The Final Patrol ((OOC2))

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Well, just chilling until Meep gets the battle post up.

Also, does anyone know if this thread is supposed to end right after Grim Batol, or if we go all the way to Deathwing's end?
I think just Grim Batol.
I am waiting on Meep or Lynara to post, where did everybody go:/
11/19/2012 07:20 PMPosted by Dristis
I think just Grim Batol.

Wrong! We gonna fight dragon.

Meep will start moving everyone out tomorrow probably, have to talk to Rukurgan but Rukurgan disappeared it seems! :P But, Meep has a huge hangover right now so Meep is not going to post or open both of his eyes.
Oh ok, then. I thought it was just Grim Batol.

This is much more exciting, now.
Wait, what? We are going after deathwing in this rp?

(looks down at his daggers, which look rather small now)

......(insert favored curse word here)
Don't worry, I have awesome epic plans, I mentioned I took dramatic license with the timeline in this RP, because we'll essentially be going straight from Grim Batol to Deathwing. :P :) It'll be good fun.
hmm wonder where Lyn is, hope they get to post before Meep moves us out, it seems a few peeps have disappeared, I wonder if it has to do with Thanksgiving being right around the corner for the U.S. I know some people travel to be with family and what not hmmm :/
I still have writers block.

This. Sucks. -_-

When the Patrol gets moving I'll post something up because I need to by that point. But I can't promise it won't suck.
11/19/2012 08:26 PMPosted by Meep
Wrong! We gonna fight dragon.

Low is so dead.

short post is actually kind of short this time.

sorry if i was late. it slowed down a bit and i was just waiting to see if ein or istella was going to post.
Gonna fight anotder dwaaaggoonn!

Goonna keel anotder dwwaagggoonn!

Short and crappy post but I cant really think of much to do at this time.
Sorry I've been busy lately with the holiday coming up, and unfortunately it's probably just going to get worse. (12 hour shift on Friday. *sob*)

Unless something else happened that would involve Kreska directly I was mostly planning on waiting til Meep posted us moving before I made another IC post so that I would have something more substantial to write. If he keeps dinking around though I might make a short one just to stay current.
Alright guys, this accompanies my incoming post. We're still at camp sorta, moving out now, that's just the route we will follow over the next few posts.


Black line is where Virella goes (you'll understand her detour into the red later!), the colours are just roughly where Alliance/Horde/Twilight camps are littered around. So as the Patrol heads through that channel between the mountains, there'll be camps here and here, it's not a sea of cultists or anything. :P

Also yes, it's supposed to be bad, yes, I know Grim Batol only has one 'l'.
11/20/2012 06:35 PMPosted by Meep

For those of us not in the Skype group, I made a quick artistic rendition of this, using Meep's face as a template.

No need to thank me.
For my post I can explain it better through here and maybe try to draw it out on something.
It was pretty well explained Dristis, :P I understand what you meant.

It is a little different for us because well, we have melee warriors with swords and !@#$, we're not all ranged. :P But it's good, I like the way you roleplay with that element of tactical understanding. Hell, I have at least three of my posters in the military so I get a lot of that. Whereas -I'm- the commander, without the faintest clue of how strategy works.

Maybe that's why Meep's solution always involves explosions...
Hey Meep, just wondering. If I wanted to discuss a potential plotline with you in-game, is there a particular server and/or time that works best?
11/20/2012 07:19 PMPosted by Jaggo

For those of us not in the Skype group, I made a quick artistic rendition of this, using Meep's face as a template.

No need to thank me.

I have nothing to do with this thread, but I gotta say that made me literally lol.

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