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Maraph declined the taurens offer for a drink. "No thank you. I dont drink alchohol. I like to keep a clear head. And no, you didnt offend me. I apologize if I sounded like I was. Being stuck in the body of an adolescent can be quite trying at times." He gave a small chickle at that but added, "At least I dont have to worry about wrinkles, is what an old friend of mine would say."
((Sorry, still here.))

"Oh? Like you need an excuse? I'd like to see you try to make me like you, really," she growled. She shifted her weight carefully. She stared at the Undead intently. Sure, she hadn't been looking for a fight, but she rarely backed down unless it was an unusual circumstance. As she heard her name, she looked around, frowning. "I never forget a face. Yes, I remember," she replied, casting one last glare back at the Forsaken before walking over to Alabron.

"How does it look like I'm doing? I'm stuck here in a stinking tavern with people like him," she gestured over to the Undead she had left, "making me get kicked out of here," she replied, sitting on the edge of his table across from him.
"Its quite alright love," Styvan said solemnly but with a smile. "My wife put a blessing on him before she died, so the necromancers wouldnt be able to raise him up as a mindless undead. I am glad he died rather than being rose as one." He rose up his glass, and was going to take a sip when he discovered that his glass was empty. "Thralls balls," he cursed. "Barkeep, another one," he asked politely. Turning to the Velrysssa, he smiled and said, "Some undead just like to take their torment out on the living, thinking that they deserve our pity for being in a life of undeath."

((Thralls balls is a curse by the way. Its said in the beginning part of Vash'jir, and I wanna say its General Nazgrim but I could be wrong.))
He shrugged and smiled at her. "Good to know you remember me. But surely you're good enough not to get angered by such simple words." He smirked and sipped some more mead. He sighed and shook his head. "Hope to be on good terms with you, knowing I can fight after you watched my fight with Straga, with help of course. But still..." He coughed, and readjusted himself in his seat.

He cracked his neck. "But don't let others bring you down by them just simply being rude." He smiled at her, setting a gaze over at the undead who was giving her trouble and shrugged his shoulders. "Ehh. No big deal, right?"
"Oh? Like you need an excuse? I'd like to see you try to make me like you, really," Big talk coming from an elf thought Vynathlon. She stared at him intently while he returned the stare with a slightly confused look mixed with imminent battle. This elf seems like she wants to be killed. I wonder why... Vynathlon half thought preparing for a confrontation, grabbing his runeblade from the table. Suddenly she backed down saying "I never forget a face. Yes, I remember," and then walked away. Vynathlon was confused, muttering "Elves" as he sat back down.

With this little confrontation done with Vynathlon decided he would like a drink anyways. Extending his arm towards the Tauren waitress who annoyed him before he ever so slightly began to pull her towards him. She looked confused as to why she was being pulled into his direction and when she began to resist he pulled harder until she was at the table once again. She had a panicked look on her face wondering what he intended of her.
"On second thought" Vynathlon announced "I would like some ale after all. Get me a mug of it else I'll have to feast on your blood instead." Saying the last part with a hungry look on his face. She looked a bit frightened and rushed to get him his ale.
"Oh I'm not angered, of course. I simply think that people should be a little civilized," she replied, tossing her voice over to the Forsaken. She smirked as he 'bragged,' "Oh, come now, you think I'd waste my time with a fight with you? Funny," she smirked, half playful, half serious.

"So, what brings you to Orgrimmar? I'm sure the Dwarves have ail that's better than this," she replied, shifting to sit on the chair across from him. The wolf sleeping where she had previously sat kept her seat "saved."
Intuneric entered through the gates of Orgrimmar and took in a deep breath. "Ahh, home again." he sighed as he continued through the streets. His ash colored leather armor soaked up the warm sun as he walked and his blazing green eyes bursting through his dark hood with a focus. Now for real food. he thought as he held his stomach in hunger. Not being at all fond of the Pandaren's food on his missions as an assassin for the Horde, he missed the warm grilled meat of Kalimdor's finest in Orgrimmar.

"Well now....whats this?" he said with a smirk as he approached an outstanding building in front of him. "The Wyvern's tail? It'll do." he said as he opened the door.
"Well, that may be true, but I find these places more..peaceful than the dwarven taverns. Always laughing and fighting with each other. Betting who can win a drinking contest. Just gets irritating sometimes, you know?" He sipped some more mead as he accompanied the woman in the tavern. He sighed, wondering to himself if she hated him due to him being a kaldorei.

"You still never answered me, if we were on good terms or not..." He looked at her, only his golden eyes visible underneath his dark hood, blinking occasionally.
((Also to reiterate my last post my character was using death grip on the waitress only at a slower rate. Just saying before any of you think I'm god-modding or something.))
"Oh, uh, that's nice," she said, tracing her finger around the wine glass's rim. "And yeah... some undead," she said, glancing at the Undead Death Knight, "don't deserve pity."

Noting the new arrival, she slightly scowled as she studied his weapons, armor, and the way he walked. Another rogue... Great. Turning her attention back to Styvan, she smiled a bit. "So, why did you come to Orgrimmar anyway? No reason?" she asked, tipping her glass slightly with a finger.
"No bloody clue," he said, his Goldenmist accent coming out briefly. He chuckled and said, "Since I'm no longer a Blood Knight, just a paladin for hire, I guess. Besides somebodies gotta watch out for my brother," He didn't want to say it, but this Velryssa while she looked deadly, also reminded him of his wife from ages past it seemed. "And how bout you, what brings you to Orgrimmar?"

