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Fizviz covered his face with a huge peice of gray cloth covered his face as he dismounted from his Goblin Trike. He parked around the back of the Inn known as the Wyverns Tail. He could already hear fighting from the outside. That was good and music to his ears almost he couldn't deal with too many people asking him things. He wanted to keep to himself. Lest someone ask him for money, all the damn beggars always did despite telling them he was broke. He thought a few thousand gold was broke but alas it wasn't even close to that. He walked into the bar nearing the Bar stool. He looked at the beer keep just taking a wine glass left on the front sitting area ignoring everyone around him. But he stopped to crack a joke to the guy sitting next to him. "What a dump this place is, hell even Garrosh is underpants would be more enjoyable." He giggles to himself trying to relax into his setting.
The Tauren's actions had gone unnoticed, as the Worgen was explaining himself out of death. Pity, it was- the people of Mistrunner Tribe always speak of a Chieftain named Thrall. They always mention how diplomatic he was, and how the Horde was on the brink of becoming shamanic, until Garrosh's rule.

Eyeing the Undead, he took note to the deathly blue glow his eyes transmitted- indicating that he was not only dead once, but twice. The Druid definitely owed the Orcs and the Horde his service for helping establish Mulgore for his people, but he didn't have any personal quarrels with the members of the Alliance- except for Night Elves.. They think they're such better Druids, puh-

An loud engine could be heard puttering up to the tavern, the Tauren looked behind him to see a Goblin enter. With the Goblin's face covered, he couldn't tell if it was a male or female, so he was careful to strike up conversation, let alone he was particularly shy when it came to being social.

Watching the Goblin just help himself to the ale, the Tauren made way towards the bar once the Goblin went to go sit in the front area. He took a large-size mug and unplugged the cask pouring himself a nice cup of ale. He laid a couple gold coins on the counter.

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"What a dump this place is, hell even Garrosh is underpants would be more enjoyable."

The Goblin caught the Tauren off guard as he was sipping some of his ale, the laughter was explosive. Coughing and choking, as the Tauren fell to his knees laughing with liquid in his throat, he placed the mug on the table. Snorting from his nose, he eyed the Goblin.

Recovering pretty quickly, standing back up he picked up the mug and took another gulp, placing it back down. "Not even the unholy lands of Ice Crown Citadel can even compare to the taint of Garrosh," the Tauren remarked- letting out a passive aggressive chuckle as memory of the fallen Chieftain Baine comes to mind.

The Tauren approached the Goblin with his mug in hand, and once coming in range of the Goblin the Tauren bowed. "Teutatis, Teutatis Mistrunner." He held out the mug towards the Goblin to offer festive cheers.
Raylah leaned forward toward Ituneric, a bit buzzed from her drink and she whispers over theatrically.

"They like me to shoot things." she shrugs before leaning back again talking in a normal tone. "My tasks are rather simple, I am a ranger, they can never have enough of those. What about yourself?"
He nods to him. "My name is Fizviz, you don't need to know the rest perhaps it's better if you don't." He looked at his drink sipping it taking note of the Passive Agressive tone. He doesn't think it's directed to him but you know what they say, you're a goblin you can't be too careful. "Where do you come from? Hopefully not a place as annoying as this, see my Tryke's broken so I stopped and legged it to the nearest in, unforunately this place is the only dump I could find." He said sipping on the wine, careful to not drink all of it at once. he turned ripped off his cloth covering his face exposing a badly burnt face but not trying to make it obvious.

