Seed of Hate: A Warriors Tale.

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Hi there. Before I let you dive into a very intense story I have written I would like to introduce myself. I'm most Commonly known as Gortook and Oshana from Shattered Hand. I've been writing and working on this movie/story since 2007, and have constantly been going back and revamping it. The story take place in modern WoW time era. While I've tried to stay as factual with Lore as I could, I have done some altering of Character rolls and placements, I found some main leaders more of a favorite, than the newer ones, and this story base line was made before the newer events.

If anyone is interested in voice acting for this moive, please leave my toon an ingame mail at the folloing Char/realm Arcticsilver - Proudmoor

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And with that, enjoy! I hope you all enjoy this epic tale!

Seed of Hate.
By: Kenneth Clark
Scene 1

Arlexior: One is never born a hero... nor are they trained to become one… Heroes are made when one has something to fight for... Something to inspire them... True heroes don’t ask to be recognized... Gortook didn't ask to be a hero. The course of time and fate intervened. Heroes come with a dark and painful history.

* Flash back to the start of Gortook's journey.*

** Camera shots: A middle aged Male orc named Dorgun is fighting against a Kul'Tiras marine. He sees a fellow orc in trouble, the orc is about to be killed by the blade of a human. Dorgun throws his shield into the way of the blade. While Dorgun no longer has his shield, he summons A totem that shields him from oncoming attacks. He picks up a second weapon from the ground and slashes through more marines. *

***Fades to black and goes silent***

** Camera shots: A young orc boy plays outside his house in Durotar, Sky darkens and a short dark dwarf figure walks up to the house belonging to Dorgun and his family. Dorgun caught off guard is stunned with surprise of this un-invited guest.**

Dorgun: Get out of my home “dwarf”! Your kind is not welcome here!

Findal: Am I not? Well that’s quite rude of ya. Looks as though someone needs to teach you a lesson beast.

**Camera shots: Dorgun and Findal begin to struggle, Findal summons some minions, Dorgun slays a few of them. Dorguns wife grabs their orc son and uses her body as a shield to protect the boy from what minions are left. She gives her life protecting the boy. As Dorgun kills off the last of the minions Findal shoots a flash of magical powers at Dorgun while his back is turned to Findal. A flash bang of light is emitted from the house's doors as Dorgun dies. The dwarf walks away, fading off into the distance.

**Camera shots: Findal returns to a deep underground fortification andspeaks with a dark being.**

Findal: The threat you saw in your visions is gone master, the boy and his family have been disposed of.

Soul of Sargeras: Excellent work minion, We can now carry on with my plans to take Azeroth.
*** Screen goes black***

** Camera shots: The young orc boy scrambles from the rubble of the hut he once called his home. He begins to walk aimlessly across the barrens alone. He travels for weeks until he runs across a hut owned by an orc warrior named Broc’thall.

***Goes to script***
Scene 2

Broc’thall: What brings you so far from the city, young orc?
Young Gortook: name's G...Gortook… My… My mother, and.. My… My father were killed by a mean short man.

Broc’thall: *sigh-ish groan* I see. Well Gortook, it seems as though you need a home. Come, I shall look after you till you’re of age. But don’t expect a free rid, you’re going to need to work hard for your food and keep a roof over your head.
Young Gortook: I’ll do anything you ask of me, thank you sir. *wipes the tears from his eye and smiles*

Broc’thall: Come with me boy, I shall train you as my father did me, as further reward for working hard.
Scene 7

Orc Grunt Scout: Broc’thall, beams of light have been spotted coming from the southern mountains.

Broc’thall: Odd, there isn’t a city nearby for miles. I’m going to speak with the troops.
*Moments later*

Broc’thall: I have received word that strange rays of light were emitted from the southern mountains. Before we move on, we shall go and investigate this further. Gather your things and pack the tents. We leave immediately.

Dwarven cut scene-

Dwarven soldier 1: Well this is just a fine day I tell ya. (takes long swig of ale)

Dwarven soldier 2: Yeah, you ain't kidding lad, those orcs are some foul beasts I tell ya! (plops down on the ground to rest)

** Camera shots: A dark figure on the outskirts of the camp fire chuckles, he appears a little older than the rest probably a veteran.**
Demented dwarf: I hope those green skinned bastards enjoy their day of victory...They won't laugh much longer...Not when Findal finds them.

** Camera shots: The dwarf breaks out into a maddened laughter as all the other Dwarves look on curiously and slightly frightened....**

Dwarven soldier 1: What do ya mean by that?

Demented dwarf: As we speak, Findal is marching an army strong enough to lay them to waste.


