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"Ha!" she said, taking a sip of her wine. "I s'pose I became a rogue due to the fact that if you gave me that rifle," she said, eyeing Levias's rifle, "Id end up injuring at least half the people in here, and Ive next to no magical talent..." she said thoughtfully, thinking of more reasons. "I dislike huge weapons, like broadswords and the maces that look like they could break a door with one swing..."

Taking another sip, she added thoughtfully. "I guess I became a rogue mostly due to my brother being one, and I tend to try and stay in a shadow." She shrugged. "So your family's a Farstrider one, eh?"
Maraph kept a calm composure when the tauren woman lifted him easily off his feet, dangling in the air by at least two and a half feet. He was completely fluent in the language of the Taurens but he knew enough to understand what she had said. He nodded to show that he understood her and after he was let down he sighed. 'Why do I always get into situations like these?' he thought. Not a moment after an orc cameup to and asked him what he was doing here. Maraph eyes the orc warily but after seeing as how he wasnt acting exactly histile he answered, "I honestly dont know why I am here. My mentor, a night elf druid by the name Dusklen Oaksong, sent me here saying that he had received reports that the local boar population had been getting out of control and if it grew too much for too much longer that it would cause many problems for this area's ecosystem. I was then told to come here and help some hunters thin out the boar population. I was able to acclompish my mission and now three hunters have enough boar meat to last them a few days at the least so I left feeling that I had done a good job. Unfortunately I myself had not gotten to eaten and I did not have the reserves to open up a portal to moonglade without passing out so I decided to come in here for a meal and some rest. I assumed nobody would attack me as long as they saw my tattoo but apparently I was mistaken. I apologize for any trouble I may have caused you or the city." The druid then gave the Gilnean salute as a sign of respect to the orc before walking back to his table where he examined the knife that he had snapped in half. After looking at it for a few moments he smiled and plaed it into his satchel mumbling, "They would probably like that after I get it fixed."
"She may not be the brightest flame in the world, but she was just doing her job." came a voice out of nowhere, sounds elvish, likely some rogue trying to show off. "Just because you're twice undead doesn't give you the right to act like a king." This last part partially stung, but Vyn was a master at controlling his anger so he let it slide.
"Very nice speech of yours elf. Why don't you mind your own damn business and I'll mind my own. You don't see me coming over to you or that human demanding that they leave." Muttering to himself he says "I fought in a war for this and this is how these elves repay it? Should have let Silvermoon stay in ashes."
Styvan shook his head and said "Yep, father was Ranger-Commander Talaen Swiftstrike, and also an advisor to Ranger-General Sylvanus Windrunner." He hung his head low at the mention of the Banshee Queen. "But that was in the past. Me and my father never got along."

"If you dont mind me leaving brother, I'm going to feed Kaelen," Levias said, and bowing towards Velryssa, he picked up his weapon and his sack, and went outside.

"So tell me, you mentioned a brother. Any other family? Married? Children?" Styvan asked.
"Kaelen?" she asked curiously, watching Levias leave. "Well... anyway, no, I just have a brother, I dont exactly "like" my father and was never interested in a lover." Taking another sip of her wine, she noted the silent elf finally getting up and yelling something at the undead. "Geez, wonder what the heck caused her to do that..."
"Kaelen is his new fox companion he picked up in Gilneas. Named him after my deceased son," Styvan said somberly. With that, he took a massive gulp from his drink, and taking too much alcohol in the gulp, he spasm for a moment. "And to answer your question, Forsaken death knight just came in. Dunno what exactly is going on, but hes harassing the staff it seems like."
an aura suddenly appears in the middle of the tavern and a pandaren monk gets up from his meditation pose he looks around and grumbles to himself "was aiming for the bank oh well might as well have a drink while i'm here." he surveys the room noticing the night elf and human and shrugs being neutral himself "don't see your kind around here too often human." he says as he walks to the bar and orders a dwarven stout and chugs half of it as soon as he gets it. "aaahhhh only the dwarves can come close to us pandaren when it comes to a good brew" not slurring at all because of his outrageous tolerance for alcahol being a brewmaster and well over 600 lbs although you wouldn't know by listening to him walk as he is very light on his feet being a monk
"And what would give you the right to demand I leave? You're not the owner, or even a guard, so you have no authority here. All I'm suggesting is that you get down off of your high horse and be civil for once in your existence," she replied quietly. "As for Silvermoon staying in ashes, you could have left it, I wouldn't care," she replied, her voice barely above a breath.

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The smallish sized preist walks in quietly, hoping not to draw to much atention. She has always been rather shy and it shows, much to her dismay. Her robes are neat a and flowing and carry on them a hint of lavender. She looks around, looking much like a frightened deer, but quickly takes a deep breath and pushes it aside, calling on the false confidance that has carried her through many situations.
As she softly pads to the bar she looks around once more, the room seems full and she can sence a mixture of hostility and freindlyness. she spies the human and sizes him up, her eyes landing on the mark on his face she relaxs and smiles warmly as she passes. Stopping short she notices the night elf in the shadows and looks him right in the eye, before smiling at him as well yet looking away quickly, she can tell he doesnt want to be noticed.
She Knows' some may question her freindliness at the outsiders yet she does't seem to care. Not of any particular circle or faction, yet she has always had a nutral spirit, not much caring for this war, yet doing what she must to survive.
She sits at the bar and in a small quiet voice she utters "May i get some wine, and also a wet cloth to clean my hands with?" as she looks down at the stains of red and shakes her head to herself.
Looking around she notice's the other patron's and Nods to them all in silent greetting as the barkeep come's up with her wine and towel. She smile's softly and thanks the tauren woman, and ofers a tip for her troubles along with the fee for her wine. She begins to hum softly as she sets to cleaning her hands before they are noticed, more out of sheer nervousness than anything. Once she is done she sips the glass of wine and quietly observe's her souroundings, paying particular atention to the door, watching it closely.
Maraph looks up as he hears someone walking and seeing that it is merely a blood elf he goes to look back down at the book that he had gotten out of his bag earlier but he see's the woman smile at him. His face turns scarlet red, as it does whenever any woman acknowleges him and he immediately looks back down at his book. 'Light danm-it, I'm pathetic' thought the teen. He calls over a waiter and orders some more tea and hands over the needed gold before going back to his book.
Alabron sat quietly and just ordered a mead and watched the patrons in the tavern. "So Cassy is it? I was hoping you'd remember me. Since we are no longer behind bars together." He laughed lightly remembering those days. "Quite interesting how you and Perfy got all of us out of there." He sipped his mead patiently.