He was in a fight about a week before coming to the inn, he was in Durotar, broke up an Orc and Troll from killing each other. Garrosh and his little rules grinded on everyone but Fizviz it seemed. He made alot of money swindling people, he also kept his cool never getting angry. he rubbed his face for it became incrediblly itchy for no particular reason he could find. The Troll got the upper hand and used what he likes to call da voodo fire mon! He giggles to himself thinking of it. "Where do you fail from? Mulgore? Of course you do, you all do." He cheers the mug with his own
Godwin only nodded his head to the Death Knight, a smirk on his face as he looked aside a little and scooped back up his papers, placing them in a knapsack at his waist; his own hand resting on the pommel of his blade. He was only here to restock his supplies, rest up for a bit, being given only a Three day grace period, it would only take him one to get through to the Barrens and he would have to watch his back for any horde that would turn a blind eye to the pardon once he was out of the capital.

His Gheist began to roam a bit, crawling about slowly on all fours, it would not attack unless it was told to, and now it was just acting like a really dumb dog; the faint glow from it's mask being cast along the various patrons as it sat near a few of them, begging for any raw meat in their packs; though when it started close oward Vyn, Godwin waved it away; not wanting to cause any more trouble, though the fact he was basically untouchable; short of breaking his neutrality agreement.
As the large creature bowed over the Goblin, his horns surrounded Fizviz and departed once he lifted his mug and clanked cups with Fizviz. Noticing the confused look in the Goblin's eyes as if he wasn't sure the snicker was directed towards him, the Tauren felt he had to explain as Fizviz asked where he hailed from.

"Moonglade has been home for some time, but I hail out of Bloodhoof Village, to be specific." The Tauren looked out past the tavern doors at the goblin-trike. "What seems to be the trouble?"

When the Tauren looked back towards the Goblin, he had removed his face cloth. It revealed a gruesome blast to the face that was received. The Tauren took a big gulp of his ale and put it on the table.

The Goblin persisted to try and direct the attention off of his wounds, asking the Tauren about his hailing. The Tauren slightly smiled at the Goblin.

"Mulgore? Eventually.. but I was taken in by the Mistrunner Tribe- after losing my parents during the Grimtotem invasion.. and.. the fall of Baine.."

Hitting a soft spot himself, he saw the Goblin beginning to itch his irritations. A good Druid at heart cannot let one be unease of pain.

"If you wish I may treat you.. Time in the Eastern Kingdoms trying to find cure for undeath should make this calves play."
The Goblin looked at him and nodded as thought this small gesture would make the difference in his life, he could healed it himself at some point his life, perhaps not now because his Shamanistic ways had been weak. He was just trying to find a way to connect to something beyond money while perhaps he had enjoyed the money it left a shallowiness in his life he needed to fill. "I got it breaking up a fight, I know right, breaking up something." He said looking at the Tauren's kid hearted face. He turned to the grey cloth he left on the ground, he picked it up, he was confident that even if the internal was healed the scar would remain, he had been in major scraps in his life but that one wasn't one of them.

"Wasn't even that big of a fight yet this is my most sevre injury I have by far. !@#$ing Garrosh and his warmonging causing all of this I am going to tell you, I respect money alot more than him, and I got lots of money. Lots of it. He's going to get us killed out where ever the damn Panda's come from." He said looking at Tauren his voice slightly raised to show his disgust with his impotent leader as he saw it.
Intuneric smiled and laughed. "Depends on who wants me to do what! Usually for Lor'themar I find enemy plans, steal them, and bring them back. Sylvannas....kill....and kill again" he smirked. "Vol'jin and Garrosh are a mix of sorts....mostly scout new areas to....as Garrosh puts it, 'Paint Red' or obliterate." He sighed, "Although as much as I hate Pandaria I must say it pays well."
Unknowing of the Goblin's shamanic heritage, the Tauren looked at the Goblin as he explained what happened as he examined the wound from afar. "Nonetheless, I see bravery in your wound." Teutatis continued to listen to Fizviz as he shared a mutual feeling towards Garrosh as he had.

"Truthfully, Fizviz- Druid could careless for Garrosh, aswell...” he said looking around for any royalist. "Because Earthmother will suffer his under rule." The Tauren took a few steps back, looking kind of sad- "Unfortunately, the Shu'halo are in servitude to the Orcs."

