Transmog Thread

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@Casval 9/10, looks sweet. Pretty original
@Apparation, not really a Xmogged set 5/10
Apparation looks great, can't wait to get those pvp gears!

@Llamakng, 7/10
Like the purple look but I enjoy my sexy devil!
Can't go wrong with classic 60s x-mog gear. 8/10
Corruptor Rainment/10

It's a nice set, but come on. Don't be scared to get creative!

Also, I win most original and stylish, right? =D
Makes me think of the wife from Married with Children.

But still a solid 7/10.

For my own... still waiting to find a chest piece that looks good, but has no robes... And I wish I could easily show my PvP set instead. A nice solid Destro Red...
Very stylish, goes well with worgen imo 7/10
I'll give it a 9/10 Cool different look with the sandals :)
Corruptor with the Mr. T face. A classic combo!

I, on the other hand, am just trying to not stand out in the normal human society.
lol 9/10 pretty spiffy
11/07/2012 11:22 PMPosted by Soulre
7/10, too much priest.

I hate that other classes can get other clsses look now. I give her 1/10
11/10/2012 02:20 PMPosted by Vorpyre
lol 9/10 pretty spiffy

Why you laughing mon? Me gonna put a curse on you, mon. 8.9/10.
@neueziel 9/10, I love that helm and want it :P

Its so hard for me to give up this helm, the In-Game effect of putting a blac hole around your body is really hard to beat. Its too bad the special effects dont show up from a snap!@#$ pic online :P Also part of the belt doesnt appear to show up...
I wish they'd add the wing flap animation as a minor glyph, I'd dump this set in a heartbeat.
@Feel 10/10 can't go wrong with t6
11/03/2012 11:22 AMPosted by Cons
Anyone with a brain transmogs into Tier 6
Rippy agrees.
t6 on a warlock.... havent seen that before. JUST KIDDING.

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