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"Now I know that some of you undead had rotten body parts. You should've got them replaced when you were brought up from your grave. I guess we'll just have to settle for now, though." the Tauren said to him. She thrust her arm forward unleashing a lightning blast heading for his face. As the blast hit, it stayed at his helm for at least a second before it launched back towards where she was hitting the ceiling. Vynathlon unleashed another maniacal laugh.
"Tauren, thank you for proving me right. Your stupid magics will not work on me. See this helm and the armor that I'm wearing? I got these on a little trip to Northrend where I obtained some nice Saronite armor. As you likely don't know Saronite is immune to any magics launched at it." Vynathlon grinned. "This is why you cannot kill me and why it is worthless to try."
As he about to charge at her a voice yelled at her taking away her attention saying "Is there a problem here cow?!" A fellow Forsaken brother! He looked at him and he was right and he was a warlock by the looks of things.
"Problem? No, just trying to help teach this 'man' some manners. I would appreciate it if you would not interfere." The seemingly looking cow magic wielding waitress said to him. This is absurd I'll just call her a Shaman until further notice. Vynathlon thought to himself.
"Silly cow we forsaken have a closer bond than you can imagine just give me a reason so have my minion fetch your head... It will make a very nice addition to my collection..." the warlock said to the Shaman. When he lifted up a bag of heads Vynathlon couldn't help but laugh and salivate at the same time.
Suddenly the human stood up and yelled "Restrain them". Some big group of tree people appeared and grabbed him.
"I may not be horde but I do have friends who are part of your faction and from whta I have heard of it, it is very strict on rules of honor. Now, answer me this, how is two aganst one honorable, and not to mention aren't you the one who who tld me not to cause any trouble while I am here? This isnt really setting a good example for me is it?" The human said to the shaman.
"S-sorry, but I-I w-would rat-rather not have to deal with the city's guards coming in here agai-again." The human said sitting back down in his chair. As the treants turned to a darker color, he felt his restrains loosen. He broke off the arm of the one holding him and pushed the remainder of the treant over which broke into a bunch of black dust fragments on impact. Vynathlon couldn't help but pick up a few dust fragments and put them into a vial.
Here I came to try to get away from everything and yet someone tries to get in the way of my affairs once again. Vynathlon thought to himself. He was visibly angry.
"Human!" Vynathlon yelled from across the room at the one who summoned the treants to get in his way. "What makes you believe you have the right to interfere in the matters of anyone else here?" Vynathlon lifted his runeblade in a combat position. "I tolerated your presence ever since I entered this place and I didn't care for your death until now. You better sit your !@# back down unless you want to become another casualty here."
"And you Tauren" turning to face the shaman "I don't care for whatever you believe I'm doing here. If you don't want to join my friend's bag full of trophies I better suggest you go back to where you came from."
With everything settled, Vynathlon sat back down in his chair. He motioned for the warlock to sit down with him. "Come warlock, take a seat."
He nodded as the paladin welcomed him. "Well you see, Goldenmist was where I spent my summers with my parents" he said as he sat. "Before...well you know." He sighed and then turned back to the duo. "Allow me to introduce myself, Intuneric, Intuneric Darkblaze, and you two are?"
The Warlock sat down at his table saying "Filthy tauren can't stand them they think because they control the earth elements they can do as they please. I have never hesitated from bringing the demonic powers I control apon them and ending there worthless lives."
The waitress finally came back with his mug of ale and looked anxious to get drop it off and leave as soon as possible. "I saw you standing there watching as I was being attacked." Vynathlon said stopping her "If you don't want to get killed I'd suggest that when someone gives you an order YOU FOLLOW IT!" yelling the last part at the waitress. "Now, your mistake for not working when I gave you an order," Vynathlon grabbed the hand of the waitress cutting her palm clearly open through a piece of metal jabbing through the surface of his skin. When she cut her hand blood came pouring out into the ale, a lot more than it usually should.
Sxo tells the waitress that he wants a raw steak still dripping with blood. "Now my friend here wants his order. Don't disappoint him otherwise your very soul will be paying the price." Vynathlon said to her. "What are you standing around here for? MOVE!" The waitress immediately ran to the back telling the cook what he wanted.
"I didn't mean to interfere with your affairs death knight but I'm always looking for a fight I live for it. The name is Sxo by the way."
"The name's Vynathlon. What brings you to Orgrimmar Sxo?"
The shaman looked shocked at the reflection of her spell from the forsaken's helm. She had not dealt with Saronite many times before and had little knowledge of its effects on magic. With a grumble she walked back to her seat, realizing just how difficult a fight with the death knight would be. She sat in front of the human, her face looking grim. "If you had to ask, the forsaken have no honor," she began while staring at the druid. "They would kill their allies if it furthered their own goals. As for the whole 'example setting' thing, me getting into a bar fight wouldn't possibly cause a call for raids on Stormwind in revenge." She smirked a little at her last comment, watching closely for a reaction.

