Provisional Sin-Horde

A month and a half old guild, and we're 20% away from level 12. We're a mature and casual PvE oriented guild, with weekly guild events, old content raids, current raid mats provided and leadership openings.

We're looking for 85+ that are hoping to get to raiding within the next month or so, but all classes and levels are welcome. Message me in game or through mail if you have questions.
Update: we're now level 14 and have started filling the positions...

We're still looking for:
Monk tank
Rogue and Warrior melee dps
Warlock ranged dps

Some spots are not completely set in stone, so do not hesitate to message one of the three officers or mail us to see if we can accommodate your toon (since personally I could play one of 7 different toons relatively easily :P)

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