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Ive been running demo since cata, and since the new changes with mop I kept it because simply I find it really fun. However, Im getting to the point where I actually want to start maximizing my numbers. I have been reading the forums and wanted to created a new thread where I can sum up all the information Im looking for and clarify some things I've been reading.

1) I've read Affliction is best PvE spec, however, will this still be the case in 5.1?

2) Is Aff actually the best PvE spec? Or is/will another spec be better?

3) What is the priority of Stats for each spec, as far as reforging and gemming go? I've been reading lots of hype about a 3050 mark for haste etc? If there are exact amounts like this to aim to Id like to know, because I dont understand when I see crit in last like ... ... .. mastery/crit, that if crit is last why not just dump everything into mastery instead if it's superior? What is the threshold?

4) What is the best PvP spec atm, mainly for 2's, and what is the stat priority for that?

5) Will this still be the best PvP setup come 5.1?
all specs are good
Yes, Affliction is by far the best spec right now for PvE. In fact, it and Fire are the two best DPS specs in the game right now. There are no significant changes currently for Affliction in 5.1, and with the nerfs to Fire it will probably be alone as the dominant DPS spec (assuming no nerfs are announced).

As for asking what the best spec is for arena, that's like asking which of the Matrix sequels is better.
Afflic hands down is the popular pve raid spec right now. However Demo can out DPS them as many have seen. Both spec's are extremely challenging to play right now to maximize dps to it's full potential.

1. Afflic: the tier peices and mastery heavily favors afflic. knowing when to refresh your dots is the main key point to this spec.

2. Demo: can have huge output and the crazy aoe. the tier bonus does not match up to the bonuses of afflic. but the key is meta and keeping all the important dots up as often as possible. Illi form is not ideal for raid.

as an avid pvp'er who just wants the raid gear because it looks cool and the occasional raid with guildy friends. I have experimented quite a bit with the different spec's. What i have found is this.

Destro: Amazingly fun to see a big crit number pop up and talk a lot of smack to someone who can not hear you anyway. Fun in Random BG, arena's where the opposition does not have heals, and dual's. Lots of people still playing this spec in rated bg's. People who are serious and have the correct add on's can spot Chaos Bolt a mile away and you will be silenced by good teams thus getting a rare one off. So much attention has been brought to chaos.

Demo: Lots of people running illi form behind a nuker in arena's, having all the imps out looks intimidating in random bg's, duals, and arena's. ultimately in a 5v5 or rated bg it will take much to long to build up power to pop meta to be effective, and other than being a node watcher in illi form? not a lot of benefit or ROI.

Afflic: I have found i can out dps destro in random bg's by a landslide on most occasion. Arena, and rated bg, hands down has the most benefits. not only can you cast full dots on multiple targets in a matter of seconds with soul burn/soul swap, you add the soulburn/exhaustion to all targets, you have more control's with cc, and the self healing is insane. I have out healed healers in random's. In theory you have a ton of silences depending on what pet you use too (don't take sacrifice for pvp). coil, fear, then two more depending on your pet is crazy. you should have no problem locking up a healer for your group. DPS+Support+Self Suffeciency? This is the spec most people serious will eventually convert to and or want in their group.

ultimately jsut do what you find fun. most people contribute killing blows, HIGH dps, and getting gear to fun. experiment is my advice as i did. Find out what spec caters to your play style.
For PvE I believe affliction is the best.

For PvP, reroll shadow priest, they do what we do 2x better and have targeted heals/life swap too.
They are all good in PvE right now, and going with your favorite playstyle will yield the best results.

In PvP, Demo is pretty great in Arena matches. Destro is fun in BGs. Affliction feels the weakest in PvP right now. It has neither the self healing/Burst of Destro, nor the mobility/control/burst of Demo. It is weaker than a Shadow Priest, but people can still use it and do good.
For PvE, Affliction is the best spec. If you want to know all your stats priority, go to Noxxic.Com

For PvP I'd recommend Demo, I've been rolling this with my 2's arm war partner and we have some serious burn damage.
Arcane is now better than anything.
12/17/2012 06:55 PMPosted by Rozma
Arcane is now better than anything.

No its not.
In my opinion, ALL THREE specs depending on how skilled you are at playing them are equally as powerful. Stick with what spec your most used to playing because end in end, your gonna end up doing better in that spec.
I recently started playing affl and so far i really like it.. its fun as hell and really cool to watch the dots hit so fast and their health drain!
Destruction and Demo are sooooo much fun, but I typically stick with destruct for the insane damage.
PVE over all the fights presently in content its hard to argue aff isn't the clear winner. Sure some fights ther others catch up but if you have 1 spec for pve aff should be it. Dest can be fun but is just undertuned about 8-10% (depending on ilvl) and has less to gain from micromanagement. (ie renewing dots precisely to max buffed dots)

PVP destro is sort of just a turret. You can incinerate cleave or CB in rbgs but most teams will stop you. In arena you will definitely not be able to use CB...or at least not when your CDs are up and that's the only time it matters.

PVP aff is very weak to being tunneled. You have good pressure the first minute of the game but once hte darksouled dots are down getting dots back up is hard....esp if you eat a CC chain (and you will). Rbgs I've done mostly as destro but aff is viable in a raw damage sense but def not in a burst sense. Non rated bgs aff is easier since you get kills easier thus shards easier.

PVP demo is a good starter spec. Everything is instant so interupts aren't an issue. Just has major ramp up time for meh damage. The pet is also melee and snared/rooted easily. He's also more than a lil derpy. The axe toss stun is amazing vs melee and their fear immunities but again not sure it saves the spec.
12/17/2012 06:55 PMPosted by Rozma
Arcane is now better than anything
i think you have mistaken a warlock post for a mage post here but untill they fix fire arcane is pretty good for a mage
Really... You necro a thread to say that?
I dont know about raids, but Im leveling my lock in Destro and in dungeons, no one can touch my DPS. And with the new patch changes, it only got better... not saying that's the best raids spec though.
PvE: No question Aff is probably the top spec to roll if you're trying to top dps.
PvP: This can be argued in many ways depending on your play style. I played a lot of Destro and the burst was insane but against any "skilled" players/comps, they'll shut you down or LoS those big CB's. Then what?
Demo is strong in many ways if you like that melee/caster type feel.

I'm currently playing Aff pvp because it's not "weak" by all means. Keeping dots up is fairly easy even if you have no shards because Corruption and Agony are instant then slap them with Felflame and you can keep dots up for a good amount of time before you gain more shards.

I however GoSac because even if you sac your felhunter, you can still use spell lock. I switch from saccing felhunter to void in many different situations. It's more of a personal preference because I like having stronger abilities.

"You sacrifice your demon to gain one of its abilities, increase the power of many of your single target spells by 15% to 30% and regenerate 2% of maximum health every 5 sec."

-Malefic Grasp
-Drain Soul
-Fel Flame
(damage increased by 25%)

^This is a huge increase in Aff dps. Without GoSac, I'd probably play Destro or Demo because my dps would really be inefficient. Try burning through a warrior's second wind without GoSac.... it will NOT happen.

In addition, Haunt was buffed to 30%.

In most situations I keep dots on healers with UA up so they focus on healing themselves instead of their team which is pretty much an Aff lock's duty to keep healers pressured. Aff provides the strongest pressure out of all the specs if you like that play style. Dots can't be LoS'd which is the best thing about it. Under some circumstances Malefic Grasp/Drain Soul can avoid LoS as well.
Conflicting reports in this thread.

Affliction seems to me to be the best but...I am just bad right now.
This thread has used up all the bresses.
Since gear Yo.

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