[H] Klondike five recruiting

Klondike Five is looking for a few more exceptional raiders to bolster our raid groups.

We are currently recruiting the following classes:

Prot Warrior

If you believe you are an exceptional player but your class is not listed above, we still encourage you to drop an application. We are always looking for exceptional players. An exceptional player means you are able to play at the level of our core raiders or better.

Apply at:

Raid Schedule: Mon - Thurs (5pm - 9pm PST)

About Us:
Klondike Five is looking to bolster its ranks for progression. We've been raiding together since 2/2007 and have always been competitive with progression on a reasonable raid schedlue. We are looking for experienced raiders of all types, as well as PvP junkies. If you enjoy competition and strive to be the best at your class, please stop by and speak with an officer or apply on our website.

What we'll provide:
-A fun yet focused raiding environment
-Highly skilled players with no egos
-Free enchants, gems, cauldrons and feasts
-Full repairs

What we expect from our raiders:
->90% raid attendance (though we understand emergencies do come up)
-Know your class inside/out and keep up with the latest changes
-Must be fully gemmed, enchanted and properly reforged
-Min 465 ilvl
-Knowledge of all encounters



- 4/6 heroic Mogu'shan Vaults
- 6/6 Heart of Fear

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