"How've you and your wolf been?" He smirked lightly, not really caring who heard him speaking to the blood elf. He sighed, cracking his neck and back. "Ugh, that's much better." He muttered to himself. He took out some raw meat from his bag and threw it on the ground, the spirit beast, Scar, began to devour it as it hit the floor.
"And what would give you the right to demand I leave? You're not the owner, or even a guard, so you have no authority here. All I'm suggesting is that you get down off of your high horse and be civil for once in your existence," The elf could have been saying anything but Vynathlon didn't care. He waved his hand as a way of dismissal for the elf. "As for Silvermoon staying in ashes, you could have left it, I wouldn't care," A rogue not supporting Silvermoon, not really unsurprising, likely a mercenary if anything Vynathlon thought to himself.
"Pah! Elf woman. Just give me an excuse to kill you, just give me one. All right? If you don't want to turn out like I did then I suggest you just go back to wherever you came from nice and quietly." Vynathlon said in response.
The tauren grumbled again, hearing the undead speak so arrogantly. She had to restrain herself from setting him ablaze in his chair. The shaman decided to focus her attention somewhere else before she started throwing lightning. Turning back to the human she spoke, this time in common, "So what, exactly, is it that you were sent to do? You say kill boars, but that hardly seems to be an act that the circle would send their men out for. With the abundance of orcs here surely they would have known that the excess boar would quickly be discovered and hunting would increase to compensate. Someone who knows druids would think that you have a secondary mission here." Her hands moved slowly, folding under a broad snout before her chin came to rest upon them. She watched the man's actions curiously in an attempt to spot any signs of deceit.
Maraph snorted at the Taurens words. He replied to her in Orcish, "I have spoken honestly about my reasons for being here. If there is some other reason I was sent here I am unaware of it. It could very well be that my mentor has finally gone senile. He is over seven hundred years old, after all." Maraph was honestly speaking the truth as he had actually asked the old night elf why he was going instead of a Tauren or Troll but the elf had simply ignored him and sent him on his way. Havig once seen the druid get angry at a student for disobeying him Maraph did not wish to share the same fate so he quickly accepted. 'Better an Orc's axe in my head than what that old codger could do to me' he thought.
Cyn, finaly satisfied that she had not been followed slowly began to relax, sip her wine and she began to scan the room for signs of anyone she knew. Not seeing a recognizable face she turned to the bar keep once more and let out a long drwn out sigh. "You might as well give me the bottle, im going to stay a while" and she handed him enough gold for the wine, got up and found a dark quiet corrner to sit in. As she pulled out her own book and began reading she yawned lazily, but shook it off, there was no time to sleep, she had to get going as soon as the dark could hide her.
"Oh, er, sorry," she said, realizing she had hit a touchy spot. "Didn't know." Looking down embarassedly, she took a sip of her wine, keeping her gaze lowered. "Heh, wonder why the Death Knight is harassing the staff," she said, trying to turn the conversation to a different topic.
Alabron quietly looked over at the elven women in the tavern and observed them from afar, he wondered how their way of life opposed the way his people lived. He just sipped his mead, keeping his face hidden. He wondered if Cassy knew who he was or if she even remembered him. He sighed as he thought of the memories from the pit.
Folding her book she pinches the bridge of her nose and sighs again and Cyn quietly gets up and moves back to the bar. "Excuse me sir, do you have any food for the road?" she asked in a voice that plainly showed she was hesitant to get going, nervous of being alone. As she Bought her meal for the next few nights and exchanged her gold for the food she squared her shoulders, visably forcing herself to move on. She lightly pads to the door hesitates but a moment then slips outside, stopping to check her map and watch the sky for a bit.
As the human snorted the tauren raised an eyebrow. He seemed to be willing to stick with his tale, and showed no sign of treachery. Something about his answer gave her the feeling that he either was holding back, or offended. She spoke, making extra effort to sound calm, "If I offended you with my question I apologize. That was not my intent. I simply find it quite odd that hunting boar would be such a priority with the druids of the circle. May I buy you a drink?"

The shaman glanced around, noticing an elf going out the door and another confronting an armored undead. She grimaced at the sight of such an unnatural creature, pitying it. To be robbed of the Earthmother's touch in such a way must be a horrid life.

After watching the undead for a moment her gaze fell upon a night elf. She couldn't help but find herself wondering why the tauren and night elf people were warring with each other, as they both respected the land and seemed to have little reason to conflict with each other. Ties to others who hate more strongly than we, I suppose she thought to herself.
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