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After updating my laptop that used to run WoW on High with a high and constant fps, to Windows 8 I now struggle to get 10 FPS on low settings.

I have updated all available drivers, ranging from graphics to motherboard and yet I can't get it above 10 FPS on low settings.

I am running a HP Pavilion dv6-3206AX
Erm. Windows 8 came out a few days ago. Expect problems. It's similar to people expecting WoW to run smoothly on patch day :P

That said, people who aren't running Windows 8 are experiencing similar issues since initial MoP patch - myself included.

Sorry I couldn't be of anymore help and I wish you luck on your quest to fix your FPS!
I understand that there will be problems, Just stating my situation to try and help with finding a solution. will post any reports requested by Blizzard.
I just installed Windows 8 and noticed the same thing. I fixed the problem by completely removing my video drivers. Then I rebooted. Then I installed the latest drivers fresh. Then i rebooted again.

I know you said you already re-installed your drivers, but did you do it the super-thorough way like that?
Just tried that, but unfortunately didn't make any difference
What video card? Also, did you remove the video adapter from device manager and delete the drivers?
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6550, and yes I did remove them from the device manager
I installed windows 8 today, works fine for me

did you disable addons? ... I noticed this addon called "Mapster Enhanced" was lower my fps to around 10

maybe by some miracle you have the same addon lol
I too installed windows 8. It seemed (maybe I didnt notice) at first everything was ok. Since I did a clean install, over the next few days I was installing updates, drivers, etc etc.

At any rate, I went from 60 solid to now getting 25-45. In most areas where I was getting 60 FPS last week, im now sitting at 30.

I have 2 x 2 gig Radeon HD 6970 cards. I should have 0 issues with 2 DX11 cards pushing 4 gigs.

For other reference:

AMD Phenom II x6 1100T black proc
12 Gigs DDR3 Triple Channel Corsair Dominator Ram @2000mhz
Corsair Liquid cooler
2 x MSI Radeon Lightning 6970 in Xfire
SATA 3 SSD (boot drive)
1 TB Sotrage drive mechanical

Blah blah blah......

No reason why this computer is struggling now when computers I had back in 2004 ran it fine

Very aware of changes in OS since then - just saying 8)

If any one figures something out - Post it! Other wise guess we have to wait for some updates.
removed all my addons, and its a fresh install of wow to and its still having problems
Unfortunately, it' probably going to be a case of waiting for updated drivers. My FPS dropped by over half going to W8.
Hey, I had the same problem, tried what kodoku said which sadly didn't help, then I decided to disable the gpu on my cpu, and as it turns out, my game wasn't running on my gtx 660 ti but on the !@#$ intel hd 4000 gpu. Maybe try this as it seemed to help a huge amount.
how did you do that?
People who will see a wow fps increase with windows 8 will be, people who own a amd Fx-bulldozer chip. All other chips, expect about same identical speed to that of windows 7. Windows 8 fixed process scheduling, which was to help amd out.
I had exactly the same problem after updating from Windows 8 to 8.1, my fps dropped from around 100 to 20. When I did some checking I found that my GTX 770M wasn't being used at all, just the CPU. I reinstalled the graphics drivers,restarted and everything is working fine again.

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