[H]-LFM to 25HM's. Hardcore w/ casual sched.

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No thats humps
Need couple more leet deepers
LF HPally and R-Druid and some leet dps
No more heals. LFM DPS
Need DPS with maintained prot off spec.
One more down
GO GO Hunter and RDuid.
Do hunters exist?
Who needs an Ele sham
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new day new bump
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another day another bump
Pug'd a spot in their raid last night. Fun group to play with. Thanks again for bringing me along last night.

*bump* for a good group of people.
raid day woot
good raid week.
thank you kudi
good morning
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If you guys are looking for a DPS for tonight, I know you aren't looking for a DK specifically, but I would be interested in raiding since my current raid group has decided not to log on for 2 weeks straight.

Here are links to my logs.

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