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OK, so this really burns me. Have a bit of time before I wanna head to bed, so I queue up for Scarlet Monastery. I get the popup that my instance is ready, 0/3 bosses. I go in, and get the popup that the instance is already in progress, and the first boss is already down. I leave the group instead, since I want to kill all three bosses. I'm rewarded with the deserter debuff.

What gives? Why tell me 0/3 bosses down, and then when I get in I find out one is already dead? Why penalize me with a half hour timeout because I prefer a clean run of the dungeon I specifically queued for? This wasn't a random heroic.
It has not told you how many bosses are dead for a long time. If you queue specific you have a "greatly increased" chance of a fresh run, but sorry not 100%

Your penalized with dungeon deserter because you left a run in progress, the why has nothing to do with it.
The above poster doesn't know what he's talking about. When you queue for a specific dungeon, you have a guaranteed 100% chance at attempting all the bosses, however, and there is one caveat--the game does not take into consideration whether trash was killed before the first boss. You joined prior to the pull as well, so there are two conflicting rules

1) you get to fight all the bosses in a specific queue
2) you cannot join an instance that is already in progress on a boss.

rule 2 supersedes rule 1 in this case, unfortunately :(
My quotation is the exact words blizzard used. Its the same as you queue for a run in progress in lfr and then requeue. Your chance of a fresh clear a are very high. Almost certainly better then 99%. But its not a 100% guarantee.

Its like buying a lottery ticket and someone saying you gave a 100% guaranteed chance of not winning
No matter how much filler text you right around "I left the group as soon as it began", that is why you has deserter
you left group you got deserter. any questions?

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