"I do have to wonder why you chose to intervene, then back down so quickly. Hardly seems effective to me." She glanced around, watching to see how many might be watching them.
"I have just returned from a year long battle in arathi highlands and the gates of the filthy worgen city. Many ally fell victim to my sorcery and many souls have been collected." She said.
When the waitress returned, she came bearing the bloody raw steak as well as an extremely sad face of hers. She slowly dropped it off and then walked away to the back still grasping her cut hand. From what Vynathlon saw blood was still dripping out of the wound. It took much energy of his to remain in his chair than to go over to the floor and lick up the blood.
"Ah how delightful!! I have been eating toying corpses for the past year it's nice to have something fresh!!" The warlock said to him.
"You haven't had any fresh corpses while you were on leave? Surely a skilled warlock such as yourself would have lots of fresh meals while you were away." Vynathlon said to her while he started to pull the leg of the waitress causing her to trip.
Maraphs face tunred even more scarlet from embarresment as the death knight yelled at him. 'You welcome' he thought sarcastically, mentally fuming at the undeads behavior. Calming down he decided to go and procure a room. After giving the required money he was given a key and went upstairs. He found the room and saw that it had a small bathroom in ot with a crude but effective inddor plumbing system. He sw that the water was steaming slighty and nearly yelled out in delight but stopped himself. 'After three days I finally get to have a hot bath.' he thought, before putting his clothes to the side and letting out a long sigh as he slipped into the steaming water.
"In battle it's often hard to eat a fresh human corpse when in constant battle." The Warlock said in return.
"Don't worry, while in battle I've found ways to keep the corpse fresh using a few insects to prevent the rot from occurring, unless you like the rot. I personally can't get enough of it."
"So Vynathlon how do you control your urge to not kill all these petty races that seek our help horde or alliance!?" She said changing the subject.
"Well it takes years of practice and discipline to overcome it." Vynathlon said. "As much as I would like to simply kill off every race Horde and Alliance alike you sometimes need to learn to put up with them. I learned that my first time. After I killed my Horde scouting group we easily got overwhelmed by the Alliance and I was lucky to escape from their base alive. Sometimes it's best to keep your allies alive no matter how insignificant they may be long enough to defeat the enemies that are capable of overwhelming you before you turn on them. Once the Alliance is destroyed I have no doubt that the rest of our Forsaken brothers and sisters will overwhelm the rest of the world. Best to do that after the Alliance destroyed rather than before right?"
"Don't get me wrong, I love rotten meat just as much as the next undead does. But it is nice to have a fresh bite everyone in awhile." She said. "To be honest with you though I'd rather Sylvanas end the pact or agreement we have with the horde and let us be to make our own decisions. After all in the end it will only be the undead left. But we will always be giants the world."
"I disagree." Vynathlon said. "At least for the moment the Forsaken needs this alliance with the Horde more than ever. Enemies are encroaching onto our land, the Argent Crusade has seen out brutality against the Alliance and only the Horde is holding them back, and even the Scarlet Crusade as well as the Cult of the Damned have reemerged after all this time and all out efforts against them. You of all people should have seen how much the Horde contributed towards the destruction of the Worgen and those cursed members of the League of Arathor."
"Oh he's as aggressive as ever. He doesn't feel old until we're somewhere like this. Somewhere relatively quiet... It's almost scary how well he hides his age in a fight," she mused. Her gaze remained locked on her wolf, who had fallen back asleep. It seemed she may actually have some emotion locked away in her cold being.
Spiv would whistle a little tune as he opened the door to the tavern. ' Blood elves, a Tauren, and... Forsaken. Welp, should probably start that will I was writin'.' he thinks. He gently sighs as he walks over to an empty table " Oh waitress!" A troll waitress would slowly approach, lighty glaring at him. " Yes, yes, i'm a goblin, probably looking for gold, so on and so forth. Look, just stay quiet and get me a bit of tea... An uhhh.... Some boar, well cooked, little blood, with a few spices sprinkled on it." He nods to the troll waiter. She would sneer, glaring at him a few moments longer before finally walking back into the kitchen and telling the cook his order. " Oh the wonders of being a goblin... and an alchenist." He would place both hands behind his head as he lightly smiles at the roof " The wonders of being a goblin..." He would mutter under his breath as he patiently waited for his order.
Styvan extended his hand to Intuneric. "Styvan Swiftstrike, ex-Blood Knight. Brother is somewhere around here. My family somewhat ran Goldenmist before the fall." He said solemnly. "Well definitely before they were killed during the troll raids during the Second War at least." He watched as the door open and a goblin entered. Goblins, he thought, best keep my eye on that one.