The Tauren began to wave his arms, and an Earthly essence began to surround him. Leaves from outside the tavern began to be seemingly magnetically pulled towards Teutatis, getting trapped in this whirlwind of Earthliness.

Teutatis shifted his legs, with one out in front of the other with his hands at the side charging the potency of the essence. "You'll feel like a new Goblin after this," the Tauren said as he shot his hands forward towards the Goblin's face.

It looked as if the Earthly essence had left the Tauren and traveled towards Fizviz and hit him in the face, and covering him in the essence. As the Regrowth spell ran its course you can see the essence running throughout the Goblin's body.

By the magic of the Earthmother, the Goblin most likely feels refresh and restored and slowly but surely the tan-green flesh of the Goblin's face began to heal and mend, giving a sort of tingly happy feeling.

Tuetatis lowered his hands and eyed the Goblin, waiting for a reaction to see if the Regrowth had taken affect. "How are you feeling now?" He said as he grabbed his mug and took a gulp.
The Goblin looked at him first feels the leaves touch and caress his face and then disolve into it healing the wounds and even surprisingly healed part of the outside wound which was mostly just show. It was now left to a small mark and he looked to the Druid and smiled at him. "I will never be a new goblin." He says nodding as he hears about the hatred for Garrosh. "I Mean even I left this dame place where would I go to, the Alliance?" He asks notinig the Bartender twitched as they spoke, he didn't say anything of even look at him abnormally to avert attention and make the Tavern man think he was undiscovered in his loyalty to Garrosh.

He looked at the Tauren as he chose his words carefully. "This Segeration, this rounding up of the races, his time is going to come to a close, I just hope I am not there to see the sparks fly, nobody likes the dirt bag cept the other Orcs." He said wrapping his face up again. "This place is filled with stiffs." His head nods to the Barkeep. "Should we perhaps leave this popsicle stand so to speak?" He asked.
Seeing the wound clear up on the Goblin's face almost instantly pleased the Tauren, for that was his strongest healing spell. There was something about Fizviz, like he was lost within himself, or something. Teutatis didn’t think much of it.

"If you ever nearly perish and wake up with me over you, you will be." The Tauren snorted as Fizviz went on to the politics of the Horde, he listened intensely. As the Goblin expressed his feelings of uncertainty, the Bartender twitched. Teutatis faced the tender and snorted, then redirected his attention to Fizviz.

"My words may be wise; my time on Azeroth is limited to ten years thus far." The young Tauren explained, "I was born under the blade of Garrosh with my Chieftain’s head rolling off.." Looking towards the Worgen and his very untrained Gheist, secretly wanting to entangle roots from the floorboards- he's seen what they're kind has done to the Undead he nurses back to life.

"But we must remember what was, and now what is.. and try to make what must be." Teutatis got a little bit closer to Fizviz. "And I assure you Garrosh will get his. Earthmother speaks in many ways."

Watching the Goblin cover back up his face and look around mentioning the dead noise in the tavern, a few Blood Elves chattering and an Undead and Worgen at quarrel. Teutatis shrugged his shoulders, "Where do you wish to go?"
"I don't know." His voice has become a harsh whisper. "Hold on a moment, been praticing this spell alot lately." He said using Far Sight to look out the door. He Noticed a small squad of Garrosh's soldiers walking toward the Tavern. "We got to get the hell out of here, that little quarrel and our talking as draw some Garrosh types around here. They're coming." He whispered out the corner of his mouth. He pointed up the stairs and moved.

He pulled out his weapons. Out of his bag and turned to the Druid. "We're going to have a problem, you see Garrosh is missing one of his higher ups." Fizviz hadn't killed the guy but he sure as hell knew who did. He wasn't speaking. "Wasn't me I swear my friend." There was that lostness in his voice, unsure of himself, he was postive he hadn't killed the guy it was that Blood elf. He shrugged it off shaking his head like that of a shaggy dog. He looked toward the Druid." You know the Bar keep got them here. "We gotta split now kid."
Most Druids, especially Taurens are peaceful beings, but Teutatis was brought up during bad times. Seeing the Goblin put his fingers to his temples and returning to his normal state claiming there are some Grunts walking towards the tower just made the Tauren laugh.

