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"Here we go!" Styvan said cheerfully, and grabbing his hilt, he jumped off the barstool.

"Not yet," His brother said. "While this is friendly territory, defending the human there would land us in all sorts of trouble." He looked at his brother, but he was already gone towards the door, right to the side, ready to as his brother called it "Hammer-time" his foes as they would enter the inn. And boy did they enter, with one opening the door so forcefully, it knocked Styvan unconscious, and he slid to the floor. All Levias could do was facepalm....
Glancing lazily at the guards that rudely rammed down the door, she rolled her eyes, paying little to no heed for the knocked out Paladin. "Why did you call the guards? All they're going to do is knock everything down." Or, I could use this as an opportunity to beat up some smelly orcs...

With a grin, she got up from her seat and jumped to a nearby shadow, waiting for the guards to make their move. Besides, they'd never guess, they're stupid orcs!
Audibly heavy armor can be heard as a surprisingly young orc warrior, commonly known to most as Ghar, cautiously enters the tavern after hearing a commotion.

Ghar enters to see numerous familiar faces, as well as a hostile-looking pair of guards advancing toward a human with an interesting-looking tattoo on his face.

That tattoo looks familiar somehow...

Ghar's eyes widened as he recognized the tattoo.

"HOLD!", rumbled Ghar. The guards menacingly glared at Ghar as he explained the meaning of the tattoo to them. "Do not harm that human! He bears the mark of the Cenarion Circle!"

Ghar's words fall on deaf ears as the guards once again advance towards the neutral human.
Levias noticed that the pair of guards were still moving towards the Cenarion Circle druid. He looked over to where his brother lay, still unconscious, and decided to act. Taking his rifle, he pointed to right in front of the orc at the wall. He took the shot, and with a very loud BAM, it fired, but it didnt exactly hit the wall, it hit a patrons drink cause the ale to go all over the patron. "Scopes a lil off," Levias muttered as he lowered his rifle and saw the very wet and unhappy patron approaching, "Crap," he muttered. But the patron never got to the Farstrider, for as he walked towards him, he bumped into the Orgrimmar Guard, causing an altercation between the two, with the patron who was drunk, throwing a punch at the guard. "That works too," he said, as a small bar brawl broke out.
As the relatively familiar Orc came in and waved, she gave a drunken laugh, and stumbled back as he yelled. As the guards came in, she sat back down in her chair and, rather suddenly, had a cloak and hood pulled over her. Anyone actually paying attention to her wouldn't have seen her put one on; it just... Appeared. In truth, it was merely shadows, gathered along her back and head to hide her features from the guards.

As they continued moving towards the Human, despite the warnings, she growled. She let the cloak disappear and stood up. "Hey dumb and dumber," she called out, "He's neutral, back off before you become honored with the spirit world," she growled, giving them a fierce glare. At her feet, the wolf had woken up. It stood, crouched low and ready to pounce. Bright blue eyes stared intently at the guards, and he looked ready to tear them apart at a moment's notice.
The tauren sighed and quickly moved forward between the human and the orc guards. She stomped hard onto the floor, leaving cracks where her large hoof had fallen, and yelled loudly, "I am ordering you all to stand down! This human is now under my watch, and if you don't like it then I can find you a new station in some pit in the wilds!" She quickly pulled a Kor'kron Elite insignia from a pouch on her hip, which she had found on the corpse of a fallen orc during her travels. Her methods of obtaining the insignia she conveniently kept quiet about.