Meanwhile Levias ((Styvans brother)) had also noticed the goblin enter. Taking a look at his bag of ammo, he realized he was running low on the explosive tip shells that he used in his rifle. The ones that goblins tend to make. Getting up he walked over to the goblin just as he was finished muttering something that Levias couldnt understand. "Excuse me master goblin," Levias said politely. "You wouldnt happen to have explosive shells that you would be willing to sell?"
Aldiran Drax walked up the hill and noticed a tavern named, "The Wyvern's Tail", and shrugged, heading on in. He opened the door and saw many people within. Blood elves, undead, a goblin, even a kaldorei like himself. The first thing people would probably notice about the newcomer is his height. He is fairly larger than most kaldorei men. He sighed and headed over to the counter.

He sat down at the bar and didn't speak except for two simple words. "Ale please." He set down some coin for the barkeep and looked around at the patrons of the bar. Two giant obsidian axes were latched onto his back. Some may notice some fresher blood on the axes. He muttered under his breath. "Damn orc guards...trying to say I can't enter the city. Psh, yeah right."
"I see." He finally said, not saying much afterwards. He heard the door open many times, he looked at each one who entered. He didn't say anything until the larger kaldorei entered and sat down at the bar. "Wow, big fella, huh?" He looked at Cassy, hoping the big man didn't hear him. He sort of seemed intimidated by the giant height difference. He shook his head, realizing he was probably faster.

"Ehh, anyways.." He continued after drinking some more mead. "What have you been up to after you escaped the Pit?" He looked at her curiously as he was curious to what a sneak like her would've been up to.
((Aldiran just so you know, the tavern is located in Orgrimmar so you might need to find an explanation for how and why your character was there.))
Raylah swiped her crimson hair from her eyes as she came into the tavern, she let out a sigh of relief as her eyes took in a familiar place, but she wasn't paying much attention to the people in it, she was extremely distracted by her thoughts. She had been on yet another one of her frivolous ventures in the wilds, and had been gone for quite some time. Raylah being the lone huntress that she is, often 'drifted' from place to place, exploring. She hated to stay in one place for too long. Unfortunately her ventures have come to a temporary halt due to a summons. The Horde wanted her to go to battle soon, things had escalated between the various factions to a full on boil.

Before she was to leave, she needed to regroup, a good drink could do it. She kept her eyes low as she walked to an empty table, she neglected to notice the few night elves within the tavern as well as the 'human', a sight that may have stunned her if she was paying more attention. Though she would have still kept to herself, she hated being confrontational. She beckons over a bartender, and she mutters her order.

"Snowplum Brandy.." As the bartender went to get her drink, she leaned down and reached into her bag, she pulled out the letter she had received and glanced at it quickly.

"I'm in no mood.." she whispers to herself as she grudgingly folded the letter back up and tucked it away. She had to take a double look at the glass the bartender brought to her, it didn't look like her favorite drink, maybe because it had been so long since she had it? Raylah merely shrugs and takes a sip, letting it linger on her tongue a bit before swallowing it.

"Ahh..." she smiled for a brief moment before her face turned stoic again, she contemplated her upcoming trip, all the while watching the other various guests coming in and out of the tavern. Perhaps at some point she'd see a familiar face? Her eyes catch a glimpse of the strangers at last, and a subtle frown comes to her lips before she takes a long swig of her brandy.

"What are THEY doing here?" she thought to herself. She looked back down at her drink to divert her eyes from them.
Intuneric felt a ping of strain in his heart as he waited for the two to answer. He grabbed his chest and turned to see a blood elf hunter come in. What in the...? He sworn he'd seen that face before.

Intuneric stood and walked over to the fellow elf. "You, I know you...." he said sitting down not bothering to ask if he could. "I don't know where, I don't know when, but I know you..." The bartender set a glass of red wine down where he was sitting. He took his hand off his chest and onto his blades.

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