** Camera shots: They begin to march out after packing the tents. a dwarf spots the Orc's. He heads back to his camp and alarms the other Dwarves. The Dwarves then go to fight them. One dwarf goes ahead to scout and when the other Dwarves get into position he shoots one of the Orc grunts and the fight begins.**

Broc’thall: We are under attack!

Mountain Dwarf: Charge!
(Cut to fighting scene no text)

Scene 8
** Camera shots: Fighting goes on.**
** Camera shots: Broc’thall and Findal meet.**

Broc’thall: You!

Findal: Ha Ha Ha!

Broc’thall: You are the one who murdered Gortook's parents, and brought pain to this world. You murdered thousands of innocent lives! And for what, Silly trinkets?

Findal: The boy grows strong… I should have made certain of his death when I had the chance. Maybe I shall turn him against your pathetic race, after I kill you and capture him
from The Loch’Modan.

Broc’thall: NOOO!

(Broc’thall charges Findal.)

Findal: Ha ha ha! Let it begin.

Broc’thall: The Horde shall prevail! We will not stop fighting till you all are dead!

Findal: I'm afraid not. For you see, I am not what you think...

** Camera shot: Broc’thall dies**

(** Camera shot: Findal roars) <--- Need a vocal roar here though

** Camera shots: An Orc grunts attempts to flee, but gets stopped by a dwarf guard.**

Findal: No. Let him go. Let him send word to Gortook. Let the boy come to me!

** Camera shots: Dwarf guard lets the grunt go.**
Scene 9

Orc Grunt: Arlexior! The army has been ambushed; I believe I'm the only survivor.

Gortook: NO! Where is Broc’thall?!

Orc Grunt: He... he didn’t make it.

Gortook: No! Describe to me this Dwarf. (grabs gunts collar) What did he look like?

**The Orc Grunt: gives description of Findal that Gortook recognizes.

Gortook: (Cries out in agony) This Findal has taken everything from me! He will feel the pain of my axe in the back of his head!

** Camera shots: Gortook stomps off.**

Arlexior: Thrall must be informed. Go! Report to him immediately!

Orc Grunt: Zug Zug.

** Camera shot: Grunt runs off.**

Arlexior: Gortook wait! Where are you going? You can’t defeat him!

Gortook: I’m going to kill that son of a !@#$% they call a dwarf.

Arlexior: Gortook you can’t!

Gortook: Why not! He has killed every one that matters to me!

Arlexior: Do you think you can kill him when Broc’thall couldn’t?

Gortook: I'm not going to sit here knowing he killed the last person I cared for. I may as well try!

Arlexior: I cannot stop you Gortook, but before you go, there are things you must know.

Gortook: Hurry up then.

Arlexior: Broc’thall sent you with my party because he had a feeling we were dealing with

Findal's army. He sent you with me to protect you. The reason Findal is attacking Kargath is to protect his search for a shard of power. The shard can grant his master great power.

Gortook: Who is Findal working for?

Arlexior: I do not know, Broc’thall didn’t even know!

Gortook: Why didn’t you tell me?!

Arlexior: Broc’thall told me not to. He didn’t want your rage to overwhelm you and make you act without thought.

Gortook: Enough of this! I must find him…
Scene 10
** Camera shots: Gortook goes running to find Broc’thall’s body, Gortook finds Broc’thall, Gortook kneels next to Broc’thall’s body**

Gortook: Broc’thall... What?... Why?... How?... Your life was more than that of a hero... It was that of a father... You were more than a brick in the foundation that built me... You, were the sculptor that made me...
** Camera shots: Findal approaches**

Gortook: Noooooooo! (in an angry yelling voice)

** Camera shots: Gortook grabs Broc’thall’s axe, Gortook charges and jumps, Findal hits Gortook with magic powers and sends Gortook flying into a wall, Findal approaches Gortook**

Findal: A valiant effort from a grunt like you. But... I’m afraid your efforts are futile. As you can see even Broc’thall could not stop me. Now, if ya don’t mind… I'll be gett'n back to me work.

Gortook: Try as you might Findal, you'll never defeat the Horde.

Findal: Ah... that is where you are wrong again ORC... As we speak, me dwarves are hard at work lookin for The Eternal Shard. As you probably heard about that beam of light I might as well tell ya, we have just cracked the very surface of the shard’s protective barrier.

Gortook: You will be stopped, by the axe in my hand, or by the might of the Horde. You will be stopped!
Findal: Foolish Orc, you underestimate our powers.

Gortook: Why do you want to give such power to you master?