She placed the insignia back in its pouch after giving the guards enough time to recognize it and spoke again with as much authority as she could muster, "Now I suggest you all get back to your posts before I put you all on kodo stable duties for the next month!!" She knew that this could return to bite her, but at the very least she would have rattled the grunts into stopping their advance.
Maraph sat patiently waiting to see what would happen while the guards poured into the tavern. He couldnt help but crack a smile when he saw the blood elf paladin get knocked unconcious by the door, not because he didnt like blood elves but because of the comical way it happened. Maraph was just about to cast a spell to simply immobilize all the guards with vines but before he could a tauren woman stood up and yelled at the guards holding up some kind of bagde. He didnt recognize the symbol but it must of been important as it certaintly had an effect on the guards, them leaving and returning to their posts, that is except for one who decided to toss a throwing knife in the young mans direction before leaving. Hearing the whistling as the knife cut through the air Maraph quickly sent his magic into the wooden table and a thick green vine instantly shot out of the wooden tabletop and twisted around the hilt of the throwing knife as it came near his face, halting it just before it would have plunged into his skull. His eyes flashed red for a second but he calmed down and took hold of the knife. He looked at the guard who now had shocked look. Smiling he simply ttook the blade in both hands and swiftly snapped it into two, no feat a mere human of his physiche could do. This was to obviously show that he was more than he appeared. The orc seemed to get the message and quickly leave before a terrible fate befell him.

Maraph stood up from his table, now finished with his meal and strode over to the femal Tauren who had stopped the orcs from attacking. Making sure that he wouldnt stutter(he stutters and gets really nervous around any girl unless he knows them well or thier undead...or if he's fighting them) and said, "Thank-thank you for your help. I d-dont like to be in anyone's debt so i-if there is anything you need simply ask."

(Oh, yeah, now I remember you Bloodsfury! Hey, if you are going to make a new school rp I would like to join. I think I've improved on my rp alot since then. I'm not so theatrical with everything now)
As the Tauren took control of the situation, Cassy quickly sat down and sipped at whatever drink the barkeep had given her. After one sip, she spat it out. "What the hell is this!?" she slurred, glaring at the bartender, who simply gave her a smirk and motioned for her to continue. With a grumble, she downed the rest, and slumped over the table, seeming to fall asleep.

The wolf at her feet had lain back down once she sat, and he fell asleep. The Elf wasn't asleep. She was simply listening, and trying to keep attention off of her. It had been a month ago that she had finally gotten the Bartender to agree to this little stunt. The drink was simply a cup of tea, and he agreed to go along with her act as long as she paid.
Ghar calmed himself down enough to order roasted fowl and boar's grog. Only then did he notice the shadowy figure in the corner.

Is that...a night elf? What is he doing here?

Ghar sat down, and warily watched the mysterious night elf as his meal was brought to him.
Slipping back to her seat as the guards departed, she noted the now-knocked out Blood Elf in the corner with her wolf. Shrugging, she crossed her legs and stretched her arms, crossing them and looking around the bar, smirking at the still unconscious Paladin. He probably had it coming...
Levias looked around and seeing no one had gone to help his brother, asked the barkeep for a bucket of water. A few minutes later, when the barkeep had returned, he splashed it onto his brother. Styvan immediately "woke" up and shook his head like a wet dog. "Needed to wash my hair anyways," he jokingly said, and looking down he noticed his casual clothes had gotten all wet from the splash. Taking his shirt off, he revealed a nice chiseled abdomen. He walked up to the counter once again, and Levias looked at him with a disgraced face. "What?! I worked hard for these," he said pointing at his chest. "I rarely get to show them off!"

"Please," Levias said "Your always looking for an excuse to take your clothes off." Styvan nodded with a huge grin and a chuckle. "Now, lets hope theres no further disruptions."
Blowing off a high pitched wolf whistle at the now awake Paladin who had taken his shirt off, she looked at his Farstrider brother and rolled her eyes. "I'm going to guess you're the more of the big brother in this duo, if you get my point." Laughing, she leaned back in her chair, resting her arms on the hilts of her two daggers. "My name's Velryssa, or just Vel for short, what about you two?"
The shaman watched the grunts leave, then she noticed the human speaking to her. As he spoke she noticed hesitation. She felt that a good impression had to be upheld with the bar patrons, if her act a few moments ago was to work for long. With a quick motion she grabbed at the human's shirt collar and attempted to hoist him close to her face. She spoke in the language of the Tauren, hoping his time with the circle would have given him time to learn i, "You are now under my watch, and my protection. I keep you alive mostly because your circle and the Earthen Ring share similar goals. Most in here probably don't speak my language, so I will tell you I'm not going to let you just die here. Don't make me regret this, druid. You now have a watcher so long as you are here in Orgrimmar."

