Blood Elf or Tauren?

10/25/2012 08:59 PMPosted by Shiralia
Male Tauren look bad in most pally tier. Go female Tauren.


Madam, I do find your post quite offensive.
10/26/2012 04:34 PMPosted by Holiekow
Taurens look bad in all Pally Gear? Sunwalker Dezco would like to say hello.

Yea, i think Dezco looks horrendous. Whilst he might be on the better end of a bad lot of terrible looking sunwalkers, the t6 red recolour ends up with him having huge shoulders join with his head to form some abomination of a shape. Not only this, but wtf is that racoon thing he has on his chest and back? Anyone know?

Additionally, and most importantly, the t6 paladin set was meant to be the most divine of the tiers; i.e. it is meant to be the one someone would transmog if they were wanting to be a defendor of the holy light (a paladin) and not a druid of the sun (a sunwalker). The shoulder item of this tier is even radiating holy light...that says it all. So from this perspective, his gear not only looks awkward, but it doesn't make much lore sense, since sunwalkers don't use/connect to the holy light, but instead the sun. However, I do have the mace he uses and it is one that I like quite a lot. I don't know if this is for sunwalkers, but I think it is a great paladin item. Furthermore, I am also not a fan of the shield Dezco has; where does the fluro blue come from? Doesn't match his set at all...

If blizzard wants to make some true sunwalkers, they need to revert to a leather-looking style, as that is after all what druids of the sun wear. The items the Dawnchaser Brave NPCs surrounding Dezco are wearing look much better suited for a 'sunwalker' however perhaps they could have brown/yellow/red colour theme instead of green? Also even Nala is wearing an outfit that would be more of a true reflection of a sunwalker.

Also just a note; oversized weapons =/= cool necessarily. For me, they are horribly daggy. Paladins are not meant to be like warriors that just hit things and tear through enemies. They are meant to have intelligence. Even sun druids are meant to be intelligent as they have learned to harness the power of the sun; not just pick up a weapon and start hammering away. So in this regard, female tauren > male tauren (see below for more discussion) as males look too brutish and awkward for this class (even more so if you rolled male tauren priest) when compared to the more refined blood elves and humans.

12/23/2012 09:04 PMPosted by Watafu
Tauren got one of the best looking mounts ever

May I ask which planet you are on? You must be on Argus, certainly not Azeroth, or any other ones tauren sunwalkers are found on. Have you seen the tauren sunwalker kodo? It looks like some 2 year old has grabed a paint brush and 3 pots of purple, red and yellow paint and just sploshed some of each all over a poor kodo. It looks horrendous - possibly the 2nd worst look in the game, behind a tauren sunwalker in judgement armour with the HOOD. THAT makes me shudder.

10/25/2012 08:59 PM. Posted by Shiralia

Male Tauren look bad in most pally tier. Go female Tauren.

For me, female tauren > male tauren, simply because weapons are not so oversized - but still large - and also their animations are much better and their shoulders don't form one with thier head. They also don't have a tiny face with little beady eyes that pokes out from the hulking ugly mass behind it. They are not hunched, and are more refined than their male counterparts.

Oh, and don't forget, the first to bring you the power of the sun in the form of sunwalkers was a female... Aponi Brightmane. And guess what she was wearing? Leather... and still is to this day, even in her new role as a sunwalker/paladin. So perhaps some leather-themed plate armour for sunwalkers is much needed (see Dawnchaser Brave NPCs).

12/30/2012 04:31 PMPosted by Talrak
Madam, I do find your post quite offensive.

Well, transmogrification and aesthetics in terms of outfits in wow are basically totally subjective. So if you are offended, well tough, because at the end of the day there will be people who like what you wear and people who loathe it. Transmogrification, especially for RP realms, especially requires the gift of choosing things that more people will like you for than dislike you for.

Considering you are wearing similar things to Dezco, I would have to say I am not a fan. But, at the end of the day, what you wear is your choice and up to your taste of fashion. So ultimately, pick something that you are happy wearing, but something that you won't get /rofled or /loled at for.

Yea, i think Dezco looks horrendous. Whilst he might be on the better end of a bad lot of terrible looking sunwalkers, the t6 red recolour ends up with him having huge shoulders join with his head to form some abomination of a shape. Not only this, but wtf is that racoon thing he has on his chest and back? Anyone know?

The Raccoon things on his back and chest are his children. His wife died from child birth in Krasarang Wilds. They are his twin sons.
You mean there's male blood elves? Here I thought they were females with peach fuzz on their face...

So much hate.
There's a lot of different perspectives you can look at this from, most of which are purely based on opinion.

I guess first off I'll state that for holy, Blood Elf is generally going to be your pick. Even though AT got curb stomped into the ground 2% is still a free holy shock or holy light which can count (marginally so, but still) on progression fights or healing intensive fights in general. Not to mention that AT is great for a free interrupt/silence for PvE and a good instant cast silence option for PvP

I think that prot paladins are kinda the main reason blizz decided to go with Tauren paladins. The stam is a nice little buffer for reaching that enough health in worst case scenario for PvE and adds a marginal bit of survivability in PvP. I don't really like warstomp because I think it's sort of dysfunctional outside of clutch PvP use like maybe warstomp then cast blinding light if your holy or for a short CC on a large amount of AoE mobs as ret or prot in PvE

So beyond this I'll get into the more aesthetic features of the idea. I dunno about all of you... But after mainly playing horde for years and years I've kinda gotten sick of hunched over trolls semi autistic green fat kids with heinously large shoulders and lolzombielol with bones sticking out of 80% of your gear completely ruining transmog (imo) and I'm not even going to bring up Goblins because I hated gnomes to begin with and didn't want green midgets on my team to start.

Now my point is Blood Elf is the only REAL HUMANOID looking race on the Horde. I stand straight on two feet that don't only have 2 toes and my movements match that of a humanoid like creature. It's the driving factor into why I chose to stick with my blood elf instead of being a cow that smells like poop and scratches my butthole as an idle animation

Beyond this I believe that the Blood Elf lore is much, much more rich and interesting and that sunwalkers we're poorly thought out and just kinda tossed in there like "Yeah, uh... Sunwalker paladins yeah.. Whatever."

Beyond that you can talk about male or female and bring into account casting animations, attack animations etc which is all important but to be honest male blood elf animations don't bother me AS MUCH as being a smelly butt scratching cow.
ManTauren all day long. Check out my xmog.
Swag? It's a stupid concept, please stop perpetuating it.

My only complaint about being a male Belfadin is that plate shoulders don't sit right on our shoulders. They instead hover half a foot above them. Other than that we're normal humanoid looking players. My transmog is well made and the lore behind the blood elves is pretty damn cool.

The stam buff for Taurens should not be a deciding factor being one. AT is still far more useful and don't even get me started on a fat top heavy creature who scratches his !@# being a monk and backflip kicking. There is no logic in that. At all.

Go male blood elf and look normal while having some awesome looking gear. Get the sunreaver tabard or blood knight tabard. I've been a BE pally now for years and will not race change ever.

I was a Tauren once. It was awful.
I race changed from Male BElf the moment Taurens were able to be Paladin. Still like it.
Femtaur is the only true option.

edit; my god that necro is strong

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