Being Persued by a Glitched Unkillable NPC

Bug Report
I was perched in the Storm Peaks with my hunter, waiting for a sign of the Time-Lost Proto Drake (as we all know takes a while) when I noticed on the minimap that one of the Hyldsmeet Drakeriders was not only hostile, but somehow without a drake. Being as stupid as I am, I decided to investigate.

Well, now it's following me. It's following me allover the zone. I've tried logging out. I've tried shutting off the client. I've tried leaving the zone and coming back. Nothing has helped so far. As soon as I return to The Storm Peaks, its' waiting there for me. It can somehow float in mid-air (in a static pose, no less) and follows absolutely relentlessly. I've tried killing it as well, but it evades all attacks.

I has screens.

More an annoyance than a hinderance. I suppose I could just avoid SP completely, but I'd really like that Proto Drake. >.< Another player suggested I do a quest chain that I guess involves the riders and may phase me out from this weird follower, so I'm going to try that.

I also opened a ticket but I know those can take days to go through. Anyone have any ideas in the meantime? ^^;
They know about this, no fix ETA. Expect this to happen for a while until they get around to it.

I would call customer service in the morning and tell them but they are just as useless as GMs right now, so your best bet is to wait it out.
Ah, alright. I didn't know this was a known issue. Knowing that they're at least aware of it puts me at ease, at least. :p

And like I said, it's more annoying than actually detrimental. Thanks for the info.
I am having this problem as well. It's creepy how she just shows up. :/ Hopefully there will be a fix sometime.
I am having the same problem too with my hunter. does anyone know if the NPC follows you to other places like stormwind ?
I as well am having this problem, it didn't bug me at first but now it's really annoying.
I have 4 of these creeps following me...T.T
Reporting same problem on this toon, tried all the same remedies as OP.
I wonder if rogue vanish works on them.
This happened to one of my lowbie alts while leveling. I got rid of her by hearthing to Dalaran, then taking the portal to Org. She never followed me.

For those of you who have tried everything, put in a ticket and a GM will get rid of them for you.
I think they just get lonely. I'm sure mine has a crush on me.
Same issue on my hunter. Guess this hasn't been fixed yet.
Yep... Hyldsmeet Drakerider following me around as soon as I enter SP. It's incredibly annoying, but at least I'm not the only one who has encountered this glitch.
This Hyldsmeet Drake(less)rider needs to

I've had one following me around SP ever since I started the Thorim quests, and it's just been a nuisance until this evening. Now, I cannot pick up the next quest after The Frostborn King, because every time I get close enough to talk to Yorg, the exclamation point goes away. If I back up a decent distance, the exclamation point reappears above his head. I've tried walking in, flying in, logging off and back in - no luck.

I submitted a bug report, but since tomorrow is Patch/Maintenance Tuesday, I don't expect to see anything until Wednesday at the earliest.

This was not a problem when I last visited this area a few months ago (with another character). I'd love to know which patch introduced it.
Still going as of 9 Sept 2013. I gotta tell you, I'm howling mad about this bug.


Edit: Even in death, she follows me:

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