Findal: Ha! Only to you weak minded fools would it seem that way, but if I gain the powers for myself, not even my master Sargeras... The Great Dark Titan himself, will be able to stop me from ruling the world of the Azeroth.

Gortook: Sargeras? This cannot be!
** Camera shots: Gortook takes off running.**

Gortook mutters to himself: I MUST warn the others

Findal: *smirkish style* Stupid orc.

**Findal shoots a bolt of magic in an attempt to stop Gortook but misses and hits a tree.**

Scene 11

** Camera shots: Findal follows Gortook. An undead rogue starts to watch the chase, sees Gortook in trouble and runs to aid him. The rogue kicks Findal, knocking him back and uses “vanish” on him and Gortook to escape**

Gortook: Who...who are you?

Sabrathon: I will explain later... Follow me and you'll live.

** Camera shots: They run off into the cold, finding shelter in a cave in The Loch’Modan.**

Sabrathon: My Name is Sabrathon. Years ago, when I was human, I was part of an order called The Silver Hand. The dwarf that almost killed you, he is Findal. Before he turned to demonic powers, he too was in the Silver Hand. He and I were good friends. We trained side by side, fought the uprising of the scourge. A few months before Prince Arthas disbanded the Silver Hand, Findal was assigned to investigate down below Iron Forge.

* Cut scene of what is being described *

Magni Bronzebeard: Ah Findal, good to see you again.

Good Findal: Aye my King, it’s good to see you in good health.

Magni Bronzebeard: It has come to my attention that someone has snuck into the Hall of Thanes. I need you to go in and investigate the holy chambers and bring back the foul being residing there.

Good Findal: I dun think they'll get far with me after them, My King.

Magni Bronzebeard: Good to hear. We mustn’t let word of this out. The people must not know the Royal chambers are weak.

Good Findal: That won’t be a problem; my lips are as tight as they would be around a pint of Ale.

Magni Bronzebeard: I think this matter of talk is done then. You may go to work.

Good Findal: As I shall. The matter is safe in my hands. G'day my king.

***Findal goes into the chambers and finds Sargeras.***

Good Findal: By the titans of Azeroth!

Sabrathon voice over: Weeks passed and Findal grew more and more angry. I followed him into the Hall of Thanes one day, watching from a distance. I saw a very peculiar thing that day…
** Camera shots: Findal is consumed by the dark powers of Sargeras Soul. Weeks pass and Findal grows angry. Sabrathon good friend of Findal follows him into the Hall of Thanes. Watching from a distance, Sabrathon sees Findal speak with a demon. Sabrathon turns to go tell the King of Findal’s actions, but slips on a rock making some loud sounds as rocks fall to the level below him. Findal rushes to the spot of the sound and finds Sabrathon. Pining Sabrathon down with his foot. **

Good Findal: What do ya think your doin here?

Sabrathon: I’m here to see why you have become so full of hate. I now see that you have betrayed the light.

Good Findal: The light?... The light is only a blindfold to true power!

Sabrathon: Findal! Look at yourself! You have become a monster!

Good Findal: Nothing you say can change this! Nothing will stop me from restoring my master!

** Camera shots: Findal’s chanting words before slaying Sabrathon.***

Good Findal: Untoten Leben bleiben Sie in!

**(“Untoten Leben bleiben Sie in” Is German for “Undead life you stay” German is the backing to the dwarven language.)**

** Camera shots: Sabrathon dies and becomes resurrected as an undead. Magni Bronzebeard walks in and questions the sounds **

Magni Bronzebeard: Findal, what was that sound?

Good Findal: I found the intruder; it seems to be an undead after the jewels of the dead kings.

Magni Bronzebeard: WHAT! Cage the intruder and send him to the holding camp for execution! Findal, I am appointing you head watch over the Hall of Thanes. You are to make sure no one comes in or out of here.

Good Findal: Aye my King.

Voice over of Sabrathon: I was locked up and sent to a holding camp for execution. On the way there, I found a loose nail in the holding wagon and used it to pick the lock and escape.

** Camera shots: Back to the talk between Gortook and Sabrathon**

Sabrathon: I have since roamed alone searching for a way to warn the King and stop Findal.

Gortook: You said Findal found someone down below Ironforge. That someone just so happens to be Sargeras, The Dark Titan in a weakened soul form.

Sabrathon: Are you sure?

Gortook: Of this I am most sure.

Sabrathon: Why would Findal help such a demon?

Gortook: I don’t think he is interested in helping him, I think he is using him. When I was atop the mountain, faced against Findal, he said he would claim the powers of the shard for himself. He would become more powerful than Sargeras.

