I accidentally killed a Clefthoof Runt :'(

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I massacred a good ~100 or so looking for my rare.

They look upon me with terror.
There are turkeys in Howling Fjord. I dare you to try and kill them all. I double dare you!

*evil grin*
turn the skin into jerky.flanks into roost.ribs into good bbq.left over meat turned into suasages.bone broken and mero eaten.broken bones ground and made into soup broth.

I am dissapoint. I am vegetarian....
I never had a problem killing critters with AoEs, but that was some serious stuff, I stood there shocked as I watched her trying to kill her baby...I never wanted a bear pet anymore...

You think you had it bad. You should've seen Me in Darkshore pre-Cata.

There was a plague going on among Bears back then and, you had to find the source of it. Turns out it was a mother Bear followed by 3-4 Bear cubs. You had to kill both her and her babies. Tell me that's not disturbing...

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