[H] Obsessed Recruiting 10m

Greetings raiders,

We are looking to fill out spots on our core 10 man team.

Core Group

1/12 in ToT. Need people to shore up roster and push into content.
Rebuilding raid group after removing some people that weren't coming to raid or pulling weight.

Raid Times: Wed and Sunday 8-11pm server time.
Current needs are:

1 tank (non-dk)
1 healer (druid,monk)
1 rdps (mage, warlock)
1 melee (plate)

We provide flasks and repairs but given the current food situation with self buff food being better than the feasts we suggest you bring your own food for buffing.

Our loot system is simple but may change in the future. We roll for loot MS>OS, no takers then OS, if no one then roll for DE. Any pattern drops will go to toon with that profession must link profession. Any BOE must be equipped at the time of win. If no one in the raid can use BOE they will be put in the Guild bank for resell to pay for repair costs and flasks.

As per usual the general guidelines for the team, much like everyone else, is to come to raid 15 minutes before raid time repaired and ready for raid. Gems, enchants, reforges optimized. Bring enough potions for pre pots and encounter. Research each encounter as per your role.
We also use Mumble for our voice communication, our raiders must be able to hear at least but being able to speak is always terrific. We joke around a lot until it's time to make a pull then it's time to keep channels clear for communication.

Interested? There are lots of ways to contact us. In game you can contact Evilrobot, Linthiela, Lalayka, or Zuljy through whisper or in game mail. You can look up our guild on the in game recruitment tool or you can visit our website www.obsessed-turalyon.enjin.com and put in an application.

Thank you for the read and hope to see you in raid soon.
Bump updated needs.
bump bump for the hump.
Updated needs bump.
To the top!

Need a couple melee so we can down more bosses.

Come raid with us!

Do it.

1 of our healers lost internet for who knows how long just need a powerful healer to finish the group and kill all kinds of bosses. Hit us up!
1 of our healers is having surgery and will be out for a few months need to find a replacement.
Hit us up.
New needs, good people come check us out.
Good bunch of people, you can't go wrong finding a friendly home with em. <3
I have a group of 3 looking for a raiding home. Myself (489 spriest), 488 fire mage, and a 488 resto druid (who also has a brewmaster monk). All good players just haven't found a place to fit in yet here. Add me if you want to chat Bubblesarenp#1786
Still need a druid (kitty or boomkin)
Still looking for people.
Bump bump bump in the junk!
Still looking.

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