Sabrathon: Like many before him, he has been seduced by power, twisting the light, infecting all of Azeroth. This cannot be described as madness....but as pure evil.

Gortook: Something must be done. We can’t just let him run rampant, bringing terror under his feet. He has killed many of my brethren and now he shall pay.

Sabrathon: I know your kind as ones to up hold honor and never give up, you hunger for battle. But mere strength will not win this. I know of an orc Blademaster by the name of
Samuro. He is a hermit that now resides in the Burning Steppes. He may be able to aid us in this fight.

Gortook: That is a good weeks walk from here; we shall wake early to make haste.
Scene 12
** Camera shots: Montage of Gortook and Sabrathon traveling on foot through the wasteland of the Badlands into the fiery hell of the Burning Steppes. After several days, they arrive at the camp of Samuro and are startled to see a Draenei female in front of the doorway. They immediately draw their weapons. **

Sabrathon: Explain yourself, Alliance scum! Why do you darken the doorway of the Blademaster?

** Camera shots: Amoria, startled, drops the clay water jug she is holding, causing it to crash into a million pieces on the hardened ground. **

Amoria: I have no ties to the Alliance. They deemed me a traitor and exiled me to this fiery wasteland because I was tending the wounds of an old orc warrior. He brought me here and offered me shelter in return for my kindness.

** Camera shots: Samuro appears from behind a large rock, slightly out of breath.**

Samuro: Hold down your weapons! State your business or be gone! There is no place for hostility on these grounds!

Sabrathon: Forgive us, Blademaster. We did not expect to find you with company, especially not company of “this” sort. (Gives a sneering look at Amoria.)

Samuro: Withhold your judgment, rogue. Why do you disturb an old warrior’s peace?

Sabrathon: We have come seeking your council and aid. Sargeras has returned…

Samuro: What? Impossible! Khadgar destroyed what was left of Sargeras when he killed Medivh!

Gortook: You are wrong old fool! Findal is possessed by the demon lord!

Samuro: Old fool?! You dare disgrace the honor of one of the few remaining Blademasters?!

Gortook: I’m sorry Blademaster, I was out of place.

Samuro: Who is this “Findal” that you speak of?

Sabrathon: Findal was once a paladin of the Silver Hand. He now serves the Lord of the Burning Legion, in an attempt to recover the Eternal Shard.

Amoria: My people suffered greatly at the hands of The Burning Legion! Their lord cannot be allowed to return.

Gortook: The damned dwarf plans to keep the shard for himself and become the ruler of Azeroth.

Samuro: Anyway you look at this, it isn’t good.

Gortook: I have lost many loved ones to Findal. I need to find a way to best him and stop this madness.

Samuro: Ha, and you call me the fool… You’re a fool if you think you can win this alone, you’re going to need weeks of training, along with the right equipment.

Gortook: I need not but the axe in my hand!

Samuro: Your axe is that of fine craftsmanship and has seen much battle, but your skills are nothing like that of a true warrior. The axe is but an extension of the warrior. Master your body and your mind and you will master that axe you wield so proudly.

Gortook: I would be honored to learn from you, wise Blademaster. I seek vengeance for the death of my mother and old master.

Samuro: I see there is much rage in your heart, Gortook. You must learn to master that rage, use it side by side with your skills instead of blindly leading your axe with your so-called vengeance and revenge. That will only lead to more destruction, and your peace will never be obtained.

Gortook: Please, teach me the skills I need in order to bring down Findal!

Samuro: This Findal is not going to be easy to defeat, even if he does have his own agenda, he has been touched by the demon lord Sargeras. If he reaches the Eternal Shard, this world is doomed.

** Camera shots: Samuro looks off into the distance, then turns to face Gortook and Sabrathon**

Samuro: I shall teach you my ways, Gortook. When I'm finished with you, my ways shall become your ways.
** Camera shots: Gortook nods and turns towards Sabrathon**

Gortook: Sabrathon, I have a favor to ask of you.

Sabrathon: Yes?

Gortook: I'm afraid that news of this Findal has not yet reached Thrall’s ears. Would you go and tell him of Findal and his plans, as well as the death of Broc'thall. Your stealth would be much useful in this task, and I'm afraid it is much needed right now.

Sabrathon: I shall do as you ask, Gortook. May your training go well.

** Camera shots: Sabrathon vanishes into thin air***

Samuro: I'm sure your journey has been long and harsh. Rest tonight, for tomorrow your training begins.
**Screen fades to black**

** Camera shots: Montage sequence of Samuro training Gortook**
Scene 13
** Camera shots: Samuro and Gortook sitting around a campfire with Amoria**

Samuro: So, now that your training is complete, tell me what you know of your past.

