[H] Devotion Recruiting boobies

No, but seriously.

We've been around this server for a few expansions and sit somewhere between the casually-hardcore to hardcore range. We've recently deposed our malevolent dictator in a bloodless coup and now we're ready to kick some butt. We're looking to fill in a few spots in our roster and we want you. Here's what we're really looking for:

Healers: Rsham/Rdruid/Hpally/MWmonk

The ideal candidate would be someone with a few years of experience at raiding at a semi-hardcore nature that wants to take it easy this expansion and have some fun raiding.

And they would have boobs.

Feel free to apply on our website, or talk to someone in game (Lakotor/Jayded/Kaylen).

bump for website.
I'll admit; I clicked for boobies.

Well played.
I'll admit; I clicked for boobies.

Well played.

They always do.

They always do...

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