{H} Furies - Mature late night guild LFM

Burning Legion
<Furies> is looking for more mature dedicated players to fill a couple of core spots.

We are a casual group comprised of professionals and college students who work during the morning and afternoons. A lot of us live on the west coast and our raid times are normally weeknights from 10pm server-1am server (8-11pm pacific).

We have been raiding together for many years and peaked during the Lich King 10/25m raids. We have a solid core group and maturity and respect is paramount. We don't require new members to have the most polished resume in terms of raiding. Just a good attitude, willingness to learn and contribute to the group.

What we are looking for....
We have an immediate need for a Hunter, Mage, Shadow Priest (with healing off spec). We also could use a back up tank with a dps off spec.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in please whisper Exitwound or Amplify and leave a message. I will be happy to talk with you. Thanks for your time!

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