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Moon Guard
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The Stormcrow watched the entire of The Moonglade from his Perch. He closed his eyes. Thoughts of the war, and terror in the world circled in his head. He took flight, heading for Nighthaven. Atop a rock stood a younger Druid looking to a group of Druids, and others. The Stormcrow perched beside the Druid and reverted to his true form. Galondel Fleetsong gave a nod to his dear friend, Aldreon Verdantclaw. "Ready Galondel?", asked Aldreon. Galondel gave a slow nod. Aldreon turned to the group, and began to speak.

"Fellow Druids, my name is Aldreon Verdantclaw. For centuries, I have been fighting to protect that which we've held most sacred. Ever since the dawn of the Third War, I've dreamt of the day I can return to my homeland of Ashenvale and given the chance to live the rest of my mortal life among the forests of Kalimdor. I wish nothing more than to re-live the days of my youth, venturing through the wilds and exploring the land's infinite secrets. Sadly, such a peace is but a distant memory.

We are all dreamers. We're all men and women with our own visions, our own ambitions of how the world "should" be and "could" be. We've all devoted our lives to the hopes that one day, these dreams could become reality. And today, I believe that day is upon us.

I see here gathered before me today, brave Kaldorei and Worgen, the exalted guardians of the world. The land itself cries out to us, and each and every one of us have ensured that it's cries not fallen on deaf ears. Gathered here today, we have lended our staves, our spells, our claws for the good of the land itself. We, the keepers of the world, now have a place in which we can call home. Here we can assemble, discuss important matters and seek each other's wisdom. Here, in this very place, begins the advent of a new Azeroth.

I come before you today to ask you: Who among you still stand beside me in order to provide a voice to that which remains voiceless? Who among you are willing to devote their very lives ensuring nature will have its' say?

Stand with me now fellow Druids, and together we will oppose any who would threaten nature's balance.

Stand with me now fellow Druids, for when civilized societies wage war, it is the land itself that pays the ultimate price.

STAND WITH ME NOW, brothers and sisters, and together we can save our world!"

Galondel turned to the crowd, "Brothers, Sisters, I have gathered you all here today to here what I have to say. Agents of the Circle are spread throughout this world we call Azeroth. And in my opinion, we are spread too thin. I offer to you the proposition, to unite. We will form a Council, in which we can gather! We will be united! Together we will restore the Balance! Hear my call! We stand together, united. Let our Council pave the way to the Circle's success! We are the Nature's Vigil. Together, we will decide how we will move forward, and continue our ancient duty as preservers of this land!" Aldreon looked to Galondel, and smiled.

The Moonglade rumbled with thunderous applause.

Cenarion Council


1) To create a server-wide Cenarion Circle RP group that will promote inter-class RP between Druids.

2) To host infrequent (possibly bi-weekly or monthly) meetings in which Druids can discuss important matters and upcoming events.

How we will start:
-Open to Druids only, Night Elven and Worgen. Will later expand to the Horde to include Tauren and Troll.
-We will borrow the Silver Hand meetings as a template. Special thanks to Stromheart for his assistance/ideas!
-All Druids regardless of race, gender or level who wish to participate in Cenarion Council events are invited. Non-druids may also be invited, although there are some restrictions. Unlike the Silver Hand, Cenarion Councils are more restrictive when considering outsiders.

Tools we will use:
-Chat Channel
-Calendar Invites
-Forum Thread
-The Moonglade and other various RP hubs

In the future:
-Consider the implementation of non-Druids into the group.
-Establish a Horde contact and open membership to Horde.

First Meeting:
-Introduce each member of the Cenarion RP group. Identify participating guilds, as well as Council representatives.
-Establish purpose of the Council.
-Establish structure and roles within the organization.

Council Representatives:
Galondel Fleetsong (The Moonblade)
Ferenold Stormshend (Order of the Elder Orchid)
Duskhowl (Heartsong Guardians)
Ravendane (The League of Lordaeron)
Winnea (Wolves of the Gray Rose)
Organizer (Speaker):
Aldreon Verdantclaw (Independant)
Galondel Fleetsong

-Striking a fellow Druid during these events result in a discharge from the group.
-All weapons will remained sheathed upon entering the Moonglade. The Moonglade is considered sacred and neutral ground. Any acts of violence will not be tolerated.
-Confidential matters concerning the Cenarion Circle shall not be discussed with non-Cenarion members unless otherwise permitted.
-Non-druids will be asked to identify their affiliation upon entering the Council meeting, or to be accompanied by a Druid before observing Council meetings.


Q: What is the Cenarion Council, and how does it relate to lore?

A: The Cenarion Council is an alliance of Druids who share a similar goal: the preservation of the balance and the well-being of nature throughout Azeroth. It's members convene on amiable terms and falls outside of the Horde and Alliance conflict.

Q: My Druid is part of the Cenarion Circle but does not want to participate in these events.

A: You don't have to participate if you don't want to! Any events, proceedings, or decisions from Council meetings will only affect the Druids who elect to participate in them.

Q: The Archdruid Malfurion decides to do X with the Cenarion Circle.

A: The Cenarion Council and participating members are considered a subsect of the Cenarion Circle. Therefore, any direction or ruling made by Archdruid Malfurion in-game or otherwise pertaining to the Circle supercedes any prior rulings of the Council. We follow the will of the Archdruid and the Cenarion Circle at large.

Q: I am a member of (guild X). How does this fall in line with my other affiliations?

A: It's up to you! The Council recognizes you as both a Cenarion and of your respective guild(s) and/or other affiliations. Alternatively, you can choose to be a full-time member of the Circle. This is meant to supplement your roleplay, not usurp it!

Q: My guild wishes to have a representative on the Council.

A: If your guild or organization wasn't initially chosen to have a representative on the council, speak to Verdantclaw or Galondel in-game. However, keep in mind that the representative must be a Druid.

Q: My Druid is not Cenarion, can I still join?

A: Yes. Although we are a branch of the Circle and thus under Stormrage, we do accept non-cenarions. Your toon may be thinking, "I will not be welcome among cenarions." There may be prejudice that a specific person may have, but the group will hold all equal in this sense.

Q: I have more questions not answered here.

A: Speak to Verdantclaw or Galondel in-game. Alternatively, leave your question in this thread and we will answer here.
You talked to me about this in-game, and I'd be more than willing to serve as the guild rep for my own guild, as well as help with organizing or anything else you might need, Galondel. I'd also be able to serve as a representative for Gilnean druidism in general, if need be ;D.
Go go druids!
Ferenold, YUS. We will talk IC.
Sounds great. Whenever you're willing to meet, Galondel.

I want to come:<
Great! Contact myself or Verdantclaw in-game.
I should totes partake in this on Nico here.=D
Hey, folks. Galondel and I have been working very hard on this in order to bring the members of our class, and our server, something that we think will be fun for everyone. Please leave your thoughts and your feedback here or contact us in-game, and we will consider people's opinions as we continue to refine this idea.
Definetly an interesting concept.
Congratulations to Ferenold, our first Guild rep! Order of the (Elder) Orchid, you are now represented! REPRESENTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
....Someone needs to pass this knowledge on to the guardians. Technically the first guardian of the grove is a member of the Cenarion Circle....not to mention the like...dozens of druids we have running around the grove. *shifty eyes*
Fel bump, and good luck.
You will have the support of the Wolves, I already have a couple druids in mind to represent.

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