Listening to the Goblin explain how they must leave and watching him run up the stairs, wielding his weapons and how one of Garrosh's henchmen were missing. Maybe this was a little more serious than the Druid thought.

"The bar-keep?!" Tuetatis was frantic- he wasn't about to meet the fate Baine did, that's the very last thing he wanted. It wasn't smart for the tavern to start a quarrel with this Tauren. He was a multi-talented and very powerful Druid.

"Treacherous mutt!" Teutatis said as he flicked his wrists and the floorboards of the tavern began to shake. The Tauren thought if he wrapped up the Alli, the guards would be too busy with it. Roots ripped through the floorboards, grasping the Death Knight Worgen right where he stood.

He then leapt towards the bar keep across the bar whispering in his ear, "You'll pay for this," then stomping on the ground with his hoof to the ground causing the Bar Keep to fall. Running up the stairs to Fizviz, he stopped to apologize and picked him up and ran for the door.

In his other hand he began to cast a spell that affected the area as gusty winds turned into tornados which circled the bar causing havoc. Chairs, tables, mugs and maybe even people could be seen taken by the draft and whipped around. "Follow me!" Teutatis said to Fizviz as he put him down.

The Tauren went down onto all fours and became more slender, looking back at Fizviz with cat eyes, and then running to the right towards the Hall of Legends as the guards were coming from the left from Garrosh's corridor.
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Intuneric smiled and laughed. "Depends on who wants me to do what! Usually for Lor'themar I find enemy plans, steal them, and bring them back. Sylvannas....kill....and kill again" he smirked. "Vol'jin and Garrosh are a mix of sorts....mostly scout new areas to....as Garrosh puts it, 'Paint Red' or obliterate." He sighed, "Although as much as I hate Pandaria I must say it pays well."

Raylah lifted a brow.

"You hate Pandaria? I think it is lovely actually, the pay makes it better." she smiled. "I'm looking forward to my mindless venturing again though, that's what I'd rather be doing."

She rested her cheek on her hand and played around with a napkin with her other hand.

"Do you have any family or anything?"
Intuneric sighed, "I guess I'm just not one for nature" he said as he watched Raylah play with her napkin. "Oh and yes I do, my mother." Intuneric's eyes lit up "She's everything to me, she lives back home in Eversong, just east of Goldenmist....strong, independent, and an amazing arcane weaver." Intuneric blinked away from his deep thoughts and continued, "My father was a paladin and my brother...like you a ranger. My mother in her younger days was a mage. My father wanted me to be anything besides a rogue or warlock, and my mother just told me to follow my dreams, so I did, and I am who I am today, an Assassin for the Horde."

Intuneric smiled, "What about you?"
"The way you speak of them.. it makes me think you are rather close to your family. How lovely." she smiled and hiccuped. She was about to speak, lifting her hand in an animated way. But all that comes from her mouth was a small sound of a word about to be spoken but she stops mid-speaking as a goblin come into the bar, he looked around briefly as if knowing what he was seeking, he spots Raylah and comes over to her and beckons her down so he could whisper into her ear. She scowls at the goblin furiously then sighs. She looks at Ituneric and frowns.

"I have to go.. back to Pandaria, but not for what I normally go there for like wandering aimless... Apparently the warchief has made landfall there and yet again they need a few rangers for their 'agenda'. Perhaps I'll see you out there at some point." she hiccups again and staggers up from her seat. She straightens her posture and seems almost instantly sober, though she is not, she hides it well.

"Goodbye Ituneric." she walked out of the bar, disappearing into the crowds of Orgrimmar.