Meanwhile outside, Levias was finishing feeding his fox, when he noticed the new rogue come in. He didn't pay him no mind, seeing there was already two in there, and one he thought was flirting with his brother. "Good luck," he muttered at the thought. As he walked in he could see the death knight was harassing one of the inn servers and heard him say "I would like some ale after all. Get me a mug of it else I'll have to feast on your blood instead." He sighed, and seeing his brother and the female rogue laughing, he decided to sit at his own booth, not wanting to disturb them.
Intuneric entered the tavern and smirked. He removed his hood unleashing his long black hair and battle - worn face. He looked around and saw another rogue talking to a death knight, female. Oh joy... he thought as he approached the bar. "Seared plainstrider with any vegetables you have" he said to the barkeep as he payed and sat at a booth in the corner.

While sitting, he eyed the death knight and rogue duo. He let out a slight chuckle and stared out the window.
"Eh, I tend to meander between cities," she said, thinking. "Sometimes do some work for the highest bidder, but not very much more," she added after a moment, keeping her voice impassive. "Last city I was in was Undercity.... I got a bit bored of seeing walking corpses everywhere, and the coffins-as-beds thing is, in my opinion, dumb," she said, rolling her eyes. "Might go back, might not..."

Stretching a little, she rested one arm on the table and the other on her lap, crossing her legs. "So, why didn't you and the Blood Knights see 'eye to eye', if I may ask?"
The tauren grinned a little as the human seemed to be at ease in the tavern. She opened her mouth to speak when she heard the undead threatening the waitress once more. Her eyes started to glow as elemental power surged through her body. She spoke quietly, "Please excuse me for a moment, as I must attend to something..."

After speaking she quickly rose to her feet and walked over to the death knight before reaching to grab his arm, keeping herself slightly turned to hide her other hand behind her back. She spoke once more, in a very firm voice, "I would suggest you not threaten the civilian population if you want to keep whats left of your skull intact." Inside her head she focused the power of the elements, ready to unleash their wrath at any time.
After ordering the Tauren to get him some ale he heard people take notice, with that damn light wielder Vynathlon silently yelled to himself sighing at him. Soon afterwards some new blood elf walked in and took a seat in the corner. Out of the corner of Vynathlon's remainder of an eye he saw the Blood Elf look at him and laugh. Rage went through Vynathlon as he gripped his sword and a few of its runes began to light up. He then heard another female elf mention the Undercity and talk badly about it. Just wait elf. At this rate you'll soon be joining them. Vynathlon grimly thought.

After hearing all this some other Tauren walked over to him. Based on her appearance she looked like another waitress coming over to stand up for the other waitress. Pah! What's with all these waitresses coming over to bug me? It's as if they all want to be consumed. Vynathlon thought to himself.
"I would suggest you not threaten the civilian population if you want to keep whats left of your skull intact." the waitress said to him. Vynathlon couldn't help but unleash a maniacal laugh at the Tauren.
"You Tauren are funny, I'll give you that. I appreciate your false bravery, most creatures don't offer the same stupidity as you do. Anyway break time's over get back to work. You wouldn't want me feasting on your blood as well" Vynathlon said bringing his runeblade up to her throat "now would you waitress?"
The death knight's words surprised the shaman. He thought that she was a waitress? A wide smirk started to spread across her face as she stared at him and moved back from the blade slightly. In the hand behind her back the air started to quietly crackle with energy as she drew strength into it. "Now I know that some of you undead had rotten body parts. You should've got them replaced when you were brought up from your grave. I guess we'll just have to settle for now, though." With her words out she thrust her arm forward, unleashing the power she had been building in the form of a bolt of lightning directed at the face of the undead. Once thrown she jumped back to get further from the blade.
Styvan smiled, and said, "Lets just say they took cockiness to the next 5 levels. I might be cocky, but I dont look down and condescend my fellow Blood Elves like they do." Out of the corner of his eye he did see his brother come back in, and sit back down in the corner. Good he thought, least hes not going to pester me anymore. "I just like helping people who need it. Especially the ones that tend to pay if ya catch my drift."

He noticed the tauren shaman let loose a bolt of lightning at the undead death knight who was causing problems, and he gripped his hammer and stood up, ready to go into action, but then oddly sat back down. "I've blown up too many taverns in my lifetime. Lets have someone take this one.. Now milady, have you ever been to Goldenmist Village when it was in its prime?"
"This place? Peaceful? Hah, good luck," Cassy replied with a laugh. She looked at him curiously. "Few people are on good terms with me. Many are on bad," she replied, gesturing over to the Undead. "Consider yourself neither," she finished. As she heard the crackling of lightning, she stood up quickly, looking at the ensuing 'battle.' From the floor, ShadeClaw opened one eye, looking at his companion for a moment, then back to the Tauren and Forsaken. "This should be good," Cassy growled.
Intuneric felt the death knights sudden move. He smiled Oh the joy of killing scourge again.. he said as he turned to the undead. As the waitress sat his plate on his table he unshealthed his daggers, one glowed red and another a shade of aqua blue, both poisoned, and placed them on the table. "That's right, I'm armed as well...try me...I dare you" he said quietly to himself.

His nose was soon overcome with the delicous smell of his meal. He placed the linen napkin on his lap and began to eat, still staring at the rogue and death knight duo. Hard to believe I'd see the day when one of my own kind would be seen with a scourge...forsaken too. he thought. It wasn't the Forsaken part he didn't like, he'd done many espinage missions and assasinations with their kind before, but the death knight part, he despised with a burning passion.

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