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Having to reload UI everytime I want to change a talent is getting really old. This bug has been around for ages, and isn't on the list of known bugs.

At the very least, could someone provide a link to an explanation of why this happens?
The UI always blames an addon, but none of my addons alter the talent UI. What's the deal?
It doesn't matter whether any of your addons alter the talent UI directly or not - they can still interfere with it. This is apparently more common at the moment due to a global variable called "_" (that's an underscore, not a 4-eyed, unimpressed smiley) but there can be other causes.

A number of years ago, Cartographer (at least, I think it was Cartographer - if not it had a similar name and function) was causing problems with attempting to learn Dual Talent Specialization when it was introduced. You can question why a map mod would have any effect at all on class trainers, but it did. It took about a week for the author to fix it.

You'll need to find which addon is causing the problem for you and update it, disable it, or request assitance from either the original author or someon on the UI and Macros forum.
Thanks for the reply.

Without knowing much at all about how the game is coded, it seems odd that only the talent UI is affected. I have no problems elsewhere, even glyphs are fine.

My problem is that, the error report lists almost all of my addons, none of which I want to uninstall. Is it possible for blizzard to fix the issue?

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