<Stirps for Silver> Recruiting for 25m

<Strips for Silver> is a 25 man raiding guild. We are a casual raiding guild that expects the best of its players for the 6 hours a week we raid. Raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday 7pm server to 10pm server. We are currently recruiting for our 25 man due to attendance issues. We are 6/6 MsV 10 man and 2/6 HoF 10 man. We are also 4/6 MsV 25 man. We are a 25 man guild but have been resorting to 10 mans on Wednesday due to attendance issues.

We are looking for players who can commit to our two raid days and players who show up prepaired and eager to kill new content.

Currently recruiting any DPS that are geared and committed to raiding with us.

Specifically Recruiting:

1 - Holy Paladin
1-2 Shadow Priests
1 - Warlock
1 - Enhancement Shaman

If you have any questions or feel like we are a good fit for you then PST any of the following in game Shattér , Kstate , Hekyla , Tristanlol , Sybilrose

Thanks You and Good Luck
Woo, Stirps for Silver. :P
Might want to recheck the spelling or your guild in the title of this thread. ;)
bumping for fail title

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