[H-RP/PvP] Bloodtotem Tribe

Emerald Dream
Gramuul stood surveying the Barrens. He had climbed to the top of the Warrior's Vigil, as he did every year. This time however, he felt different. Something had changed. He turned to gaze at the fallen warrior's spirit. Placing the totem he carried slung across his back on the ground, he knelt and meditated. After holding his trance for several hours, Gramuul stood up, spoke an incantation and flew off into the dawn.

Gramuul silently crept up on his prey, a large Kodo bull. Bunching his muscles, he lunged through the air, landing on the Kodo's broad back. Gramuul savagely raked his claws down the Kodo's ribs. Growling Gramuul coiled and sprang, attaching his jaws to the Kodo's neck, he bit down firmly, the Kodo's life blood steadily flowing. The druid held on until the Kodo's struggling stopped. Sensing the Kodo's final breath, Gramuul let go and began taking care of the carcass; not letting anything be wasted.

Gramuul stepped up to his totem once more, taking out a bloodstained kerchief. He wiped the blood down the totem, staining a portion red. Kneeling before his totem he murmured once. A single line. Three words. However, at these words, the totem changed. Pictures and words sprang across it. A great gathering of Shu'halo. The earth shaking, the people rejoicing. A stained totem. All of these spoke mountains to Gramuul. He stared entrance at the totem; his life changed at this moment. He stood up and roared. "Time for change!" Across the Barrens, his people's ancient home, heads turned. For they knew. It was written all across the ancient totems. The time had come, for the Bloodtotem to rise once more.

----- A YEAR LATER -----

Trilok approached the whispering Shu'halo. Gramuul stood up at the sound of footsteps. "Ah, Trilok. What is it, friend?"
"Are you ready?" Trilok simply asked.
"They are here?" Gramuul queried.
*Trilok nodded*
"Good, let them come. We must speak. Have you brought what is needed?"
*Trilok nodded*
*Gramuul gestured to the tribe's sacred Bloodtotem* "Let your blood paint your story." Gramuul said, approvingly.
*Trilok took out his stained cloth and carefully wiped it across the totem, causing images to flow, pictures to be engraved*

We are an all Shu'halo RP/PvP guild and ask that you be at least level 25 to join.

To join talk to either Trilok or myself ingame, or post here. We require an IC interview as well as an OOC one. Our website is currently being built up; it is wearebloodtotem.enjin.com

We are looking to be involved in PvP as soon as we can, but our main focus is on RPing.

Our ranks are as follows:
Chief - The Chief has the final say in all matters and has the full respect and honor of all in the tribe. The Chief confers with his Seers and Elders on all matters, but his say is final and absolute.

Honor Guard - The Honor Guard are the Chief's personal body guard. They serve as head of all combat forces. They and the Elders confer with the Chief in times of work. The Honor Guards have the Chief's back as well as his ears and support. They answer only to the Chief and were personally selected by the Chief and have passed the Act.

High Seer/ Seer - The High Seer is one who is greatly revered and respected by all in the tribe and is the Chief's main adviser, and in turn the High Seer is advised by the two Seers. The High Seer watches over the clan, provides spiritual guidance, and supervises and teaches the Spirit Walkers. The High Seer was first a Seer.
The Seers have been elders and were chosen by the High Seer and Chief. They must pass their fifth Trial. The Seers provide spiritual guidance and help teach the Spirit Walkers. The Seers also advise the High Seer, and in turn the Chief.

Elder - The Elders have been with the clan for a long time. They are looked up to by the rest of the tribe and supervise the Braves and Youngbloods. The Elders administer the trials, choose the path our Braves follow, and advise the chief and seers. They have passed their fourth trial (given by the Chief and High Seer) and have been approved by the High Seer and Chief.

Spirit Walker - The Spirit Walkers serve as guides and links to the Earthmother and the Spirits. Directly serve the High Seer and Seers. They guide the clan in times of trouble and provide healing to all who need it. They are somewhat revered and seen as mystical by the rest of the clan. Generally are casters and healers. They have passed their third trial, have been chosen by a majority of the elders, and have been approved by a seer.

Bluffwatcher - Guardians. The Bluffwatchers protect us, as well as our home. They serve as guards and steadfastly watch over all that they are charged with. Occasionally are called to join the Cliffstriders or Plainstalkers when times of war happen, however their main task is in the watching and protecting of our home. Generally are hunters, warriors, druids, or other melee classes. They have passed their third trial, have been chosen by a majority of the elders, and have been approved by a seer.

Cliffstrider - The main fighting force. Can be made up of any class, but the majority of casters are normally not chosen. The Cliffstriders are the ones who have proven fierce in battle and without a doubt are a force to be reckoned with. They form the main invading force and are called upon in the time of war. They have passed their third trial, have been chosen by a majority of the elders, and have been approved by a seer.

Plainstalker - Scouts. Mainly hunters and druids, occasionally warriors. They form the first force and are sent out to survey the land when the Chief needs information. They do not often engage in combat. They have passed their third trial, have been chosen by a majority of the elders, and have been approved by a seer.

Brave - Member rank. Braves form a large portion of the tribe. They have yet to pass their second trial, and have not been selected for the next rank.

Youngblood - The bottom rank. These are either younglings, or Tauren who have yet to pass their first Trial. They hold no rank within the clan and are supervised mainly by the Elders.


