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Hi there. I don't want to type out a long winded post, as the topic is quite simple. Many players spent vast amounts of time working up the PvP ranks in Vanilla. A ton of those people have switched mains. And many of even these people have felt that it is unfair, that while the FoS is now account wide, the actual title, as well as the ability to transmogrify the replica HWL/GM gear is not.

There aren't any such restrictions for any PvE achievements. Many classic PvP'ers would love to show our servers that we have been here since Vanilla, and what better way to do that than through transmogrifying a badass set of equipment we worked so hard for back in the day.

The purpose of this thread isn't to request that we be able to transmog these spectacular sets, as through they're silence, Blizzard has told us they don't intend to let us do these on any characters but those who did the grind(In direct opposition to their bring the player not the class philosophy). Instead, the purpose is to outright call out Blizzard for something that I find disgusting. I really believe that Blizzard hasn't made these title's available account wide,because they want there to be incentive for RBGS.

See, the difference between the PvE titles and PvP titles, is PvE titles are different through every patch and raid. Blizzard is using the same ones for PvP now as they did 7-8 years ago. And if people have access to their oldschool titles, there isn't as much incentive to get the new ones, by playing RBGS.

That is my rant, and I'm sorry if I sound like a cynical a-hole. Please reply if you have the stones Blizzard, please convince me I'm wrong, that there is a better reason oldschool PvP titles/transmogs aren't BoA.
Thank you, i'm sorta getting sick of telling players you can't get the New Field Marshal Title for the Transmog gear ... You had to have the Vanilla title.
Hit the nail on the head. I still don't see why the gear just doesn't become an account wide thing. It still remains with the ONE person who has earned it and that way the title can remain a RBG thing. This would remove ALOT of the complaining and keep things fair across the board, in my opinion anyway.
Lol bump.
Im really glad blizzard did this i mean that gives me something to fall back to when every mop baby gets t3 from the BM ah already getting tired of ppl pst'ing "You get lucky on the bm ah ic" yeah if u call Naxx 40 the bm ah these days then yes i did.

Similar, I don't have Rhok'delar but I don't think I should have it. I didn't play back then and thats my own fault, for the people who did, and were good enough to get the bow, you deserve it.

Plus, it isn't even that great looking. I think it's just new players who are like "ooh look, something I can't have, im gunna say i like it so maybe I can have it and be like good players"

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