survival ring blades

Heya , im suprised at this wonderful quest an how i seem too survive but my friends who are hunters or paladins an monks get hit so dam hard as if they are fighting elites ..especially my hunter friend :( . i even swapped chairs too see the problem / hunters unable too self heal in their with out shooting a target ..may blizzard team have a look at this quest please .
As a hunter, I TOTALLY agree with this one. But what I did discover, is that someone can stand outside the ring and heal me so I can survive long enough. I was not able to do it by myself as I can't heal fast enough to stay alive. I suppose there is a trick to this, but I haven't figured it out other than asking for a favor from a healer to help me through.
You're not supposed to get hit by the blades on that quest. If you are you're messing up.
i dont know if they fixed it or not, but there was a pillar you could stand on, if you do it right nothing can touch you, and you wont get hit for the achievement.......

honestly I could not imagine completing that achievement in the legit way.
They patched that one out.

Now you can't chea...... creatively complete the quest.
There is a spot to the side where you can do a 'U' shaped dance and not get hit much
good idea having a I almost made by myself only to die again and i will come back to this one ugh......
Hey Blizz!! (do you really read these forums?) This quest is only a daily. Why make it so friggin hard/require a healer/self healer/ to do. It takes enough time to do the dailies as it is. Compared to the level of effort to do the other dailies this one (and the survival ring: Flame) are ridiculously hard. Also if you can't complete this one it blocks 3 or 4 more daily quests - which means gaining rep takes even longer. It's this kinda thing that puts people off completely!
I keep seeing people trying to complete this quest by running all over the place. DON'T DO THIS. That's how you lose track of the pandas and you'll take all kinds of unnecessary damage.

Instead, stand at one end of the arena and put raid markers on the 5 or so pandas that come closest to where you are standing. This makes it easier for you to see them approaching. Then when you are ready, step a few steps into the arena until you are between 2 blades. Stand in that spot until you see a panda starting to come toward you. Quickly glance around, assess where the other pandas are moving to, and then move a few steps into a clear area. Stand in that second spot until you see another panda approaching. Assess again, then move back toward your original spot - if not the exact spot, then somewhere close by. Repeat. Keep your movements within as small an area as possible - wandering into another region of the arena may put you in the path of a panda you're not keeping track of.

Here's a video that shows basically the same method:
For all that have been trying and trying to do this quest, I did it, over and over, then though ok, there is a trick and being a hunter, i remember that there is a tiger and the only way to train it was to be NAKED, and that's what i did, i ran it naked and got it done, so try it.
I am still having fun with this one, A while back i said i run it naked and was going to post a video, and have been asked for it. So here it is and i hope it helps.

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