*STAND ALONE COMPLEX* recruiting for core!

Hello. We are Stand Alone Complex. Contrary to the name we like to work together to achieve A common goal: Progress through content and get shiny loot while maintaining a fun and friendly atmosphere. We are a second core group that has branched off into our own guild and we want to make great things happen. Most of us are 6/6 MV and ready to start heroics and or HoF.

*Raid Times are Tues and Wed 7-10:30 P.M. server time. We ask you to be on time and prepared for the raid. We will provide food buffs and flasks when possible. All help and donations are appreciated of course. If you don't think you can make it to the raid times please do not sign up for the core team. We understand real life emergencies do come up and ask for a simple heads up in game if you can't make the raid.

If this sounds good to you feel free to whisper or send an in-game mail/tell to me Brandorex, or any officer online at the time.
Looking for skilled ranged dps mostly
479ilvl lock on Newplayer server >< need a guarantee'd raid spot so i can server xfer outta here. would like to progress into heroics.
I would like to talk to you in game. Feel free to add my battletag bear#1286
still looking
bump. Looking for a healer and or lock. starting HoF.
update. still looking for a lock and a rogue or monk dps.
still looking
bump. Need holy pally, shadow priest and possibly hunter. Fun guild looking to round out the team :)
stilling looking for classes above
Bump. We really want to progress!! Let's make this happen. Need holy pally and a couple dps. Warlock spriest dk hunter preferred
is blackrock dying or what?
Ghost in the shell?

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