The Tribe lives and obides by 7 tenants IC, as well as OOC
1 Respect each other (Keep it clean)
2 Respect others out of guild
3 Act civilly, no hate
4 If we hold an event, and you're on, you come to it
5 Help those in guild. We're family
6 Help those out of guild. We're a community
7 Respect the officers. Help us help you

1 Honor the Earthmother
2 Respect High Chieftain Baine
3 Respect your chief and elders
4 Respect the Horde
5 Honor the trials
6 Defend our home
7 Defend our allies

We are small, but all guilds start small. Help us grow, and you will feel the full power of the Bloodtotem.
Earthmother bless you.
Trilok returns to his hut at the evening of the day. He looks around at the village his tribe has called home.

"This would look a lot better if we had our whole tribe here," Trilok said to himself.

(( Bloodtotem is still looking for some Tauren RPers and PvPers to join our ranks! Contact me in-game or on here! ))
"Do you remember a time where the Tauren were at war? Where we took up arms against an enemy that hated us so much that it had one singular purpose – To merely destroy us. I remember that time. The Centaur. The Quillboar. We did not bring this upon ourselves. But we needed help in defeat these enemies, and in our darkest hour, help came. Orcs. Trolls. The Horde. I remember it well. Do you, Shu'halo?

We have a debt to pay to the Horde, Shu'halo. They gave us our ancestral grounds back. They gave us a home, and now they help us defend it. They help our people, our posts, help us gain a stable government and place among their Horde. How should we repay this debt?

Some of it we have. We helped them gain access to the Wyverns, to the Stonetalon Peaks. We helped them fight back the Legion, we paid them in rivers of blood and sweat. But it is not enough. How can it be? We owe them one hundred times over.

We have defeated the Lich King, but now an enemy presents itself among the Horde. The Alliance. We have been called, Shu'halo, to war. Shall we answer this call, or not? The Bloodtotem will.

Who am I? I am Trilok. Trilok Bloodtotem, eldest of the Bloodtotem siblings, and Honor Guard of the Bloodtotem Tribe. I will lead my Tribe into this War against the Alliance – and any who wish to join me may.

Why? Because we have a debt to pay, and I intend to pay it three hundred times over. "
(( The Bloodtotem are slowly but surely gaining new members. Would you be on of the Tauren who step up and join the only all Tauren guild on Emerald Dream? ))
((I love what I've read thus far

Best of luck to your guild!

I will be contacting you in-game reference guild relations and possible RP events together.))
My Thanks Kaelsy, looking forward to it!

Gramuul Bloodtotem strode around the high plateau. As he went he nodded and asked questions of the two Shu'halo with him. The first, a large druid by the name of Trilok Bloodtotem, Gramuul's head Honor Guard and the oldest of the remaining Bloodtotem lineage. The other, a quiet, contemplating shaman by the name of Unulu. Unulu was blessed at birth with Sight, and as such was the Tribe's High Seer.

After some minutes of inspecting the Post, the chieftain turned to Trilok, "So? What do you think?"
After a moment of deliberation, Trilok nodded approvingly. "I like it. Defensible, high ground. It is well protected and hidden, I feel a strong connection to the earth here, as well," Gramuul nodded and turned to the Seer.
"And you?" Gramuul asked, with respect. The shaman's only reaction was to turn and drop several totem's. The Shu'halo knelt in place before the totems for several minutes.

Unulu's expression eased right as Gramuul Bloodtotem was be becoming nervous. The wise Shu'halo stood and spoke, "The Earth Mother gives our home a blessing," Gramuul's broad face cracked into a wide smile.
Turning to the Honor Guard, Gramuul issued a command, "Go. Gather the tribe. We meet here. Welcome to our home," bidding him haste, Gramuul sent Trilok off.

The druid walked steadily to the edge of the wide plateau, and dove. Free falling for a brief moment, Trilok whispered and a great, majestic eagle was seen flying off into the new dawn.
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(( Bloodtotem Tribe is still looking for Tauren who wish to join our guild. We are now level two and moving up fast! Come get your IC interview today! :D ))
Trilok though it was going to be another average night patrolling the Bluffs last night. He put on his Bluffwatcher uniform and started his rounds. For some odd reason, he had a feeling to look into the sky. When Trilok looked up, he saw Alliance forces gathering on top of the main totem.

"Trilok 'as to do somet'ing!" The Shu'halo thought to himself.

Trilok shifted into flight form and took a look at the forces on top of the totem. "T'ere 'as to be at least twenty of t'em," Trilok said to himself. He then thought he could use one of his many talents he has learned from training.

"NO ALLIANCE MESS WIT' THUUUUUNDDDDEERRRR BLLLUUUFFFFF!" Trilok yelled as he used his Typhoon to blow the raid off the totem. He then went on ground level to help his fellow Bluffwatchers out. The Alliance did not last for long. They had their arcane sorcerer to open a magic entrance to another land.

Trilok did not see them again the rest of the night.

(( True story.. blew some alliance off the totem last night. Pretty funny to watch them fall and get wiped by guards.

Also, Bloodtotem is still looking for more. We are looking for Tauren who wish to take arms with the Bluffwathers and Spirit Walkers. PST me in-game or send mail to me. Thanks for taking the time to read this. ))
Gramuul stood surveying Cloudwatcher Post. "This isn't right, we are not all here," Gramuul strode off to speak to the tribe's elders.

Shu'halo RP for the win!

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