[H] Trial By Fire 10/10HM Recruiting!

bump for some old friends!
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Are you interested in a disc priest and boomkin?
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01/16/2013 09:42 PMPosted by Zeniba
Are you interested in a disc priest and boomkin?

I for one would gladly suffer the abomination that is a space chicken if said chicken moonfires like a pro and the accompanying disc priest's bubbles are better than the butts in Vanilla Ice's video. You guys should throw up an application here:


Bump!! Need a healer still.. Disc priest preferred
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487 Disc Priest with 477 Shadow OS, LF 10 or 25 man end game content raiding. Only 3/6 MSV, but not for lack of trying to do more. My current server, Blood Furnace, is not very active in raiding. Looking to transfer to a more active realm.

I've seen all of the videos, I am a very quick learner and I know my class. LFR is of course easy, but it's the only end game actual raid experience i have beyond 3/6 MSV at this point. As I said before, trying to get more has been a challenge.

Will try to update post with some recount parsing for boss encounters. Typically healing between 80-115k hps in MSV and LFR, depending on the boss and absorb timing. My dps is typical for 477 iLvl, but it's mostly H-Dungeon experience, as I'm almost always healing during raids.

Available most evenings except Tuesday and Thursday. Would like a guild that raids 1-3 nights per week, sometime between 7p-11p (cst) or so would be great. (a little earlier or a little later is okay, just throwing out a preferred time).

Understand that sometimes my real life schedule changes and I may not be able to make every raid. However, if i committed to a raid schedule, I would try my best to maintain at least a 90% attendance rate if at all possible.

If you're looking for a quality raider, with a quality personality and prior end game raid experience, I'd like to hear from you.


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