The Final Patrol ((OOC2))

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ok posted, Sam is up, and talking to Lynara which should be obvious:P
short post is not as short as i originally intended.

duty again tomorrow. won't be able to post till this weekend.
Don't worry Gaream, you're free to report back to your commanders, :P You aren't kicked out of the thread or anything, we'll be pushing the front soon and you can rejoin the patrol or fight with the Horde.
LOL, love the flamethrower. minor qustion, what exactly did your undead warlock (forget her name and too lazy to go look it up) do? just wondering for when I rp the comanders reaction

will post later, somewhat busy at the moment
I think that was Seyl's character, or was it Turle's?

Ok now I am confused, going back to read it.
Virella isn't a warlock, she's technically a Necromancer, a Blood Mage. :P But yeah, well... lots.

Firstly she's basically a disgrace to humanity, but essentially the big thing she did that has got the Horde and Alliance riled up and earned her the title Desecrator is blasphemy. She, (with assumed help from the more apt in necromancy), raised and forced into her command, the buried ancestors of the Wildhammer. She busted into a Wildhammer burial ground/graveyard(I'm fairly sure they have those), raised the dead, and used them in a big important battle of the Patrol. That didn't go down well.

But, just before you control the Horde Commander too much... the Horde and the Alliance know about the Borean Patrol, they are -very- aware of them. They had a tenuous peace with both of them up until very recently when they pissed off the Alliance. The Horde is mostly paranoid, less than openly hostile (especially since they pissed off the Alliance so much). But yeah, I'm not very good at clarifying, but ask any questions you need.
Ok posted hope Lyn gets a chance to post befor Meep moves us along:P

Mostly because posting on Core was getting boreing....

I got nothing to post, will wait for Meepstar.
Ruk and I need to have some bro-chats, then we'll be moving out. I advise any offensive spellcasters come join Virella (if maybe -one- non-spellcaster wants to try something cool you can ask to go with Virella too), it's essentially a chance to powergame for a little bit. :P But, regardless of where you are in the battle, you're encouraged to kick butt. :P So, just keep meandering around, have chats and stuff, you wont have many more opportunities for downtime.
I think that was Seyl's character, or was it Turle's?

Ok now I am confused, going back to read it.

That was Turle.

I suffer from writer's block currently.
Don't worry about it Seyl, you're not really amongst the action at the moment, we'll get you into the thick of the thread as we move out though, I'm sure. :P
I just want to make booms.
Oh my, kind of a slow day...not doing much. Where are all the rpers today?
I was busy with military funerals all day.
11/17/2012 03:14 PMPosted by Dristis
I was busy with military funerals all day.

That... sucks...

sorry it took so long, and was so short, but I did not have much to do. also, syl, this is me trying to throw you a bone here, figure it is about time for you to get to the camp, you can easaly bump into gar outside as he leaves
All of the funerals I do military honors for so far have been veterans of WWII or Korea. Today's was bad because The guy was a Korean Vet and a firefighter for 30 years. His wife died the week before he did so they were both cremated and buried together. So it was two in one, basically.
Im back and ready for action
Welcome back, and read up on the thread, a lot has happened, lol.
ive been keeping up, i just havent been posting, i didnt want to throw my own character into the fray, and i dont have a quasi rp partner for the thread so ive just been sitting and waiting.

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