wolf looks a bit old... would be quite easy to avoid if he's slow... The Blood Elf, not so much... Might be safer to run...

Shrugging, she rested back in her seat, now not drinking her wine and more so studying the two.
(Where is wyverns tail tavern exactly, and would a nuetral worgen druid be welcome there?)
((orgrimmar. Welcome? No. Allowed to come in, grudgingly.))
A tall tauren female opened up the door and walked in, her hooves making a fair amount of noise as she stepped inside. After a quick glance around she spotted two blood elves, one in the corner with an obviously old wolf. She quickly adjusted her armor as she looked them both over, as they both seemed suspicious to the shaman.

After a few moments the tauren walked over to the bar and sat down. She did not order anything, or speak to the bartender. A black tail lightly swayed back and forth as the female waited for something.
A small smirk tugged at the Rogue's lips. "If everyone is just to sit here watching each other, not much is going to get done," she said aloud, adopting a drunken slur in her speech. She rolled her shoulders and looked at the other two patrons, seeing how they would react.

"Can it, Elf," a grumpy Orc grunted. "Oh I wasn't talking to you, don't worry. No one wants to talk to you," she replied, perfectly holding that drunken slur. "Don't make me escort you out again, girl," the barkeep muttered. She grinned drunkenly and looked at the other two. "what are your names?" she asked, laughing.
A black raven flew through the dry skies of Durotar and wondered why the druids back at Moonglade had sent him to this area to help with trimming down the massive, and possibly harmful, population of boars. He may be completely nuetral when it comes to the war and politics but he was still an alliance race so sending him instead of one of the troll or tauren druids somewhat confused the young druid, but he decided to forget about it. Who was he to question a centuries old night elf druids wisdom? Having helped enough with trimming the boar population he decided to get some food and drink before heading back to moonglade. Scanning the area he saw a tavern in Orgimmar. Deciding to get into the building without attracting too much attention he swiftly flew into the tavern and transformed into his human form, a five foot three tall young looking lad seeming to look around sixteen when in reality he was twenty-three but unfortanetly was locked into his adolesent age due to having been bitten at that age(I read this on wowwiki and it says that anyone who gets the worgen bite and gets the curse will be stuck in the age they were bitten at) with blonde hair that goes to the base of his neck and wearing a pair of half-moon glasses and startling red eyes. On his right cheek was a tattoo of the insignia of the cenarion circle that went somewhat over his eye making it so that it is only complete if he closes his eye.

He wears a black coat that goes down to his ankles, brown leather pants, a pair of brown gloves with moon cresnents on them and black boots with metal buckles. He showns no signs of weilding any weapons, mainly because he has none(except for his magic and claws and fangs in worgen form). Taking a cautios glance around the tavern he made sure that the tatto on his face was obvious to any of the patrons to tell them he was of a nuetral faction. An orc at a table near a female blood elf saw the seemingly human but when he saw the cenarion circle insignia he sat back down but relunctantly. Walking over to the bar he asked the bartender in fluent orcish, a good skill to have for a druid, " May I have some tea and plate of rare of boar steak? I'll wait over at a table for my meal." He gave the needed money and walked over to a table and sat down making sure to not appear like a threat to anyone.
((Maraph, do you know Cassy? o.O))
(I dont think so. Do I sound like I look like someone you have met before?)
((KK Ill change it then))

Former Blood Knight Styvan Swiftstrike pushed the door of the inn, and held the door for his Farstrider brother Levias ((Oh you wouldnt want to be in their family =P)) and closed it right behind him. He noticed the human and gripped the hilt of his hammer, ready to hurt it. It was in Orgrimmar, he thought. But Levias, put his hand on his shoulder, and said calmly, "Cenarion Circle," He said, pointing on his cheek where the tattoo on the human was. "Must be a worgen."

Styvan nodded, and they kept going walking up the counter, and sitting on the far side, where no one could bother them. "Listen brother, what happened in Alterac..." He began, before his brother held up his hand.

"Don't worry about that, its over, its done, time to move on." He said smiling. "Now first round is on me Styvan,"
((Styvan, please ignore Forsaken's post.

Maraph... Perhaps you know one of my alts? Kae, Moon/Sanuura, Viridele?))
The tauren turned to the audibly drunken elf and studied her a few more moments before answering, "I am Leytta." She stopped quickly, not wanting to offer too much about herself when she was only asked for her name. Her eyes then shifted to the door, spotting a... human?!

She rose up out of her chair, grabbing a blade that was strapped onto her back in one hand and a mace in her other. Only the small tatoo, one of the Cenarion Circle, stopped her from igniting the man where he stood. She put away her weapons and leaned back against the bar, keeping the man in her sight.

With the entrance of more elves she began to feel terribly outnumbered, as there were no other tauren she could see in the inn.
A hooded night elf walked into the Wyvern's Tail, none able to see his face. He walked to an empty table, not saying a word. If anyone with above average eyesight was there, they could possibly see a shift in the space behind him, lower to the ground. It was probably his pet Scar, a rare spirit beast. As he walked to his table, he looked over in Cassy's direction and grinned lightly, letting her only see his grin. He remembered her.
As the other Blood Elves entered, Cassy had to restrain herself from rolling her eyes. Finally, the Tauren answered her. "Nice to meet you, Leytta," she replied, still sounding completely hammered despite the fact she hadn't drunk a single sip of alcohol. As she finally seemed to realize the Human, she gasped, and hiccuped. "Who let a dirty Human in here?" she growled.

She looked lazily at the Night Elf, not letting the recognition show in her drunken visage. But she saw the grin, and remembered the Elf. "Elf, go sober up..." the barkeep growled at her. She sent him a vile glare, and wobbled over. "Fine, give me a coffee or something..." she replied. He nodded and went to work making her a drink.
Maraph heard the female elf growl the insult towards him but he brushed it off and waited for his meal. A few minutes later a female troll came out of the kitchen and handed the tea and rare steak to the druid. He nodded his thanks and gave her a few gold cons as a tip. The troll woman left with the money and Maraph focused on his meal but not before he smelled the scent of a night elf enter the tavern. 'What' he thought, 'A non-nuetral here?! Do they have a death wish?!' He looked around and spotted the hooded figure with what appeared to be a space distortion beside themAfter squinting his eyes he could make out the vaugue shape of an animal but he couldnt tel what kind. 'Strange' he thought, 'But I guess as long as they dont get caught or cause trouble its fine'. With that he went back to his meal.

(Sorry Bloodsfury. I cat remember any of those alt names, but then again I dont remember things well)
((Mist-Eye Academy. It was a thread I started =P ))

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