[H] Forbidden Legion 4/6 10M MV is Recruiting

Forbidden Legion is recruiting raiders for 10M MoP Raiding.

We are currently 4/6 MV and hope to start HoF shortly. We raid with two groups:
G1 Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday 8-11P server time.
G2 Thursday and Saturday 9-11:30P server time.

We are currently looking for:
1 Holy/Ret pally that can make G1 times.
1 Hunter that can make G1 times.
2 Ranged dps (preferably a Mage, Hunter and/or Ele shammy that can consistently make G2 times.

Please check out our website and submit an application.

For recruiting questions or additional information, feel free to talk to Thriana, Taintless, Hexxi or any officer in game.


About Forbidden Legion

Forbidden Legion was one of the founding guilds on Turalyon. The leadership transferred from Lightning's Blade with a vision: to establish a guild that accommodates real life without penalty, meaning real life > WoW.

Forbidden Legion is a 10-man raiding guild with a relaxed atmosphere that won't be found in a hardcore, progression-centric guild. However, we raid with the goal of clearing all available content including heroic modes. Forbidden Legion finished Cataclysm 8/8H in Dragon Soul and plans to match the equivalent progression for MoP.

We also have players who love to PVP, and are looking for more to get into arenas and rated battlegrounds.

As we make our next journey into the Mists of Pandaria, Forbidden Legion will carry forward with the goals it was founded on: to challenge our raiders and clear new content, to afford our member base the opportunity to work WoW around their daily lives, and to provide members with a comfortable, friendly, and drama-free environment while playing the game.
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Now 6/6 MV.
Are you recruiting mages and druids (balance spec)

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