[Achievement] One Many Army - General Temuja

Bug Report
Since I started checking for the mobs for the Achievement "One Many Army" about a month ago, General Temuja has not been one of the daily mobs available on Hyjal.

Before anyone tries to help: I am aware there are more daily mobs spawned than just the ones you, personally, get the quests to kill. I have checked for the General every single day for a month. He has simply not spawned, ever; that, or there is a horrible phasing issue.

There are more reports of this here, on his wowhead NPC page: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=63101#comments

As well as one on wowhead's achievement page: http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=7317
I know that feel, buddy. Huo-Shuang hasn't spawned for at least a month on Dath'Remar. I check every day, and it's either Bloodtip or nothing at all.
I was convinced General Temuja had to be stuck in a different phase, but he finally spawned on Mal'ganis after over a month of waiting.

I think the quest, for whatever reason, has an abnormally low chance of being the daily that day.

You might find it helpful to put General Temuja's ID into NPCscan, it makes it a bit more obvious when he's up.
Any News?
Edit: He's up today (September 5th, 2013) on Wyrmrest Accord!
When I was hunting him, it took just over a month of checking daily. It's a chance within a chance for him to spawn on any given day, so he's pretty hard to find.
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