Transmog Thread

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Abrakedabra 10/10 Still the best looking set ever
Abrakedabra 8/10 looks like a transmog I used to use
i like light blue :D

, 2 guys above, everyone does that >.>
Looks strange on an undead, but those goggles have got style.
7/10, too much priest.
11/07/2012 02:52 PMPosted by Abrakedabra
10/10 for set 11/10 for name.
11/07/2012 11:22 PMPosted by Soulre
7/10, too much priest.

I love the way you made that green work.
The shoulders are amazing.


Extra points because it's pretty original.
Love it, reminds me of the ol' BC days!

If I had a staff, I could show off my real Xmog...

Love it.

Undead Samurai Warlock 10/10

And I am now the Asian version of Baelis the White.

You look my direction and think oh just a little healer until you see me burn your face! I cleanse the world of the horde with FIRE.

@Zakarii - I like to be different and this isnt very warlocky but I do have some other more warlocky mogs. My pvp one, tier 4, and merciless glad. Problem is you see a ton of those around. So I tried something different. I have some white shoulders, but these asian style actually look decent.

Hmm. I understand the image you're going for, but I'd rather see something more Warlock-y. Still, it looks nice. 7/10, but you get +1 since we both got the same shoulders this week it seems. 8/10.
@ Zakarii

My second favorite transmog set. 9/10

I love the recolor set from BC, currently trying to get full T1
Can I be in the "lid buddies" club?

Also, I'm not much on robes, so I got the red spandex thing going on.

Edit: I guess some can't handle my Piratey badassery.

Oh well
Hard to spot as an actual person let alone a warlock (gnomes are really short if you hadnt noticed).

Nothing resembling warlock here. Move along.
2/10 (only because i have nothing against pirates)
<< overused but I like it.
10/10 I looove purple :D
And I'm in love with my set, never wana change ;) to badasss
Yay Plagueheart gear! +1 for not using T6 9/10
I like blue...I would have done the boots as glacial boots but no one on my server could cough up another frozen orb and i couldn't find a head item that goes with all the blue nicely...

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