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Vynathlon saw the Worgen only nod at him rather than openly attack him. Still in a defensive position, Vynathlon got to his seat and sat down, setting his runeblade on the table still grasping it. Before he could confront the other death knight, a lot of stuff occurred. The Tauren and Goblin on the other side of the room suddenly got up and left. Based on their appearances they looked scared, likely paranoid. The attractive elf on the other side of the room left. What looked like tiny hints of sadness crept in onto Vyn's face but he was uninterested anyways. Seeing things occurring as they did he decided to make things a bit more interesting.

Seeing the Tauren waitress once again washing the dishes avoiding Vyn's gaze, he latched his grip onto the waitress's essence. He pulled, causing her head to crash into some of the dishes she was washing. When he felt her turn around to leave, Vyn stopped her legs and prevented them from moving. She was frantic at this point and looked like she was going to scream. Vyn grabbed hold of her chest and pulled causing her to fall face first into the sink. Vyn loosened his grip allowing her to get back up. When she did her face was red and had blood dripping from her nose. Vyn couldn't help but salivate at the display. In order to satiate himself he took a sip out of the blood-infused ale he had. Soon the mug was empty and from the look of things Vyn's armor was leaking ale.

At this point in time, Vyn held up his hand as an indication that he wanted to order something else. The waitress noticed and came around from the bar and was going the other way to not deal with him but using Vyn's right hand he pulled the waitress towards him, almost to the point that it was completely obvious. By that time the waitress was shaking and couldn't get her words out.
"Waitress." Vynathlon said in a dark guttural way with a hungry look on his face. "I have finished my ale, and I'm still thirsty. How about you give some of your blood to drink instead." Vynathlon said to her salivating.
When the waitress was about to scream, Vynathlon silenced her.

"Ah ah. You wouldn't want the entire establishment to pay the same price as you have, now would you Tauren? Now give me your blood!" With that Vynathlon grabbed the waitress's chest and pushed her heart closer to her chest. He grabbed the waitress's arm with his right hand, cutting it with some shrapnel in his hand. He took his mug in his left hand and put it under the wound. Soon the waitress began to look weak as her blood poured into the mug, on the table, onto the floor, onto Sxo, going everywhere. Soon the waitress collapsed onto the floor with blood still seeping out of her hand. The patrons who saw looked shocked and didn't know what to do or whether they should do anything at all for fear that they might be next. With Vynathlon's mug full and the floor and table filled with her blood, he knelt down on the floor where the waitress was. She was breathing thinly as if she was going to die any second.

"What a waste." Vynathlon said. He pulled out his runeblade and plunged his sword into her chest, ending her breathing with a final gasp. Vynathlon lifted his now blood drenched sword out of the Tauren with some blue spectral embodiment coming out of the Tauren with it. The spectral being came up out of the body and into his sword. With all that happening, Vynathlon lifted his sword up, got back up and went back to his table, drinking his blood stained goblet oblivious of the mess he just made on the floor.
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After Vynathlon got off of the ground and sipped out of his mug, he consumed the lot of blood in the container. Peering towards the entrance, he though for a moment, watching some of his insects gather around the dead Tauren waitress. He said his goodbyes to Sxo, saying that he'd meet again later on a battlefield and walked towards the exit. His runeblade drank up the remains of blood on the sheath. When he reached the exit, he gazed back at the corpse on the floor with some people still wondering what to do.

With one final motion, Vynathlon reached out his hand towards the corpse, causing it to swell with unholy energy until the body burst, spewing blood and organs throughout the establishment. Vynathlon reached the outside atmosphere of Orgrimmar and with a hand motion opened up a portal into Acherus. Seeing a bit of the Tauren land on his arm he moved his arm up towards his mouth and licked it off, tasting with the remainder of his taste buds the rotting taste of the Tauren. While doing so, he entered the portal with the portal disappearing behind him. He was gone, at least for the time being.

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