Gortook: My childhood was full of pain and agony. Shortly after the war against the Kul Tiras, my Father and mother were killed in their own home trying to protect me from Findal.

Samuro: So... “you” are the son of Dorgun... (Statement not a question)

Gortook: How do you know my father's name?
** Camera shots: Samuro looks over at Amoria*

Samuro: Amoria, go inside. I need to speak with Gortook alone.

Amoria: As you wish.

** Camera shots: Amoria quietly gets up and goes into the hut. Samuro looks back at Gortook.*

Samuro: How could I not? Your father fought side by side with me in that battle. It was Broc'thall and I who led the attack on the Kul'Tiras.

Gortook: Broc'thall... Broc'thall was in that battle?!

Samuro: Yes. Broc'thall was the one whom your father saved.

** Camera shots: Gortook rises and walks away to ponder this news**
Gortook to himself: If Broc'thall was saved... Why did he never tell me this? Why keep it hidden for so many years? He never spoke to me about my father!

** Camera shots: Amoria peeks out of the hut watching what's going on with Gortook and Samuro**

Samuro: I never understood the reasons why Broc’thall did what he did, but I know everything he did, he did with purpose and reason.

Gortook: I trusted him... Looked up to him...
** Camera shots: Amoria skitters off back into the hut.**

Samuro: I know this is hard for you to take in, but Broc’thall and your father both, would have want you to focus on the task at hand.

Gortook: To hell with the task, everything Broc’thall has told me has been a misguiding lie. He never had the honor to even tell me about my parents.

Samuro: Your father fought as an honorable warrior. An orc we would be proud to call a member of the Horde. He gave his life to keep the Horde strong. So did Broc’thall! Do not make their deaths be in vain! You must stand for what they both stood for… What they gave their lives for…

Gortook: I understand Blademaster. But even with all my training, how do I defeat one who’s become empowered by the fallen titan?
Samuro: Have you wondered why that axe now glows at its tip? The soul of its former wielder has been encased inside the blade. When Findal killed Broc’thall, the energy he used fused Broc’thall’s soul inside. The empowerment of a great warriors soul with a weapon such as that holds true fury.

Gortook: Findal’s actions will be his undoing!

Samuro: It’s not as simple as that Gortook. Yes, that axe now holds extreme power, but that alone will not be enough to face Findal!

Gortook: Is there another way to enhance the potential of this axe?

Samuro: Yes, but I’m afraid it’s a very dangerous theory. You should use extreme caution if you seek out this method.

Gortook: I will do anything to save Azeroth and the Horde, I’ll pay any price to bring honor to Broc’thall, my mother, and my father.

Samuro: Very well, it is said that before Deathwing died, even before he became corrupt. Neltharion: the Earth-Warder took a scale from his chest and encased it in a blackened crystal shard. He entrusted the Dark Iron Dwarves to look after this newly formed relic. Deathwing left it deep inside Blackrock Mountain as a backup plan, if for any reason, his dragonkin should need to be rebuilt. To his discomfort, when the Horde entered Azeroth, and the Dark Horde took over Blackrock spire, the Orcs stole the scale. He sent his most favored son Nefarion to control these orcs so that the Scale would be properly looked after. This scale encased in the crystal is the only power that is formidable enough to be used against Findal.

Gortook: I take it, with the fall of Deathwing, and the dismemberment of the Dark Horde, that scale still stands in the heart of Blackrock Mountain…

Samuro: Nothing is certain, but the likelihood of it being there is strong.

Gortook: Blademaster, you mentioned that this scale was a dangerous idea. If Deathwing is dead, and the Dark Horde gone, what danger is there for me? Should I not be able to walk in there and take the scale?

Samuro: While the threat of opposing forces stopping you from obtaining it is gone. The danger looms with the scar it leaves on the heart and the poisoning of the soul. If you are not careful, the scale will make you just as much of a threat to Azeroth as Findal has become. You must be able to focus and control your emotions. Gortook: Do not worry Blademaster, your training has taught me how to use and manage my thoughts.

Samuro: I shall point you to the entrance of Blackrock Mountain, but heed my warning Gortook.

Gortook: I shall not fail the Horde.

Samuro: For the sake of Azeroth, I pray to our ancestors you do not.
Scene 14
** Camera shots: Cut to Gortook and Samuro walking to Blackrock Mountain.**

Samuro: Take this ramp, over the bridge and through the doors. The scale is inside, in which chamber I do not know.

