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the conquest point cap increase that was hotfixed over maintenance is not applying to characters that logged in between point rollover and server downtime. I know this because 2 characters that I was playing real late at night during this time did not recieve the conq point increase while my mage, who didnt log on during this time, did receive it.

I dont think this is fair because the two characters i checked on are already behind on gear, and while the increase is nice, i would like to have it for this week too considering everyone else who didn't log on is getting it.

please fix this in some way :( really frustrating.
So yeh i just noticed that as well that my arena cap is wayyyy different than my parners and we have the same team/personal rating but their cap is over 2300 and mine is only 1900ish it hasnt updated with the so call "hot fix" to the increased cap
Definitely not fair. My warrior friend who had a highest arena rating of 2150 now has a 2.8k arena cap, while his paladin is no where near that.

My friend's RBG cap has also raised to 2.2k when he has done no rbgs on that toon.
yup this character has the same problem
WTB fix to this issue.
Mine is still at 1650...
the worst part is i logged on both characters to check my cap in the first place, kind of a slap in the face :/
Mine is also bugged. I logged in early this morning prior to the down time specifically to cap before work.
Got the same problem. Logged on before maintenance to cap and now all my partners with same ratings has way higher caps. It's like this on several of my chars/accounts who logged in before maintenance. But the chars I didn't log on got high caps.
Yeah this is really fustrating
Was on late last night so I also have the old cap. Blizz pls
Really annoying. Friend who is like 300 points lower than me has a higher cap because his is with the new cap. ):
yeah...wouldn't mind a fix for this
Yes, I'm currently the highest rated player on Alliance RBGs with 2472 rating and I don't like the idea of a random bug stopping me from being rewarded for the hard work, time, and energy I've put in and keeping me from getting the gear everyone else has.
Same happened to me. UNCOOL.
i was logged in yesterday at 1-2 am. does this means i wont get the new increased point cap?
11/06/2012 01:42 PMPosted by Yangaa
i was logged in yesterday at 1-2 am. does this means i wont get the new increased point cap?

if you logged on after points rolled over and before maintenance servers went down then you are out of luck my friend
It depends on your timezone Yangaa. If you logged on after the conquest point reset and before the down time, then you will get the bug.

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