LF alliance PvP guild

My friend and I are a Resto druid and Frost/Blood DK and we are looking to find an alliance guild to do some RBGs.
Most of the semi-PUG RBGs are very lackluster to say the least. If there are any alliance guilds that are looking for 2 causal players for pvp we are in.
tigers blood inc is now recruiting they're rank 1 pvp and progression on the server.
The Patriots will be beginning RBG developments soon, we just need more gear before we start, but we are actively recruiting. As we haven't started just yet I don't have many details for you, raid times or days are still unconfirmed. A resto druid would be perfect but we already have a few DKs.

If you're interested you can toss us an app at thepatriots.enjin.com, or contact me in-game--my BattleTag is DroganX#1360, talk to you later!
TBI is getting pretty close to getting a full RBG team together, Silyes would be who you'd want to contact about that in game.
I'm trying to get a steady RBG team going here with Tigers Blood Inc. We're welcoming all alliance PVPers. Feel free to hit me up in game, send mail whatever. I'm hoping to get some geared and experienced people together.

Just wanted to update the thread. We are still looking for more pvpers and trying to be an english friendly pvp guild, which is frustratingly hard to find on this server. The guild has a PVE side as well. I do not PVE hardly at all and am doing my best to grow the PVP side of things.
Inb4 PvP on PvE server is SRS.
Toxicity is recruiting for our RBG team. We are an English speaking guild with a primary focus of PvP. This includes random BGs for gearing people, all arenas, and RBG.

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