Satisfied that any orc watching would think of her actions as hostile and threatening, she put the man down and motioned to a table nearby. She took a seat before looking around and spotting the shirtless elf. The tauren couldn't help but shake her head at the attitude most of the blood elves had. They seemed far too vain.
Styvan immediately stuck his hand out at Velryssa, "Styvan Swiftstike, milady," he said with a grin, and before his brother could respond, added "My brother Levias. And yes he is older, by 3 yrs. Sometimes I wonder if its not more,"

Levias looked at his brother, and gave him a slap on the back of his head. Styvan looked at him sharply, and Levias shrugged, saying, "Sorry you had a bug on ya,"

Styvan turned toward the female rogue. "My brother is somewhat jealous of my mad skills with the Holy Light." He didn't see it, but behind him, his brother exaggeratedly rolled his eyes. "Not going to lie, its hard being humble knowing how awesome I am." He chuckled, and then asked, "May I buy you a drink milady?"
Trying not to laugh outright at the two brothers, she grinned and nodded at the two brothers. "Sure, why not? And may I ask why one of you became a Paladin and the other, I'm guessing because of that rifle, a Hunter?"

She moved a few seats down so the brothers could sit, trying her best to hide a grin.
((Just as an fyi like most other people here I haven't rped for a while so if my character comes off as sueish please let me know.))

Vynathlon entered through the front entrance of the Wyvern's Tail, completely ignorant of the situation that arose. He walked over to a table and sat down, pulling out his sword and observing its runes. A young Tauren waitress came over to him and asked "Are you ready to order sir?"
After being distracted from his sword Vynathlon answered back "Ah yes I'll just have the grilled boar I can't taste, some beer I can't experience, and some water I don't need" saying the last part in a snide voice. "I'm a death knight. What part of undead do you not understand?!" He said practically spitting it in her face. "Get out of my sight before I make you into my meal!" He said bringing his sword up to her throat. The waitress was visibly upset and half-ran away from him trying to get away. "And what are you looking at?" Vynathlon said to another Tauren couple sitting near him obviously catching what just transpired.
As someone else entered the inn, the "sleeping"rogue sat up. She looked at the newcomer and raised an eyebrow, but went back to picking at her meal. As she heard him speak to the waitress, she growled and stood up, walking silently over to him. "She may not be the brightest flame in the world, but she was just doing her job. Just because you're twice undead doesn't give you the right to act like a king," she said quietly, speaking in Gutterspeak with ease.
"Farstrider ma'am," Levias corrected beating Styvan in the response. "Father actually wanted both of us to become Farstriders, him being a well known one himself. But Styvan here," Levias gave an odd look at his younger brother, "couldnt make it as one."

"Hey! Hey!" Styvan snapped back. "Its not my fault that the instructor thought my skills with the Holy Light would be more useful as a priest then a Farstrider!" Styvan turned away from his brother and faced towards Velryssa. "Besides it wasnt soon after that I became a paladin right before the Second War. Was one of the first paladin of our people."

"Yea, and look where that got him." Levias muttered taking a sip from his wine.

"Not my fault that me and Blood Knight order didnt see eye to eye. So how bout you milady, what made you decide to become a rogue?"
Ghar finished his meal, and out of curiosity, walked up to the human with ties to the cenarion circle.

He spoke in orcish, since he could tell the human understands it, "You. You should not be here. It is very dangerous for a human to be in Orgrimmar, even if you are of a neutral faction. I must know why you are here, for you have already been through much in our city."

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