Gortook: Thank you Blademaster.

Samuro: May our ancestors guide your blade.
** Camera shots: Shots of Gortook taking the path over the bridge, through the doors, and into a long pathway up to a huge anvil. Gortook walks up to the anvil with the scale encased in a crystal, he raises his axe up into the air and slams it down onto the crystal releasing the scale, shattering it and unleashing the power imbued inside the scale into himself.**

Scene 15

** Camera shots: From atop a higher point not too far from where Gortook has exited the mountain and is walking. Arlexior spots Gortook.** Arlexior Yelling: Gortook! Wait up!
Gortook: Hurry! I have no time for waiting!

** Camera shots: Arlexior makes his way down the mountain in a careful but hasty manner. **

Arlexior: Samuro said I’d find you here. He urged me to aid you in any way possible to defeat Findal.

Gortook: That old busted orc sent “you” to help “me”? Ha! I do not need any aid! My axe will smash through that dwarfs armor and spill his guts on the floor!

Arlexior: Gortook! Your arrogance and stupidity are getting the better of you! Get a grasp on reality!

Gortook: You dare challenge me?
** Camera shots: Dark clouds begin to loom over head**

Gortook: The power of Deathwing flows through my veins! The might and skill of Warlord Broc’thall is bound to my axe! I am the greatest warrior the Horde has, or will ever see!

Arlexior: You dishonor your family, and Broc’thall! You are a disgrace to the Horde! Samuro was right to be worried about you!

Gortook: Hold your tongue shaman! Before I cut it out of your mouth!

Arlexior: Swing your blade orphan! I hunger for a fight!

Gortook: With pleasure!

** Camera shots: Gortook grins and swings his axe. Arlexior leaps into the air blocking Gortook’s axe with his mace. **

Arlexior: You need to let go of your hate Gortook! It’s tearing your soul apart!

Gortook: You have no idea what I’ve been through! The lives he has stolen from me! He ruined my life!

** Camera shots: Gortook wildly swings again and again on Arlexior’s weapon placed in a defensive position.
Arlexior: You dare think I have not been affected by his terror?! He murdered my wife, and enslaved my son! He worked him until he broke! You’re not the only one he’s wounded!
** Camera shots: Gortook continues to wail into Arlexior. **

Gortook: The son of a !@#$% is going to pay for what he’s done! And it’s my blade that’s going to do it!

** Camera shots: At that moment part of Arlexior’s mace breaks, letting the blade of Gortook’s axe slide through and glance Arlexior along the side of his upper bicep of his arm. **

Arlexior: Arrrrg! You won’t be able to defeat him alone! You will need my help! If you’re not able to see this, then you’re no better than he is! Your blindness will doom us all! You MUST let me help you!

** Camera shots: The rage in Gortook’s eyes subsides. His blood calms. The sound goes silent only to hear Gortook’s breath. **

Gortook: You’re right, I cannot win alone. And his pain caused, is not my own to hold.
** Camera shots: Gortook holds out his hand and helps Arlexior up off the ground. **

Arlexior: Let’s go get that bastard of a dwarf!

Gortook: Now we’re talking! The fastest route to Ironforge is through that under pass there. It cuts through the Dun Morogh. Taking it we should be there by night fall.

Scene 16

** Camera shots: Arlexior and Gortook take off into the underpass arriving just outside of Ironforge. **

Gortook: Huh, well… That’s a little bit of a problem.
** Camera shots: of the Dwarves of Ironforge working quickly at the front gates. **

Arlexior: Never mind the front gate. I know of a hidden entrance on the north side of this mountain in the Wetlands. It should lead us right into the Hall of Thanes.

Gortook: That just sounds too easy. There must be guards all over that passage way.

Arlexior: I wouldn’t bet against it. That passage way is Findal’s personal access point.

** Camera shots: Gortook and Arlexior make their way to the north opening to Ironforge. Once they are there, they find the entrance guarded by only two Royal guards. **

Gortook: That’s it, only the two?

Arlexior: Don’t be a fool. Once those guards are downed the whole passage way will know. Findal keeps an eye on the front gate by that orb there.
** Camera shots: Arlexior points to the swirling orb atop the front arches of the opening. **

Gortook: Well, if he’s watching, let’s give this dwarf a house warming party!

** Camera shots: Gortook and Arlexior both run over the hill and ambush the two guards, easily slaying them. They travel down the passage way, while more guards appear trying to stop them, the two orcs freely hacking them down.**

Gortook: Well, if these are Findal’s Royal Guards, I’d like to see how he fights.

