[H] Fuse - Looking for Tank for core.

Fuse of Hyjal is recruiting!
Currently 6/6MSV 6/6 HoF 4/4 toes 4/12 ToTK normal 10man.

A little about Fuse.
Many of the members have been together 4-6 years, raided since either vanilla or tbc and are friends in real life. We are a bunch of smart asses and jokers, we do have the occasional foulmouthed so if this is a problem please be aware we warned you. Outside of raiding we have many players who like to pvp including battlegrounds and arena. Heroics are still ran as requested for offspecs and of course Achievement runs! We would soon like to start doing more guild activities as a whole once our raid groups get settled in. :)

Our raid times are: Tues/Thur (6-10pmpst) and optional sunday same time.

Core group Needs:
Tank: any but Warr Pref Leather
Healers: Closed
DPS: Closed

Open recruitment to all classes. Looking to start a second group and rotate members in our current raid to finish our solid core of 8 into a 10.

If you think Fuse sounds like a good fit for you swing on over and slap up an application! http://www.fuse.boards.net/index.cgi?board=apply If we take awhile to get back give a whisper to Eysay(GM) or Razzail(Recruiter)
What's your current progression? Not looking for a boomkin as ranged or windwalker melee, is that because how they stand in rankings and spec balance or because you already have that spec covered?
Fixed. and we have a boomchicken already.
Fourth boss down second night of attempts! Getting on a smooth road :)!

And application forum up on site!
One moar dps
Protectors down elite mode first night.

Looking for solid members for main core and second core.

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