LF consistent 3's team.

**Posting on BR forums... not smart**

So I've played wow since 2005 and have always pvp'd inside of that time. However, when Arena was introduced back in the day I never really took interest mainly due to the fact that when BC came out I had just xferred servers and then after the first couple of seasons due to lack of experience and interest, I never found partners.

I just recently started to do arena last year and continue to enjoy playing it when I can. So here's my problem.

#1 I have no 3's experience, at all.
#2 I don't know anyone who is at the same skill level who has realistic expectations for new arena teams and also is interested in learning arena.

So, every video I watch and guide I read from Glad's says you just gotta put yourself out there. I'm currently looking for a consistent 3's team w/ a viable comp. The players need to understand that I have no experience, but have the correct outlook on arena in the sense of learning to achieve wins vs expecting wins to land in our lap.

Simple enough? Thanks.

Edit: Can go as frost or unholy, though I would need to practice longer as unholy to see the same kind of dmg output and utility synergy that I can perform as frost currently.
Same situation. Send me a tell in game if you're still looking.
Keep dueling, keep doing random arena practices, keep doing random BGs to improve your survival rate and practice peels on your heals, learn how to setup kills, pressure burst, learn the usual get-aways and counters for each and every spec.

After all these are at the back of your hand. Only then you find a partner which can work with you like a symbiosis, who can expect when you need a switch, when you need a peel, when that crutch cc is needed.

Learn what your strength is then learn what other's strength is, use or get a comp which strength compliments each other, aka no DR conflicts. The more you play underdog comps the better you get and it will get easier once you turn FoTM.

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