Arlexior: You’ll get your chance soon enough boy, just keep your mind focused.

** Camera shots: Gortook and Arlexior finally make it to the Hall of Thanes. As they walk into the chambers of its base. They are awed by the site of the room. The center pillar with its towering bridges, shooting off like branches. The ground under the bridge they are on covered with molten lava

Arlexior: We’re here Gortook, The Hall of Thanes.

Scene 17

Soul of Sargeras: Your pathetic guards are doing nothing! Findal, handle them yourself!
Findal: Yes… “Master…”

**Camera shots: Findal begins to walk down to Gortook and Arlexior as Arlexior and Gortook hurry up the spiraling ramp to the upper level of the Hall of Thanes.**

** Camera shot: Gortook and Findal meet up.**

Findal: I see you’ve up graded your armor “grunt”, never the less, you should not have come here!

Gortook: We will not let your terror reign any longer on Azeroth! Your final day has come!

Findal: You enter the lair of Sargeras and expect to best me?! Haha, you’re more of a fool than I thought!

Gortook: Enough talk “dwarf”! Let’s finish what you started so many years ago!

**Camera shots: Gortook leaps into the air at Findal, Findal blocks with his mace, Gortook lands on his feet and slides.**

Arlexior: My turn dwarf!

Findal: *Hmm?*  Grunty like sound

**Camera shots: Findal turns and looks to see Arlexior charging after him. Suddenly the soul of Sargeras swooshes down consuming Arlexior in a cloud of smoke.

Arlexior: Arrgh!

Gortook: Alrexior!

Sargeras: The spirits can’t save you here “shaman”!

Arlexior: The hell they can’t!

**Carmera shots: Arlexior blasts back the fiery smoke with lightning**
Arlexior: Gortook! You deal with Findal, I have my own fate.

**Camera shot: Arlexior glares at Sargeras then charges and leaps. ** Switching back to Gortook and Findal***

Findal: Don’t worry about you friend, you’ll be joining him soon.

Gortook: No matter what happens today, you “will” die before the night comes.

**Camera shots: Hearing this Findal charges at Gortook, flailing his mace at him again and again. Gortook blocks each strike.**

Gortook: Is that the best you’ve got dwarf? I know peons that swing harder than you.

Findal: Oh, you ain’t seen anything yet boy, I’m just getting started.

**Findal lets out a short cackle**  Need a vocal cackle.

**Camera shots: Gortook retaliates swinging his axe at Findal, he lands a glancing blow on Findals shoulder pad, Findal glimpses down at the mark left and fires a bolt of magic at

Gortook. *Camera quickly switches to other fight* Arlexiors hammer smashes the ground missing Sargeras by only fractions of a inch, sending bolts of lightning flying in multiple directions. Sargeras slams his fiery smoky arm against Arlexior. Arlexior blocks the blow with the handle of his hammer, but is still sent sliding across the floor a few feet. Arlexior charges back then leaps again at Sargeras making one big swing, landing a connection to the chest of Sargeras *slowmotion*, sparks of lighting appear but quickly dissipate, Arlexior falls through Sargeras’s body. Arlexior looks at Sargeras with confusion. **

Arlexior: *Hmm?*
**Sargeras cackles**  Need vocal cackle

Sargeras: Foolish mortal, your physical fighting skills do not faze me, nor will the elements! I am of the spiritual world. I bend lightning to do my bidding, and absorb the elements of fire.

Arlexior: Through all of your power and knowledge, your confidence betrays you. The elements of fire and wind may be strong, however, each element has its counter. Your time in the spirit realm has run out!

**Camera shots: Arlexior casts a spiritual summoning, bringing Sargeras completely into the physical world.** quickly switching back to other fight. Gortook is slammed into a wall by the blast from Findal.**

Findal: Is that good enough for ya?

Gortook [laughs]: Finally, now it’s actually a fight! I was beginning to think you’d gone soft.

**Camera shot: Gortook takes off in a burst of incomprehensible speed slamming into Findal’s chest with his shoulder sending them both flying into the air. In the struggle through the air Findal manages to turn the fight into his favor. Slamming Gortook into the ground and pinning him.**

Findal: Funny isn’t it. Your father and Broc’thall tried so hard to keep you safe from me, but their deaths were in vein. I think now is a good time to let you know, Broc’thalls death was a long and painful one. I left him paralyzed and conscience to the fact the life was draining from his body.

Gortook: Noooooo!

**Camera shots: Gortook goes into a blinding rage, throwing Findal off of him. He swings wildly beginning to lose his ability to focus and properly hit is target. Findal sees an opening in Gortooks side and slams him, he then shoots a bolt of power into Gortook sending him smashing into the floor.**

Findal: You’re still weak where it matters most. You failed your kind and Azeroth.

Gortook: Silence yourself!

**Camera shot: Gortook leaps at Findal,*** Camera changes back to other fight.*** Sargeras enters the physical realm and Arlexior immediately sends bursts of earthen elements slamming into Sargeras.**

Sargeras: What, … What is this? I am not ready to be in the mortal world yet!

Alrexior: Don’t worry you won’t be staying here long.

Sargeras: You shall die for your actions!

**Camera shots: Sargeras sends balls of fire wrapped with lightning like wire around them, flying at Arlexior. Arlexior summons the elements of earth and water, cracking the upper walls to the hall of Thanes letting jets of water to burst through. He uses the water to consume and put out the elements Sargeras shot at him.**

Sargeras: Impressive trick, shaman.

Arlexior: Yeah? Well here’s the big bang… Enjoy the Twisting Nether deamon lord!
**Camera shots: Arlexior shoots totems up through the ground, and taps into the Astral planes, and the Ancestral planes gaining the powers of all the elements, and the spirits beyond, he then sends a blast of all four elements (earth, wind, water, and fire.) with guidance of the spirits at Sargeras sending him into back into the Twisting Nether** Arlexior looks over and looks at the fight between Findal and Gortook.*** Findal deflects Gortook with his mace sending his body sliding across the floor limp. Findal becomes distracted by the banishment of Sargeras. While still in shock he walks up to Gortook’s body***
Findal: You foolish orcs, by bringing Sargeras back into the mortal world you empowered me even more off his essence. Even now, with him gone. His essence still lingers. Bear witness to my power!

**Camera shots: Findal empowers his mace, making it glow. He then raises it above Gortook preparing to smash it down upon him. Arlexior sees this and sends a bolt of powerful lightning at Findal, striking him and blasting him away from Gortook. Arlexior then heals
Gortook and helps him up.**

Gortook [out of breath]: We, we cannot beat him by normal means. I must use the powers of the scale. You need to get out of here while you can Arlexior.

Arlexior: What? I’m not leaving you alone with him. And I sure as hell am not leaving without you!

Gortook [out of breath]: While your support is honorable, I cannot let you stay here. Once I use the scales power, this whole room will be destroyed. Plus, if you die, who’s going to tell our tale?

**Camera shots. Gortook Begins the walk up the stairs to Findal. Arlexior watches blankly by the door, he speaks a few words before heading out of the Hall of Thanes.**

Arlexior: Your tale will go down with ledges my friend. You will be honored among the champions of the Horde. **Arlexior turns and leaves.**

** Camera shots: Gortook walks up the stairs, once at the top he smashes his axe into the ground and kneels.**

Findal: You think, that just because you have the power of a fallen aspect, you’ll be able to put an end to me?

**Camera shots: Findal begins to chard a ball of powerful magic. Gortook looks up slightly**

Gortook: Oh, don’t worry about what I think, worry about what I know!

**Camera shots: Gortook quickly grabs his axe, leaps up into the air, his body becomes a glowing purple mass and rockets into Findal. A massive flash of light fills the screen then fades. Findal and Gortook can be seen laying out the ground lifeless.** The camera fades and transitions to Gortook’s funeral pyre.**

Scene 18

Arlexior: Azeroth was never kind on its people, for there to be peace, heroes had to rise up for the lives of many. Gortook took on that journey, he gave his life so that we may live another day. He had a hard time understanding the lessons he was given, but when the time came, he sacrificed himself for us all. He is to be remembered as one of the great Champions of the Horde! We honor him tonight. We will not forget him.

**Camera shot: Arlexior turns to Sabrathon and speaks.**

Arlexior: Fetch the scribes, his story “will” be told.


Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I hope that soon my vision will soon become film by next year. Please feel free to add your thoughts, views, and constructive criticism. I highly value all help. and again thank you for your time.
Worth the read. Great story, but I feel there could be more added to the story line in some areas.
Heya Gortook!

Man, I remember when first day you've been telling me about this, and how have you been dream to write video about this. I cant believe the times flies so fast! And you're nearly to finished with it too!

So far it look great! Some of story/fighting is pretty intense really great sound as well! Although I kinda agreed with what Anduin just said. But knowing you, you'll add something great expect the unexpected! Well done.

It's worth to paid off the waiting for long time huh? Finally the day coming soon to see it!

Well done once again, and thank for let me know about this!
Added trailer link.
Added FB site page.

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